Sunday, September 17, 2017


Day 130


My pajamas also got burned. Actually, the area closest to the heater got caramelized! Both top and bottom. At the waist. No more wearing those crispy pajamas!

All of my life I've worn regular pajamas. The kind that men my age wear which come in sets [matching top and bottom]. However, the younger crowd wear

These younger crowd, non-matching bottoms are well represented in men's clothing. I compared this new style with my old style, and went for the new style.


For my pajama top, I chose a light weight, loose fitting, long sleeved pull-over shirt.

My new bottoms have tiny moose images all over. The lady at K-Mart check-out told me, "I like the design on your pajamas!"  😎

Burn bandage
Yesterday, when I changed my bandage, I did it like the hospital nurse did it. But I applied the bandage much too tight. Over nite while sleeping, that caused swelling and discomfort.

This morning, I changed the bandage and applied it much more loosely. Feels much better.

My bandage consists of:
➜ Non-stick pads to which the anti-biotic ointment is applied
➜ Light weight gauze to hold the non-stick pad in place 
➜ Nexcare wrap which protects the dressing underneath

I need Nexcare wrap to keep my burn dressing intact. I am working on my projects all day long. Using my hand a lot. And need my burn wounds to be protected and clean.

This day is not good day for my outdoor projects. Rainy day.

Panel hookup
We went to Rite Aid for bandage supplies. Afterward, right in the Rite Aid parking lot, I decided to hook up the big Yingli solar panel. I wanted to find out if Yingli will send power to the House Battery when the weather looks so cloudy and rainy as it is right now.

Remember I Blogged to you that I figured that no matter what the weather did, the 250 watt Yingli should send some power to the battery.

Just as I was going to find out how the Yingli did in inclement weather, I accidentally blew a fuse in the battery circuit. A kind of fuse that I don't stock.

Gotta go buy that fuse now.

1/2 volt
We got the replacement fuse. First, we checked voltage at the battery before plugging in the Yingli. It's 12.45 volts. 

After plugging in the Yingli, it's12.50 volts. A .05 volt rise with the Yingli solar panel.

.05 of a volt is not much solar power. But it's better than nothing!

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 266 feet




  1. George, I'm 82 and gave up pajamas 40+ years ago and sleep in the buff. Sooo comfortable!

  2. Bill ,,,, George can't sleep in the buff,,, he'll sit on the boys and have to go to Kaiser again
    But then again it would be a sight when he doesn't walk around at night camp
    but we do know where we can get a pair with the flap in the back
    Do people really still wear pajamas ???

  3. Night wear are made so they don't burn...especially children's night wear. I don't think adult night wear are made not to burn...probably because we are suppose to know better haha. Accidents do happen and house fires do happen so shouldn't the adult night wear also not burn? My son recently have me a huge tank of fire extinguisher for the house. He put it close to the kitchen and told me not to move it around so I always know where to find it. He also put baking soda in each room. Very thoughtful son.

    1. Rita Mizell,

      My pajamas caramelized in the areas close to the heater.



  4. 12.5-12.45=0.05. It's not a half a volt George, it's 1/10 of a half a volt.

    1. Don,

      Whoops! 😮

      Going back for correction.



    2. I think the charge current is what's important.

  5. I hope you bought 100% cotton pj's this time. They don't melt.

  6. I was sorry to hear of the fire George when I read yesterday. Glad the burns weren't too bad and damage was contained in a small area. Scary stuff, especially in our fragile RV homes.

  7. My reasoning...
    If you assume your battery has an internal resistance of about 0.005 ohms (typical of a battery that size), then a voltage increase of 0.05V could cause an increase in charge current of up to 10A.