Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Day 6

Improving our Craigslist Ad

We received several comments about improving our Craigslist ad with interior pics and Twayler's floor plan.

I am very fortunate to have you looking over my shoulder and helping me!

No time constraints
We do not have any time constraints for disposing of Twayler's stuff. And, selling Twayler as well. As long as it takes.

We plan to advertise Twayler on other websites besides Craigslist. RVTrader.com looks good!

Here is a [Link] to an ad on RVTrader.com. For the exact trailer as our MsTwayler.

New! For less money than the price listed on my Craigslist ad!

Monday, October 30, 2017


Day 5

RV Guy coming 
to look at Twayler

We have an appointment at 1pm with a guy [Frank] who may make a bid to buy MsTwayler. We do not intend to make a sell decision today. We want to get several bids before we decide who the lucky one is to be!

However, if this RV Guy makes us an offer that cannot refuse, well, that's a horse of a different color!

The job of this morning is to tidy up MsTwayler so that she looks presentable. Right now she looks the same as she did when we left on our Scampy trip last May. A big mess!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Selling 2

Day 4

The Auction

Since this is the very first time that I've ever auctioned anything, my auction page [Link] needed some editing.

I've added:
➜ Auction ends at 12 noon - Wednesday, November 14th.
➜ All items are sold as is, where is.

Also, I've added to each item listed: 
 A buy it now $price
 Current bid

For example:


Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

Buy it now: $80.00
Current bid: $25.00 [10/28 8:08pm]

If you would like to view my auction page, please click [Here]

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Scampy in the park

Day 3

Nite Camping at Lone Wolf

Considerable time was spent preparing our Selling Stuff Blog page. For no results [So far].

I did put a SOLD note on the La Z Boy Recliner.  But it really is not sold. 
The La Z Boy will be going with Twayler, when Twayler is sold.

Somebody is arriving this coming Monday afternoon to look at Twayler.

Selling Stuff

Day 3

Selling Surplus

As a result of moving into a small RV, I have several items that I wish to sell.

To make an offer on an item, please send me an email:

To pay for an item that you are buying, please click on this [Link].

More stuff is going to be listed. 
➜ You will find new stuff at the top of this page.
Auction ends at 12 noon - Wednesday, November 14th.
All items are sold as is, where is.


Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

Buy it now: $80.00
Current bid: $25.00 [10/28 8:08pm]

 Click [Here] to view this Weber Grill on the Amazon website


➜ This grill includes a thermometer in the top that I installed myself
➜ The grill is used. The grates are not clean from the last time that I BBQ'd


Buy it now: $10.00
Current bid: $No bid

BDCD8C 8V MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill

Click [Here] to view this cordless drill on Walmart website

Craftsman Nextec 
12-volt Compact Drill/driver
[Includes charger & Lithium Ion battery]

Buy it now: $29.00
Current bid: $No bid

Click [Here] to view on Walmart website

Note: The bag shown on the Walmart website is NOT included

La Z Boy
Astor Power Recliner XR

Buy it now: $700.00
Current bid: $No bid

Click [Here] to view this recliner on La Z Boy website

10 amp Battery Charger

Buy it now: $7.00
Current bid: $No bid

D806 Full Extension Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

Buy it now: $10.00/each
Current bid: $No bid

Click [Here] to view these slides on Amazon website


6-ft Fiberglass 250-lb Type I Step Ladder

Buy it now: $35.00
Current bid: $35.00 [10/29 9:11am]

Click [Here] to view on Lowe's website

Things to sell

Day 2

Selling Surplus Items

We have stuff to sell. Surplus items that are not needed. These are items that were purchased new.

We are working on a Blog page that will list this stuff for sale. All that you will need to do in order to buy some of this stuff is:
➜ Email me to negotiate a price
➜ Send money using PayPal [Very easy for you to do]

The list of stuff will include:
➜ A pic of the item
➜ Description
➜ Suggested price

All items are sold as is, where is.

Friday, October 27, 2017


Day 1

Our Twayler Plan

Gradually, our plan for attending to Twayler is coming together. Initially, we figured on moving Twayler to the San Diego area. Then, deal with selling all the stuff inside Twayler. And of course, selling Twayler too.

However, it may be that doing all of that selling would be better suited right here in Apple Valley.

We must first talk to Mary Ann, the lady in charge of Lone Wolf RV Park. We need Mary Ann's approval to know if this selling activity is OK to do inside the Park.

Thursday, October 26, 2017


169th Day since leaving Apple Valley!

Lone Wolf RV Park

This morning, we are heading out of the City of Bakersfield. Bound for Lone Wolf RV Park where Twayler is stored. If we arrive at Lone Wolf today, that will be a 148 mile trip.

I have not made the decision to try and sell Twayler in the Apple Valley area. It might be better to have Twayler towed to the San Diego area. Store Twayler there. Then do all of the unloading of the stuff inside Twayler.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Day 168

Back in Bakersfield

MsTioga runs off the Interstate
On Saturday, March 15th, close to noon, MsTioga and I were driving on Interstate #5, a bit south of Bakersfield, California. Suddenly we were in a field to the right of the Interstate. I had no clue how I had arrived stopped in that field!

I saw a man running up the shoulder of the Interstate. He climbed over the field's fence and came to my aid where I was sitting in MsTioga's driver's seat. To his questions, I told him that I was OK, just a bit dizzy. "What happened to me?", I asked.

The above blue text is from our Blog on the day that MsTioga died.
Please click [Here] to read about it.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Day 167

Scampy's Linoleum

It is really challenging, to make Scampy's linoleum floor look top notch! This linoleum is soft and porous which makes it difficult to clean. Does not shine up to a quality finish.

Also, several moons ago, the underlayment got pierced in the area just below the toilet/shower door. That piercing produced a tear in the linoleum that is ugly.

I've been thinking of covering this existing linoleum floor with a wood grain floor tile. Whatta you think?

Monday, October 23, 2017


Day 166

Broken Eyeglasses

When you need a pair of glasses, even busted ones will do!

Yesterday, the right temple of my eyeglasses fell off. The temple attaches to the eyeglass frame with a tiny, teeny-weeny hinge. If you would look at this hinge with a magnifying glass, you may wonder [as I wondered], what kind of an engineer would create such a ridiculously small hinge as this?

I am completely unable to function without eyeglasses. I cannot read anything, and hardly do any single thing at all, without my eyeglasses!

I now have three pair of eyeglasses. All three of them busted in the same exact way!

Question: Have you ever tried to repair your eyeglasses while NOT wearing eyeglasses?

Note: Just added to my buy list. A holding device with a movable clamp and a magnifying glass [Link].

Sunday, October 22, 2017


Day 165

About MsScampy

We wrote about this  before. However, it bears repeating so that you may understand why my living fulltime inside MsScampy is sooooo wonderful for me!

Our Scampy's inside dimensions are 78" wide x 124" long. That comes out to 67.2 square feet, including the shower/toilet room.

However, that 67.2 square feet is illusive. Because MsScampy is actually 
4-rooms in one!
➜ Kitchen
➜ Bedroom
➜ Dining room 
➜ Living room

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Life's goal

Day 164

What is this Blog about?

Since returning from Oregon, my Blog may have taken a subtle change in direction. Have you noticed that too?

First of all, the Scampy RV Team is made up of very calm, considerate and thoughtful members. The Tioga Team never even came close to the Scampy Team in this regard!

We see it in the way we now reply to Reader's comments. When Readers come over to meet us, we see it there as well.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Our RV Team

Day 163

The story of Twayler

Yesterday, in our 6pm Blog post, we Blogged to you about MsTwayler's destiny.

Here is a re-Blog of that post :
Do you recall my decision to sell MsTwayler? We bought Twayler in order to live at Jojoba Hills. Then, Jojoba Hills removed me from their wait-list.

After that, we found that we were sooooo comfortable living fulltime in Scampy. MsTwayler ceased to have a function in our RVing life anymore.

Sometimes things workout in extremely unexpected ways. I am happy as could be at how things turned out for me. It's seems to be that way for me. Something happens that at first seems bad. And then, I come out smelling like a rose!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Tweak revisited

Day 162

Does George have a......
.......crack in his record?

I'm forever doing Blog posts about tweaking. Why is that? Do I have a crack in my record?

Here is the thing about tweaking. Tweaking is simply making something better. Improving something. Addressing something that bothers, and changing stuff so that thing no longer bothers.

It could be anything. For example, awhile back I noticed that people who I talked to on the phone eventually made an excuse to break off. Several people did that. For a long time, I just accepted their excuses. Then one day I put that on my Tweak List.

At first I had no clue. Then one day I was on the phone with a very good friend. She said to me, "I have to go now. My puppy has to go for a walk."

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Day 161

Empty Tank!

This morning, I got out of bed at a little passed 6am. Inside Scampy, it was sooooo cold! 55℉! Touching our Wave3 catalytic heater to see if it was on, I found that the heater was cold!

I went outside to check our propane tank's gauge. Wow! Our propane tank was empty!

I keep a close watch on our propane tank's gauge. Last nite there was propane in the tank and the gauge was in the green. How could we have gone empty so fast?

Immediately I thought, Propane gas leak!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Day 160

First Aid Kit

Yesterday, while driving in Santa Cruz, I passed a guy who had been riding his bike. He was now sprawled out at the side of the road. An accident victim. 
After viewing this man, I made a decision to put my wound care experience to good use. My plan is to build a first aid kit with the many components necessary to help accident and disaster victims.

I'm going to buy the dressings, bandages, medication and other things that my research provides me is needed. I'll lean on my good friend, Pete Olson, who was a paramedic for a couple of decades, to help me [Pete's pic holding his guitar is on the upper right of my Blog].

Monday, October 16, 2017

Doing stuff

Day 159

The Joy of Tweaking

How does a person keep deliriously excited with their life? Year after year. Never bored.

For me, the answers are:
➜ To be completely aware of what is going on
➜ To be sensitive to everything in my life
➜ To have as a goal, to improve every single thing [ie: from relationships with others to my new solar panel]

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Day 158

Breakfast With Johana

Johana and I have a date to meet at the Santa Cruz Diner. This is a big event for me because I do not see Johana often because we live far apart.

We spent several hours together. From 8am to 2pm! Gotta love that!

Our conversation spanned from what goes on at her job [Computer engineer] to the building project that Johana is doing on her home. And of course, Johana spent about an hour inside Scampy visiting with Baby Boid and looking at all of my projects.

We have made plans to get together again in a couple of days to go for supper together!

Man-O-Man! This has been a very special day for me! 

Johana with Pussy Cat Nome in the backyard

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Day 157

Burn Wound News!

Do you remember when I got 2nd degree burns when propane gas exploded as I was lighting Wave3 catalytic heater? That was the morning of September 15th.

This morning, all of my wound dressings have been removed! All my burns are healed! One day shy of a month.

I am a fast healer!

Friday, October 13, 2017


Day 156

Buying Stuff in an Emergency

On the morning of Monday, October 9th, I became involved in an emergency situation. While driving south on Highway 101, there was an electronic sign over the road stating:
Highway 101 Closed at Willits

Where's Willits? Pulling over to the side, I pulled out my paper map. There was no internet to look up Willits [At that time, I did not know why the internet had failed].

A California Highway Patrol car stopped behind me. The CHP guy advised me  that a fire halted traffic on Hwy 101 at Willits [120 miles to the south]. Also, CHP advised me to go no farther south and to stay in this area for a few days. And, trying to go east to I-5 would take several hours due to fire equipment and heavy traffic.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fixing stuff

Day 155 


Our wakeup alarm sounded at 6:45am. However, it took us 1-1/2 hours to get ready this morning. We were stalled by our clothes hanger bar coming loose and all the clothes falling down. Whatta mess!

Also, it took about 10-minutes just to find the rubber end cap for the hanger bar! Because that cap decided to hide amidst all the fallen clothes.

First things first
We must first determine what caused the bar to come loose:
➜ We found that one end of the bar was mounted at a small angle downward which made it easy for the bar to fall out of its mount.
➜ Also, the bar itself which adjusts to fit various closets, was not secure. The expansion screw inside, slipped easily.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Day 154

Humboldt State Redwood Forest

The Scampy RV Team headed out from our Fleener Creek Overlook Camp. We have made our Nite Camp here for two nites. It’s a peaceful and lovely site!

Internet challenged
For the time being, we have an internet connection. We want to head toward the Town of Petrolia. With an internet connection, Little iPhone knows the way to Petrolia.

 However, that internet connection is extremely spotty. Most of the time, there is NO internet for us!

We were able to copy/paste our Blog from Notes to Blogger for 10/09. But NOT 10/10. We phoned T-Mobile support for help, and their help was good for us for about 20 minutes. Then, nothing! After that, we have not had any connection for the rest of the day. 

So, we are continuing making Blog posts using our Notes app.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Lost Headlands

Day 153

Dear Readers:
On the morning of Monday, October 9th, many fires in California caused Highway 101 to close at Willits, CA. Because of the fire, all the major carriers ceased to function. That meant no internet.

I continued to Blog using Apple's Notes app. My Blog post below, is my Blog for October 10th.

Around 11:30pm on October 10th, my T-Mobile internet connection turned on!

Right now, it is the morning of October 11th.

Monday, October 09, 2017


Day 152

Dear Readers:
On the morning of Monday, October 9th, many fires in California caused Highway 101 to close at Willits, CA. Because of the fire, all the major carriers ceased to function. That meant no internet.

I continued to Blog using Apple's Notes app. My Blog post below, is my Blog for October 9th. I also have a Blog post for October 10th.

Around 11:30pm on October 10th, my T-Mobile internet connection turned on! 

Right now, it is the morning of October 11th.

Sunday, October 08, 2017


Day 151

Considering Other Countries

You may know that I've ventured out to other countries in my quest for adventure.
➜ Mexico [Every year in the winter 2003 to 2006, Fulltime for 7-years, 2007 to 2013]
➜ Israel [3-months each 1998, 2008, 2010]
➜ Guatemala [2012 for 2-months, 2016 for 1-month]

Airlines: I check airline fares: 
El Al [Link]
Volaris [Link]
Rent: Craigslist Jerusalem [Link]
Guatemala rent: About $10/nite

What happened?
So what happens with these musings of mine? Not too much!

Since I have been wandering around as part of the Scampy RV Team, foreign travel has been coming up out-of-the-money!

I'm just having such a great time now! And I don't have to catch an airplane to do it!

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Crescent City

Day 150

Breakfast Camp

Q: What does the Scampy RV Team look for in a Breakfast Camp?
A: A flat place so that our skillet stays put on Scampy's stove!

Scenery is nice. So is a sunny morning. A quiet place.

This morning we asked Google for directions to Beach Front Park. When we got close to the park, in front of us we saw what appeared to be a beautifully restored 1930s Packard car.

Then we saw that the park has been closed off. The lady directing traffic told us that the park is closed for a car show.

So we continued going west and found a place to Breakfast Camp on the 'B' Street Pier Road.

We want to look at the cars today

Friday, October 06, 2017


Day 149

Internet Deprived

The Scampy RV Team has T-Mobile as their carrier. Since yesterday afternoon, we have been passing thru an area where there are no T-Mobile towers.

Right now, we are Morning Camped in the Town of Bandon, Oregon. Across the street is Bandon Fish Market. We have connected to the WiFi from the fish market in order to publish this Blog post.

Thursday, October 05, 2017


Day 148

Wound Dressing

I've just finished changing the dressing on the three places where my burns have not completely healed:
➜ Left hand and wrist
➜ Left ankle
➜ Right leg from ankle to 3/4 up the calf

Every morning I am sooooo optimistic when removing the dressings. Because I expect the burns to be completely healed! Gotta way to go.

I still am able to detect a sign of infection. A bit of swollen redness on the left hand. But for some reason, that sign comes and goes during the day.

There are still several days remaining of the antibiotic that I am taking to fight the infection. It's called, Clindamycin.

Dressing - left wrist

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

South bound

.          ....and down!
Day 147

Pacific Coast Route

We are looking at our paper map. Which way shall we go? Going slow via the coast road? Or, fast via I-5?

Every time we have this decision to make, the Pacific Coast Route always won. Hands down! Because that way is sooooo beautiful.

Parts of the Pacific Coast Route are challenging for making Nite Camps. But we have Tioga George to lean on for that! 😏

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Grey tank

Day 146

Grey Water Plumbing

We are back up in Salem and going to AJ's Auto Service. We have bought the grey water dump line plumbing. AJ's is installing this black PVC plumbing for us this morning!

It's best that I do not do this plumbing job myself. I am no longer much good working on my back.

Monday, October 02, 2017


Day 145

The Scampy Team Way

At the beginning of our MsTioga days, our daily mileage was small. We had to travel small distances because we could not afford large expenditures for gasoline. Our budget for gasoline in 2003 was about 400 per month. That amount of gas would take MsTioga about 1,000 miles. About 30 miles/day.

After awhile, it became clear that traveling small daily distances had other benefits besides staying within our budget. Moving along very slowly like that, caused us to encounter things that we would have missed.

The Scampy Team travels the same way as the TiogaRV Team. Small daily distances. We are exploring kind of folks. Looking around. We always wondered what we might find, around the next bend in the road.

Very often, what we found around that bend in the road, was a spectacular adventure!

Sunday, October 01, 2017


Day 144

My Burns

Wound care
Sometimes, I am a very slow study. That's how it has been for me learning about wound care.

Just yesterday, I Blogged to you about Reader Joe Gima who emailed me about my not using sterile water to wash my wounds.

Why didn't I know that?

This morning, first thing, we will go to a pharmacy and buy sterile water. Then, change our wound dressing!