Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Day 132

A Little Bit Better

When changing my bandages this morning, I found that my right leg and arm had healed enough to not need bandaging! Wow!

However, yesterday evening, on my left leg, a 3" long blister formed at the front of my ankle. This big blister formed 3-1/2 days after I got burned. That got me to wondering how many days after I was burned, do new blisters form?


I just finished changing the dressing on my left arm and leg. In order to change that dressing, I had to buy more first aid supplies at the Rite Aid. $60 bucks spent at Rite Aid since I got burned just for bandages and stuff for my burns!

For pain, it seems that Tylenol works best for me.

Rain and Sun
Since I woke up this morning, rain has been steadily falling. Kinda light rain.

Just now, the Sun decided to shine. Yingli, our new solar panel is sooooo happy about that sunshine! Maybe Yingli may be able to do some charging today?

Laundry Day
Because I ran out of clean towels, today became Laundry Day. Usually it is clean underwear that I run out of.

As  I was driving in the parking lot of the laundry, an old guy came up to me and began chewing me out! He informed me that I had driven over some grass. He wanted me to leave.

I looked back and saw where he was pointing. The edge of the parking lot had some weeds.

I asked: "Are you referring to those weeds as grass?" "Who are you?"

He replied: "The property owner."

I told him: "I'm doing my laundry here. I am not leaving."

He told me: "I'm taking a picture of your license."

Odd things have been happening to me lately. I just let them happen, and don't take them seriously.

Propane Alarm
I just picked up the "Safe T Alert" Propane Alarm from my mailbox. I ordered this propane alarm after I got burned!

They say:
"Better Late Than Never!"

On The Level!
Have you wondered how it goes with me? On the Emmis? On the level? You really want to know?
➜ 69 days from today I'll have my 80th birthday party
➜ Recently I got arrested by cops. Handcuffed. Charged with a crime
➜ A few days ago, my stove blew up and burned me. 2nd degree burns
➜ I hurt because of the burns.
➜ I am on my own
➜ I look after myself

And.....you want to know how goes it with me?

Well, here's your answer:
I would not miss this time of my life for anything! It goes great for me!

My face!
When I used the restroom at Fred Meyer this evening, I viewed my face in a mirror for the first time since the propane fire.

I was shocked! My left cheek, nose, left ear and forehead all have received burns.

These burns on my face have all developed just today! Now that I am aware of them, I have applied antibiotic ointment to these burns. As prevention against infection and to moisturize.

I believe that because I was wearing my glasses, the explosion did not burn my eyes!

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 233 feet


  1. Keep getting better, George!

  2. George,

    Congratulations on taking good care of yourself and getting better. Be careful not to exceed Tylenol's recommended dosage. It doesn't take much more than that to fatally damage the liver as I saw a few times back when I was a Critical Care nurse.


    1. Eric Johnson,

      Thank you for your, "....good care of yourself and getting better...." comment.

      It is Tylenol Extra Strength that I am taking for pain and discomfort.

      ➜ 2 caplets every six hours
      ➜ Not more than 6 caplets in 24 hours

      So far, I have taken 2 caplets since yesterday evening.

      Thanks for looking out for me!



    2. Way to go George. You are an inspiration. Independent, doing what you love, taking it as it comes and not getting upset. By the way out of curiosity what kind of plea deal did they offer?

    3. Bob West,

      Thank you!

      You are asking me to disclose details of my active legal case, here on my Blog?



  3. I've found Rite Aid to be overpriced. You might try Walmart or Walmart Grocery for first aid supplies. They can get expensive!

  4. Maybe the weird things are the way things and people are in Oregon. Maybe move on as soon as you can to a fresh location.

    1. Bill Mooney,

      You really believe this?



  5. People have become cell phone experts and love to document whatever inconvenience bothers them. They think their rights have been violated and they'll receive justice or better yet, financial reward.

    1. living.boondockingmexico,

      I do not comprehend what you are commenting about?

      Please comment again and advise me?



    2. Now I understand.



  6. Chris is speaking of the guy who threatened to take a picture of your license plate when he said you were driving on the parking lot grass/weeds.