Monday, September 04, 2017


Day 117

Newport - Tourist Town

It tickles me to pilot Tránsito thru touristy towns. Lincoln City. Newport. Why do these towns attract those who visit them?

There is a sense of excitement that emanates from places like these. Tourists strolling. Looking for that special store. Something to buy? Something to eat?

For sure, the weather at the Pacific Coast attracts many of these folks. The high temp here today will be 75℉. Back in my Home Base of Beaverton, the high today is 102℉. My friend Rowena [Weng] who runs gardening/landscaping business, likely will not be woring on this day!


Broken grey tank
You may recall our Blog post that told you about Scampy's broken grey water tank. The UPS shipment is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow [Sept 5th] to our Mail Box service in Beaverton.

I just reported to the company that sold us that tank, that they put the wrong street address on the package. [Typo: Cesar should be Cedar]

In order to use Scampy's kitchen sink, we have cut the sink's drain hose short. The drain water now runs into a plastic milk bottle located beneath the sink. Works OK!

Park at the Ocean
Scampy's house battery has been slipping in getting a full charge every single day! So, this morning we have setup our Renogy Solar Suitcase [Two-50 watt panels] earlier than on other days.

Still, battery charging this morning is being hampered somewhat, by overcast. 

The Scampy Team
Donald Davis Park
Newport, Oregon

Comments made by false persona
Are you aware that many commenters here on my Blog have created a false persona for making their comments?

I am in the process of deciding whether or not I should reply to a comment made by Readers with false personas.

I welcome your thinking on this issue.


Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 812 feet


  1. It is amazing to me how much damage has been done to a perfectly good scamp trailer in less than 2 years as part of the vagabonders-supreme family. It' a shame.

    1. Igrif
      I'm guessing you don't own a trailer?? and if you do, you don't live on it on a full-time basis??
      If you remember the old cliché shit happens.
      It's only bad if you have to spend the night in a motel

    2. Actually, I get a kick out of George's blog.👍
      Not unlike watching a Keystone Kops movie.😂

      No telling what's going to happen next.😊

    3. As someone said last week, "a rolling train wreck." Great entertainment.

  2. Scampy is Georges home right now. Anyone that owns a home knows there is ALWAYS something that needs to be fixed/tended to

  3. George, do you not like commenters that do not leave a very nice compliment for you?

  4. Some people are on the high road and some on the low road.
    Easy to distinguish one from the other!
    If you can't say something nice why say it at all?

  5. George, this blog has been your internet "home" for many years. If there are snide comments like several I see above, I would kick these cowards out of my internet "home". Never would they have the courage to say some of these things face to face.

    1. acheapguy,

      It seems to me, that through all my years of RVing, that I have had an extraordinary amount of repairs and things breaking. MsTioga's repairs averaged $450/month over the 12 years that I traveled with her.

      Just yesterday, I repaired Scampy's incoming electric circuits. The circuit for a clearance lite went bad.

      These circuits came thru Scampy's front wall and entered at the back of a cabinet. I sat on a small stool which put me at the proper height to put my upper body inside that cabinet. My legs extending thru Scampy's door.

      I had to go repeatedly thru a 10" wide opening. The edges of that opening pressing against the side of my chest so that I could not breathe! I stayed in there doing what I could until I ran out of breath. Then came out. Waited to get my breath, and went in once more!

      It was necessary to open up the loom of wires in order to be able to track down the circuit that had failed. There were 10+ circuits. And they were installed with almost no slack at all! It was sooooo hard to untangle them!

      It took over three hours to repair that circuit. Toward the end, it was getting dark. If it got too dark, I would not be able to finish. That would have meant no electricity in Scampy that nite!

      Guess what!? I loved it. The challenge of unraveling all those tangled circuits. Disconnecting the wires. And the hardest part, splicing connections all the while my torso was buried in that cabinet!

      But I did it! Completed it before dark!



  6. I would say anything that I have written here to George's face if we were ever to meet. Given that I live in my RV at Pacific Shores in Newport, I may get my chance. No hiding here.

    As I said before, this blog is a written diary of a rolling train wreck.

    1. You must like train wrecks, otherwise why follow here if that's what you think this Blog is. I for one am interested in following George's trials and tribulations, one can only learn.
      By the way you must be a nasty person?

    2. Why in the world would anybody want to meet you, Jim? Any RVer knows, 'if you ain't fixin', you ain't RVin'...' RVs are rolling earthquakes, constantly tearing themselves apart. your own admission, you aren't're parking. And you have the temerity to come onto another person's property, snot off and ridicule them - and then call THEM arrogant? What a fine specimen.

    3. 11,000 miles a year of travel in an RV. Have yet to destroy anything. Been rv'ing since 1987. Repairing yes, destroying no. Never been arrested RVing. Defend your friend all you want but the facts speak for themselves.

    4. Jim, nothing more refreshing than a self righteous, judgmental twit.

    5. Glad I could be of service :)

  7. Most people here don't have a blog. We will never know their trials and tribulations of rving if some of them even rv.

    I've rved in Mexico (my home), the U.S. and Canada for 17 years. I've ripped off an awning on the gate to the house, backed into a tree, backed up in such a tight turn I scraped the bumper so badly it had to be repainted, ran over a rock boondocking and broke my sewer connection.

    This is all part of the adventure, the story telling, the fun of rving and boondocking. If no one is getting hurt, what does it matter to some of you who have made critical remarks? Some of you may not even have a pot to @#$% in so the comments are moot points.

    Carry on George.

    1. So true!!! When we were on the road there was always something....even stationery constant upkeep and repairs.....Keep it up George and happy camping!!!!

  8. We don't full time and have a fairly long list of misadventures with our RV. I don't think there's anyone who owns an RV who doesn't encounter needed repairs on an ongoing basis.

  9. Really, the naysayers are the ultimate train wrecks!
    Stealth on, tweak on, we luv ya!

  10. When George says above "I welcome your thinking on this issue," what he REALLY is saying is "It's time to let my pit bulls out for a run!!" I just love it! LOL! :)