Sunday, September 03, 2017


Day 116

New iPhone

During a phone conversation, I often got the complaint:
"You are breaking up. I don't understand what you are saying!"

So, I reported this complaint to Verizon. I was sent a replacement iPhone. After restoring the new iPhone from an iCloud backup, I found that a huge amount of items [mostly apps and music] were NOT restored!

I spent a whole lot of time attempting to sync my iPhone to iTunes. I could not get the job done!


I have decided to just forget this sync stuff. It seems to me that it's a waste of my time. Eventually, all of this may work itself out. 

When I find myself near an Apple Store, I will ask them take a crack at it. 😎

Scampy's cabinets
Three of Scampy's cabinets have space for a shelf. I wish to install these shelves myself.

In order to do this, I'll need a jig saw. I found a cordless Black & Decker Jig Saw online at Home Depot. I've just ordered it! [Link]

I love shopping on the net! 😎

City of Newport
The Scampy RV Team, decided to head-out from Lincoln City. We went south to the City of Newport.

Something happened a couple of nites ago. A taxi driver who was on the road behind us, decided to fake an accident. Afterwards, this taxi driver phoned the Lincoln City police to report that I backed into him.

His claim was, that we were on a street with a slight incline. I was stopped for a boulevard stop, and I rolled back striking his taxi before driving forward.

His plan kinda fizzled. When he went forward to strike Scampy's rear, instead his taxi met with Scampy's spare tire. Apparently, this taxi drive did not actually inspect the damage. And when the police went to take a look, they could not find the damage that the taxi driver claimed. No doubt because the tire absorbed any impact!

There were three Lincoln City police cars at the scene. Five officers. I learned stuff from my arrest in Beaverton, and handled the situation quite well.

Anyway, it seemed to us on the Scampy RV Team, that our presence in Lincoln City had become a bit notorious. That's the reason we are in the City of Newport now.

Afternoon things
Every once in awhile, one of our  days takes off its own. And today, we folks  on the Scampy RV Team, were just holding on! Hope on to hope. Hanging on for dear life! [Well.....maybe that description is over-playing our hand a bit?]

It all started sort of passively. One of Scampy's clearance lites, the amber one near the door, had been acting up.  We bought a replacement regular bulb, and the bulb did not work. We checked the power to the fixture, and got a 12 volt reading. So, we bought a new fixture. An LED.

That's about the time today took off on its own, kinda helter-skelter. We decided that there was something bad with the electric circuit to that fixture. When we put a meter on it, the voltage readings were not consistent! So, we decided to run a new electric circuit to the fixture.

Funny thing! Siri couldn't find a single hardware store in all of Newport! [We have something to tell you about Siri-later for that.] We did find a lumber yard that had a small hardware section. The guy at the lumber place told us, "All we got is construction cable."  But we found an extension cord that had just the kind of wire we needed.

Just about then, Scampy informed that her black water tank was full. And needed to be dumped. Scampy announced, using her stern voice!:
"Right now it needs dumping!"

So, we asked Siri if there was an RV dump station nearby. This is the thing about Siri. She is as capable as a fence post.

Siri replies: "Are you looking for a train station? Or a dump?"

So, we turned the dump station directions over to Google. Five minutes later, Scampy was already dumping!

Note about Siri: A couple of weeks ago, we bought a new Pioneer radio that had CarPlay. That's when we learned that, Apple knows very little about search engines. And that is being generous with Apple!

It is one crazy and no doubt an embarrassing idea for Apple to go off on its own with trying to compete with Google's search engine. It is, in my opinion, impossible to compete with Google. 

So, when my radio's Siri fouls up, I turn off the radio and ask Google for directions. Google is on my iPhone.

Funny thing. If Google has directions to go somewhere, and I plug my iPhone into CarPlay,  Siri fouls up those directions. Every single time too!

Back to our story about today
Right after I make this Blog post, I'll resume rewiring the clearance lite! The new electric circuit will be coming from Scampy's big 12 volt DC line. That oughta work!

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 140 feet


  1. Just think George, if you keep buying things you will have to make more shelves. Hmmmmm

    1. stephen dwyer,

      Yes! True!

      Stephen, if you followed my travels & Blog, from the beginning, you may have read about my building stuff out in the forest!

      Click [Here] to view a MsTioga Magazine story about building stuff.



    2. I've been with you all along George, and I do remember the outside shelves in Ms Tioga. Pretty neat stuff!!

  2. Don't stick in one place too long, Vegabonder... :-)

  3. George
    You won't like to hear this but I think your driving time is coming to a close. Too many mishaps.

  4. It's time to head for the Hole In The Wall for a while, Butch

  5. George, just a "heads up". If you are rewiring a marker light, it should be wired into the same circuit as scampy's tail lights, so that it will only be on when scampy's tail lights are on.

    If you are rewiring an amber porch light, then it should be wired into scampy's 12V system.

    Which is it?

    1. Truthsayer,

      What I did was, went into the big loom of wires. Kept on burrowing down into the loom. I was following the circuit to the clearance lite.

      Finally, when I got down to the core of it, the errant connection was a loose ground!

      Tough job for me. The opening to the cabinet is only 10" wide. And I had to go into that opening with my entire torso. Many, many times too.\

      As a reward, I am going get dressed and take myself out for supper! 😎



    2. Those loose ground wires will get you every time...

  6. I live in Newport .. be aware that the Newport PD frowns on random night camping. They don't hesitate to cite boondckers given that Newport is a tourist town and doesn't like random camping.

    1. Unknown,

      Thanks for the heads-up!

      You could have typed the name of any city in Oregon, instead of Newport. And your comment would be right on.



    2. George -- All towns in Oregon are not considered tourist towns. What "Unknown" was trying to say is that Newport, because it is a tourist town, leans more toward routine citations than warnings for random camping. The town makes money that way, and it keeps the town looking "touristy" for those tourists who want to drop an ample amount of money there. Personally, I wouldn't darken the door to that town.

    3. Dee Tillotson,

      Thanks for that, Dee.

      I go along not being too judgmental about places I RV. I see many other RVs here in Newport. I am guessing that few of those RVers have the experience, the many years, that I do.

      Few RVers who try stealth camping really understand it.



    4. And they probably also don't understand why anyone would want to "stealth camp."

    5. They do understand stealth camping in Newport. It is usually associated with crime and drugs because stealth campers are trying to fly under the radar usually.

      George, I think you may over estimate your experience and skills given the number of issues you have created for yourself recently. There are a number of RV'ers, me included, that have as much or more experience than you. Remember, experience is only valuable if you learn from it. It seems many of your problems are newbie mistakes so I rest my case.

    6. George thinks of himself as the "Old time stealth camper". There were few of them and they were true vagabonders. As homelessness has increased in the last few years, the homeless have adopted "stealth camping" with an old dilapidated unit for pure survival. They bring with them the crime and illegal drug use. Local cops have little toleration for them, seeing them as a problem on wheels. They don't appreciate the real vagabonder who has means and is peaceful.

  7. You have a lot of critical folks George. Glad you let it run off your back. You will know when it is time to change. I do think warnings of areas that are particularly sensitive or even dangerous are good so that is nice to see. I suspect you will be working your way down the coast pretty soon for the winter.

    1. Bob West,

      I write my Blog for two reasons:
      ➜ I enjoy writing
      ➜ So that Readers will read it

      Readers who may associate my style of life
      [Stealthy vagabonding]
      with crime, breaking of law are OK with me.

      I truly love being sooooo free! What shall I do when I come to the top of the Jojoba Hills wait list? Stop vagabonding?!

      I have made no decision about direction. North? South?