Saturday, September 02, 2017


Day 115

Stuff On The Way

Here are things that are now being shipped to us:
★ Brass fittings to connect Wave3 to propane
★ Replacement grey water tank
★ Yingli 250 Watt Solar Panel
★ Morningstar TriStar 60 Amp Battery Charge Controller

All of these shipments are being sent to our Mail Box in Beaverton.


We have made arrangements for the grey water tank to be installed by 
AJ's Auto Service in Salem. The same shop that repaired Scampy's brakes.

The brass fitting had to be found and ordered online because these fittings are rare and not sold by any local plumbing supply companies.

The Yingli panel is new, and has an $82.50 purchase price! This panel was ordered for a large solar installation which was cancelled. The panels were kept at the site for an extended period. Our Yingli carries a new warranty.

The Morningstar is on the way from Amazon. That Amazon is into everything!

Help with Chrome browser
There is a bar at the very top of the Chrome browser. Starting from the left corner, this bar reads:
➜ Apple icon
➜ Chrome
➜ File
➜ Edit
➜ View
➜ History
Etc, etc, etc

1. What is this bar called?
2. How may I remove an icon inside this bar?

Pretty Much!
Have I Blogged to you that pretty much everything that I:
➜ Touch
➜ Come close to
➜ Pick up
➜ Lay down
➜ Is near my shoe 

....... goes flying away, falls down, dribbles out of mouth and lands on my shirt or perhaps disappears for weeks?

It's got so that I am convinced that mysterious and unseen powers are responsible! I shout at those powers.

I tell them: "Stop it! Go away! Leave me alone!

Small successes!
I battle the raging tide that wars against me daily. However, if I am blessed with small successes, that is sufficient for me to feel that today is successful for me.

Success #1: The Wave3 catalytic heater has its hose stored inside the under-sink cabinet. The hose  used to be attached to the heater all the time. A quick-release valve made this change possible. Much neater with the heater stowed without that hose!

Success #2: I am not sure if I Blogged about this before. The design of the solar roof rack has been changed. The rack now has only right and left side rails. The forward and rear rails are gone. Also, the existing side rails will be replaced with new ones whose length will be the same as the length of the new solar panels that I Blogged to you about yesterday.

This new design requires that the bolts that secure the rack to Tránsito's roof be changed from hex-head to flat-head so that the underside of the solar panel sits flat on the rack.

Just a little while ago, we found the metric flat-head bolts that we need at Ace Hardware in Beaverton. Also, the countersink needed to seat the bolts properly.

Man! That Ace Hardware has it together for a complete fastener inventory! 😎

PS: See what I mean about small successes?


Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 812 feet



  1. Great job George
    $1.16 a watt, that's great
    And the money that you saved you could send Barb a pair glasses cause she didn't read all the ad

    1. Ed,

      I hadn't considered the $/watt. That's pretty good, huh?



    2. Ed - just read George's description and took him at his word.

  2. 1. What is this bar called?
    2. How may I remove an icon inside this bar?

    It's called the menu bar.
    Right click to open a drop down menu...oh's an can't right click. Okay. Go out and buy a Windoze PC, then right click... (grin)

  3. The top bar on the Apple interface is a permanent feature.

    1. Eric you can remove that menu bar but Mr, G doesn't like my bible size posts

  4. Barb A
    A repost
    The link that George posted ,,,if you read it correctly this is what it said

    These solar panels are new but were sitting in a solar farm (unused) after a cancelled install. The panels have a few blemishes on the frame but we have tested each one out and have ensured that they are working in great condition
    Where else can you buy a 24v 250 W solar panel for $90
    that comes out to $.36 a watt minus shipping

    If I could get that deal without shipping I would spent two grand in a heartbeat

  5. George - let us know how your Mail Box service reacts when they receive a residential size solar panel....

    1. John,

      I contacted the Mail Box owner and advised him of the two shipments that are coming:
      #1. Solar panel
      #2. Grey water tank

      I suggested that if these shipments are too large in size for his facility, that he should have UPS and FedEx hold them at their depots for me to pick-up.