Tuesday, September 05, 2017


Day 118

Grey Water Tank

UPS has notified that our replacement grey water tank is to be delivered to our Beaverton mail box today.

We have spoken with the owner of AJ's Auto Service in Salem about installing this tank. He asked that I let him know when the tank arrives so that the service may be scheduled.

Auto service for RV repair
Scampy has not had much success finding an RV service company to do her repairs. It seems that RV service companies are scheduled out 6+ weeks.


However, there are far more auto service shops than there are RV service shops. Scampy found AJ's Auto Service when her electric brakes went bad.

We love how AJ's does repair work. For example, parts that are being worked on in AJ's shop are placed on a clean white shop towel, not on the shop floor! 😎

Hot in Beaverton
The Scampy Team would like to head up to Beaverton. We want to receive the grey tank from our mail box company. But, it's so hot in Beaverton! 98℉ this afternoon.

Wednesday's high will be 87℉. Thursday's high 79℉.

Yaquina Head
When we were on the way to the UPS depot [To return the iPhone to Verizon], we spotted a sign which announced:
Welcome To Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area

After dropping off the iPhone package, we went to take a look at this self proclaimed Outstanding place.

Me: How much?
Lady Ranger at the entrance: $7.50 unless you have a National Park Pass.
Me: Showing my pass I asked her, "Is this it?"
Lady Ranger: That's it. Would you like a map?

View from Yaquina Head 

Vaquina Head Light

I don't know #1?
When we left Yaquina Head, we wanted to go somewhere near to the center of Newport. On the map, we spotted Lincoln County Fairgrounds, and asked Siri to take us there.

Siri replied: "I don't know Lincoln County Fair Grounds." Oh Lord! Steve Jobs must be turning over in his grave!

Then we asked Google the same question. Google took us there!

Camped at Yaquina Bridge
Down in the bay shopping area, the parking is sooooo tight! For the Scampy Team, no way!

But when we went up the hill a bit, we found a swell Afternoon Camp. With a terrific bridge view too!

Yaquina Bay Bridge

Only 12.01 volts!
We have been waiting all day for the promised bright Sun. Only a dim Sun! [Play on words there!]

We must go west for our House Battery's sake. Going into night with
only 12.01 volts is a no-no!

Corvallis Bound!
We are headed out of Newport. Going east to Corvallis!

Looking for a place where the Sun is shining.

Gas station guy
When we went to a gas station to fill-up, we asked the guy about the overcast. The gas guy replied:
"That ain't no overcast, Sonny. That's smoke from a distant fire!"

During the trip from Newport to Corvallis, Tránsito's alternator should have been pumping 15 amps into Scampy's house battery. But when we did a voltage check, the reading was the same as the reading that we Blogged to you about in
our 3:31pm post!

Something was very wrong! That's when it was noticed the the trailer cable connector was loose! No charging going on during that trip!

Very unfortunate. 😟

Our darkish Sun!

Fred Meyer & Goodwill
We have Supper Camped on the street in front of the Goodwill Store. We went here in order to donate Tránsito's radio which we changed out for our new Alpine Radio. Also, we donated a pair of pants that became too large. These pants are 34 waist. I am now 32 waist! Pretty good, huh?

We went to Fred Meyer for our supper. We have taken to Marie Callander for our suppers. Because they have all the stuff. Meat & veggies. We just place the frozen stuff in our non-stick pan, and heat on a very low flame. Works great!

We always get a dessert too. Today's dessert is:

Edwards New York Cheesecake 
2-slices! Cost only $2.49!

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 812 feet



  1. Those Beaverton temperatures can't be good for Baby Boid!

    1. She has relatives in the tropics! :)

    2. Yep, but those relatives can fly anywhere they want to get cool! :).

    3. Dee Tillotson,

      Baby Boid seems to do a lot better with high temperatures than myself!

      Baby Boid is a very tough guy!



  2. Good luck with your grey tank replacement.

    1. our awesome travels,

      Thank you! 😎



  3. Depending on the repairs needed, a marine shop may be a good option. Boats and RVs are similar in many respects.

    1. Eric Johnson,

      Is your comment telling me that my choice of Scampy being repaired at an auto shop, is a bad choice?

      Please explain?



    2. Auto shops are good. Marine shops may also be a good option for some things like your tanks, electrical, refrigeration and stove.

  4. 7.50 to see some water? God bless 'Murica!

    1. Andrew,

      Please explain? I do not get it?

      "7.50 to see some water? God bless 'Murica!"

      What does this mean to you?



    2. I think he is saying "God bless America". Haven't a clue what the 7.50 refers to.

    3. $7.50 which George mentioned was the price.

  5. George,
    How are you enjoying your new setup as compared to the rv you had?
    Thanks for sharing your input for rv'ers

    1. Bill Takagi,

      Is there a comparison that I may make concerning my times with MsTioga vs my times with MsScampy? No! There is not.

      Also, it may be impossible for me to answer your question without qualifications. Because I am not the same person as I was back in the days of MsTioga.

      Events that changed me:
      ➜ The suicide of my son David
      ➜ The 2014 accident that destroyed MsTioga and my subsequent heart surgery
      ➜ The blood thinning medication which nearly killed me

      However, with that said, I would have to declare that my travels with Scampy are more enjoyable than my travels with MsTioga.



  6. Well said, George. RIGHT ON!

    1. Joan,

      Is your comment about my reply Bill Takagi?

      If yes, then I would like to reply to you that I am actually kinda surprised that I am enjoying camping in Scampy so much.

      Scampy is very easy to tow around. She has great viewing windows. Easy to keep clean, both inside and outside.

      Scampy is just the right size for me. Gotta love it! 😍



    2. George,
      I am back to following you after an absence caused by work overload..(best and only excuse I have)
      May I ask why you are enjoying the Scampi more than the Tioga?

  7. I know you had logged up many many miles and many many days in Ms Tioga. Am wondering if you enjoyed the bumper pull better that the motor home?..am sure both have their pros and cons...

    I'm working on setting up a marketing company and would love to "take it on the road" and see this great country..
    Exploring my options and trying to learn from other folks experiences.
    Have been considering a 5th wheel,, but then I'd need a truck large enough to tow it comfortably..