Monday, October 23, 2017


Day 166

Broken Eyeglasses

When you need a pair of glasses, even busted ones will do!

Yesterday, the right temple of my eyeglasses fell off. The temple attaches to the eyeglass frame with a tiny, teeny-weeny hinge. If you would look at this hinge with a magnifying glass, you may wonder [as I wondered], what kind of an engineer would create such a ridiculously small hinge as this?

I am completely unable to function without eyeglasses. I cannot read anything, and hardly do any single thing at all, without my eyeglasses!

I now have three pair of eyeglasses. All three of them busted in the same exact way!

Question: Have you ever tried to repair your eyeglasses while NOT wearing eyeglasses?

Note: Just added to my buy list. A holding device with a movable clamp and a magnifying glass [Link].


Repairing sleeping bag
My 5℉ arctic sleeping bag, over time, has gotten pretty ragged in the foot end. I've decided to repair it.

This is a ridiculous enterprise! It is really doomed from the get-go. But I am challenged by such stuff as this.

From Jo-Ann's, I bought some additions to my sewing kit:
➜ Sew No More. Some kind of liquid glue thing for cloth
➜ Heavy duty thread

RVing on the cheap
Over the fourteen years of my RVing life, I've been witness to life-on-the-road. That's because my way of life is, on-the-road. I am able to see what goes on while for most, it's kinda invisible!

At the bottom:
I see those guys sleeping in the bushes. The Mom, shepherding her children to a place in the park - all their belongings in a shopping cart.

Above the bottom:
People who used to live in an apartm4ents. But now live in rickety old RVs. These folks are the reason [In my opinion] that RV park prices have so dramatically risen.

A new kind of RVer
As more and more Americans are sliding down to a lower level economically, just recently I've witnessed some innovative RVing.

A guy who has somehow hung on to his big diesel truck, buys a flat bed trailer. Then goes to Home Depot and buys a shed. That trailer with a shed on top, has magically been transformed into an extremely low-cost RV!

Man-O-Man with a cherry and whip cream on top! Gotta hand it to these shed guys!

Breakfast Camp
We have stopped [Here] to eat and rest a bit. Last nite I got only 5 hours sleep. And as I've Blogged about before, I made a promise to myself to not drive when I get sleepy.

I'm thinking about, pancakes or French toast or eggs [with bacon and sausage].

Note: A few Readers wondered about how I do my eggs:
➜ The non-stick pan should be hot enough that dripped water just begins to sizzle
➜ Cooking oil just covers the bottom of pan
➜ Open egg into small bowl, then pour egg into pan
➜ After the egg lightly sets-up, gently use a rubber scraper so that the egg may be moved around the pan
➜ When the top of the egg is set up [but not over set], slide the egg on to a turner and roll it back in to the pan to finish the top side
➜ When the egg top is set, carefully slide a turner under it and gently roll the egg over into a plate

Corcoran, California
We have been using small roads during this day's journey. We love small roads and kinda dislike highways and interstates.

It looks like the City of Corcoran will have the honor of hosting the Scampy RV Team over nite! 😎

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 200 feet



  1. Why not buy an extra pair of reading glasses to have on hand
    Go ahead George break down and buy a new sleeping bag donate the old one to the guy living in the bushes
    There's two types of people in your RV on the cheap
    There are people that are out of work and then they have the homeless
    It works something like this
    Send 15 / 18 able-bodied workers my way if they can pass a drug test and alcohol test speak English Spanish French or Puerto Rican oh yeah and know how to read a tape measure
    I could put them to work tomorrow if they want to work full-time
    PS did you notice the keyword! pass a drug test and alcohol test
    Out of the 10 that applied last month none 0 past,, you do realize that cost us money $$ to give that test
    So please don't send me the guy who is living in the bushes or the woman that's hustling her kids to the park, or the guy sleeping at his derelict RViii
    They're considered professionals and they have that profession rite down pat
    If you really want to have a real eye-opening go off to the side and watch the panhandlers (male or female) for two hours,, if you do I love to read your findings on that blog

    1. Hi Ed,

      I am carrying three pair of glasses. Each of them with the same hinge. All have a broken hinge.

      The glasses that I am wearing now have the hinge held together with black electric tape. The frames are black, so the tape and frames kinda blend.,



    2. Hi Ed,

      Ed, I purposely am not judgmental about how these people came to be in the economic condition that they are in. I do not give a damn if person is homeless because they are on drugs, suicidal, emotionally screwed up....whatever!

      It's my opinion that, the community must support people in need, regardless of the reason they are needy. In Mexico, that's exactly how it is.

      The Mexican people in each town, help the homeless, those with messed up minds etc by donating.

      ie: The person comes to the door of a restaurant, and is handed something to eat.



    3. George, I know you have first hand experience in Mexico. I've been to Mexico and many countries. From my experience, I believe the social services in this country are second to none and the citizens of this country have big hearts and donate to many good causes, including the homeless. I also believe that this country, in spite of not being perfect is the best country in the world. And I enjoy your RV experiences. That's why I read your blog.

    4. Could it be that you, George, and Mister Ed are BOTH right in the end? Mister Ed says the homeless should get off the drugs and alcohol so that they can get a job and be HAPPY. George says shouldn't care why they are homeless as the homeless are HAPPY being needy. Except for the ones who do not have sound minds, the homeless can pick which option makes them HAPPY. My Dad during the Great Depression provided meals for hobos riding the rails and offered them some temporary work; they took the meals, but refused the work because, as they said, they needed to catch the next train out.

    5. Dee
      Need to correct you on something
      I really never said they need to get off the drugs and alcohol that's only part of the condition of the job
      The younger society today thinks it's OK to experiment with drugs and or alcohol
      Whether it be recreational or addicted
      There is some talk and discussions going around about lowering the standards for recreational usage as far as job employment requirements are,
      So let me put two scenarios to you if you go into Dunkin' Donuts and you know that the person serving you coffee uses a recreational drug it probably does not upset you
      Or the management lower drug standards could be excepted there
      Scenario number two you're working in a saw mill and auto factory and industrial machine shop you're installing products on a high-rise condo or an apartment or office
      you're driving a train or driving at 80,000 pound rig down the road or are you getting on a commercial airline from point A to B. Where would you like the drug standard to be set
      Now my honest point of view is if you want to work at Dunkin' Donuts that's fine but if you want to do any of the second scenario I've been a little scared
      I'd really like to hear your or anyone else's point of you

    6. Mister Ed, I understand exactly what you are saying and the necessary requirements for a potential employee to be qualified (as to fitness) for a specific job. My point is regarding what motivates a homeless person to change from one human condition to another, for example, to fulfill the requirements of a potential employer to be a eligible for a job. The motivation is the homeless person has determined he or she would be happier with a paying job. Other homeless people (other than ones who are not of sound mind) would be happier to be homeless and find their meals where they can and continue with their lifestyle (see hobo example above). They have choices, but hard choices nonetheless. I, too, do not pity them because there are so many ways (with aid) to make a change nowadays; so I have to assume they are happy being homeless. However, I would never turn away from providing the homeless a meal, as I would also provide a meal to you or George.

  2. As you pointed out it's kind of inevitable but why is it in evitable
    In the building contracting trade right today they need 500,000 carpenters helper's and various trade groups
    In the blue-collar industry they need over 450,000
    In the trucking industry they need over 175,000 drivers today
    In the nursing industry another hundred thousand
    With another hundred thousand in the medical field
    So why are they living in the bushes, living in a cheap RV, and panhandling
    But my real question is why do you feel sorry for them

  3. George, you should look for eyeglass frames with Spring Hinges. I'm not easy on my glasses but have owned several pair with the flexible hinge temple or ear piece and none have ever broken. Bought new ones due to style rather than malfunction.

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Wow! That is great information!

      I am due for an eye examination. My eye doctor's office is in San Diego.

      My frames will definitely have spring hinges!! 😍

      Thank you sooooo much!


  4. Hi George... maybe when you get your new glasses you could spring for a second pair!

  5. Any optometrist office will fix your glasses...usually for free.

  6. Thank you George, for telling us about what that fellow did with the flat-bed trailer and shed. Sounds good! :) Blessings, Lynn

    1. Oops, I forgot to mention that I'm glad you have 3 pair of glasses, now! :)

  7. George, Google $39.00 glasses - the frames have spring hinges - don't know about ordering bifocals. Husband has ordered from them for years. Always good service.

    1. George if you check with Kevin and Ruth they had a really good deal come their way on eyeglasses in a little while back
      I'm sure they could send you the link and it's all online

  8. Three pairs of readers so far this year. Dollar store! THREE dollars!

    1. Hi Joan,

      Are Readers what you call your comment?



    2. George...I'm talking about glasses for reading!

  9. George, if you are up early tomorrow, you are just a couple of miles north of the Pixley National Wildlife Preserve, where you can watch thousands of Sandhill Cranes take to the sky around daybreak. It is a remarkable experience, if you are so inclined. A good parking lot there to make your breakfast, too!

    1. Hi Ray,

      I will try for it! But I usually do not get up out of bed until 6:30am.



  10. What did I miss? Why did Jojoba Hills remove your name from their waiting list?

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      One thing that you missed, is that I do not reply to Readers who have an Anonymous identity.

      In fact, I usually delete all Anonymous comments.


      PS: Please, get yourself a real identity. All other commenters have them!

  11. I've been wearing glasses since 5th grade (now approaching 66). I don't thunk I've had a hinge break, but then I pay for the flex frames. What does happen on occasion is that the hinge screw gets loose and if I don't catch it in time it drops out & the earpiece is no longer attached. Ladt time that happened I was driving. Real excitement. Same problem as you have finding & getting a teensy screw back in place.