Monday, October 02, 2017


Day 145

The Scampy Team Way

At the beginning of our MsTioga days, our daily mileage was small. We had to travel small distances because we could not afford large expenditures for gasoline. Our budget for gasoline in 2003 was about 400 per month. That amount of gas would take MsTioga about 1,000 miles. About 30 miles/day.

After awhile, it became clear that traveling small daily distances had other benefits besides staying within our budget. Moving along very slowly like that, caused us to encounter things that we would have missed.

The Scampy Team travels the same way as the TiogaRV Team. Small daily distances. We are exploring kind of folks. Looking around. We always wondered what we might find, around the next bend in the road.

Very often, what we found around that bend in the road, was a spectacular adventure!


Beachcomber Pub
Our friend John gave us a heads-up about the clam chowder at the Beachcombers in the City of Florence, Oregon,

We are at Beachcomber now. When we ordered clam chowder, we learned that it's not served until 11am!

So, we will return then. Right now, we are having breakfast here.

Florence Camp
It is a lovely day here in Florence, Oregon. We have made a Camp on a quiet road. Our intention is to work some of our projects here!

My burn wounds have healed enough so that my wound dressing is not limiting my hands and feet any longer. For the first time since that propane fire, I am able to wear shoes again [instead of slippers].

And my fingers are no longer bandaged! Yay!!!!

Renogy/Rover Controller
Just yesterday, we mounted our new Renogy/Rover 40 amp Solar-Battery charge controller. The Rover is fully automatic. I don't have to adjust anything!

Working great too!

Renogy Rover 40 amp 
MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Install grey tank valves, redux!
We have located a shop that will install Scampy's grey water tank valve and piping.

Tomorrow at 10am! 😎


  1. What great way to travel, we usually travel further but stop for periods if time cutting our daily fuel cost down, always nice to explore and look around.

    1. our awesome travels,

      Hardly any RVers travel this slow way.

      On my first trip to Northern California, I was out standing alongside the highway looking at the fantastically gorgeous and super tall Redwood trees in the State Park.

      I was awed! Breathless from being close to sooooo much beauty!

      RVs were speeding passed those Redwoods! Did the RVers even notice the Redwood trees?




  2. I think SLOW is best. George, do tell, what is your egg makin' secret???🐣🍳

    1. Joan,

      OK! But I am trusting you, Joan, to keep the secret!

      Have the heat at a moderately high temperature. Then, turn the flame down to low.

      Have enough oil in the pan to just cover the bottom. Crack the egg and place it into the pan. It should bubble a bit as the temp goes down.

      With a scraper/spatula, loosen the egg all around so that the egg may be slid around easily. Let egg cook until the top is still a bit loose.

      Carefully turn the egg over and back into the pan. Loosen again with the scraper. In about 30 seconds, lift the egg from the pan with spatula, and turn over into the plate.

      Perfect over-easy egg! 😎



  3. Absolutely no one will know...except over 400 people!
    This is one of my life goals!