Monday, October 09, 2017


Day 152

Dear Readers:
On the morning of Monday, October 9th, many fires in California caused Highway 101 to close at Willits, CA. Because of the fire, all the major carriers ceased to function. That meant no internet.

I continued to Blog using Apple's Notes app. My Blog post below, is my Blog for October 9th. I also have a Blog post for October 10th.

Around 11:30pm on October 10th, my T-Mobile internet connection turned on! 

Right now, it is the morning of October 11th.


Highway 101 Closed At Willits

When Baby Boid read that ‘Closed at Willits’ sign, he said to me, “Hey George! That’s different. Where’s Willits?”

“I don’t know exactly”, I replied. “Somewhere south of here.”

I pulled Tránsito to the side of Hwy 101. Then asked Google for directions to Willits. But the internet was still not working. So, I looked at our paper map. But that map has real small printing. I could barely read it.

A California Highway Patrol car stopped behind us. I rolled down the window.

CHP: Do you need help?
Me: What’s going on?
CHP: The fire closed 101 at Willits. Where are you going?
Me: Santa Cruz. But I don’t have to be there until Sunday.
CHP: You should stay here. The fires are causing major traffic problems.
Me: How about if I go to I-5?
CHP:  That will take you several hours. Too much civilian traffic. Also, fire equipment. 

Redwood Cafe
A few miles south, is the Town of Fortuna. We drove there and went for breakfast at the Redwood Cafe. A sign on the cafe door read: “Only cash. AT&T is down. We are not able to accept credit cards.” 

I had A little over $100 bucks. So, we are OK with that. Customers will buzzing about the fire.

We went for groceries at Safeway. On entering, I looked at customers at check out. Some were paying with cards.

I bought a hunk of salmon and a couple pork chops. Our Scampy food stock for other stuff is well filled.

When I went thru check-out, I used my debit card and got $100. In time like these when many stores cannot process credit cards, it seems to be a good idea to have a bunch of $dough$.

Body Shop
We asked at an O’Reilly Auto Parts store for a recommendation for a body shop. I went to the body shop and showed the guy what I needed done. I had driven over a parking lot concrete block. When I backed up, Tránsito’s plastic grill had pulled off.

In a short time, the body shop guy had re-attached the grill. Didn’t want any money either!

A few miles north of Fortuna, is the Town of Ferndale. We drove there and headed west to the Ocean. We were using iPhone’s compass to navigate. 

We found a real cool Afternoon Camp alongside and above the beach. We plan to make our Nite Camp here. But not so close to the beach. We do not want to go to sleep with the Ocean so close! 

We will make our Nite Camp up on a nearby hill.

Beach Camp at Ferndale

Going Up the Hill
We found a lovely place for our Nite Camp. Some kind Designated Spot. There is a large flat area here, with a nice Ocean view. No tsunami will reach this elevation!

The smoke from the forest fires to the south have made the Sun look orange/pink.  
Sun is barely visible thru the fire's smoke

View from our Hilltop Camp

Walking our Nite Camp site
Little iPhone and I walked over to the sign which tells about our Nite Camp site in order to capture the sign’s image for you to see.

Tomorrow morning, we intend to explore around here on foot. Right now, I’m wearing my slippers. Not good for hiking. Tomorrow I will be wearing boots!

Sign at the area of our Hilltop Camp

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 323 feet



  1. What happened to Monday and Tuesday?

  2. What were you up to in Eureka that you haven't posted till now?

  3. George, check the news about the wildfires from Ukiah south though the Napa and Sonoma valleys before you head south. Major parts of Santa Rosa have been destroyed and there are close to 2000 people in Red Cross shelters.

    The fires areally running wild 48 hours after they started with 0% containment and the winds are picking up again tomorrow.

    You may have trouble getting through that area.

  4. Hey George-
    Your pictures are not showing up. It just says "pic 100", then "pic 101", like that-

  5. Don't know why, but I can't see the photo's you posted. Just a "pic 100, pic 101, pic 102, pic 103". Hmmm?

  6. I’m glad to hear you are safe and ok

    1. My thought exactly Betty! I really worry when George hasn’t posted in a few days.

  7. Caltrans: Highway 101 reopened through Willits and Santa Rosa
    Geneva Peppars
    Posted: Oct 10, 2017 11:06 AM PDT
    Updated: Oct 10, 2017 11:06 AM PDT

  8. "I went to the body shop and showed the guy what I needed done. I had driven over a parking lot concrete block. When I backed up, Tránsito’s plastic grill had pulled off."

    Oops. Another mishap involving damage to your rig. What can be causing all these "uh-ohs"?

  9. Glad you're ok....Take care!!!

  10. I use Google Maps with the traffic app turned on. It will show the roads that are closed. Right now it looks like 101 south is open. Ofcourse you need cell coverage and that's kind of spotty up there.

  11. Happy to see that you are doing fine and safe. I must have checked your blog a dozen times Monday and Tuesday. So happy to see these two posts. Stay safe George!

  12. George the smoke in some of the pictures look pretty bad. We are in an area that experiences lots of fires every year starting in the Spring and just ending now. We are fortunate to have the actual real time smoke conditions available on line in the form of a scale related to the health risks. Don't know if the same is available down there but it might be worth searching it out. Here is a link to the information that is for this area and as you will see it's good here now but up until a month ago it was regularly in the 10+ range.

  13. Just located a site that should provide you with the current and forecast air quality for whatever your location is.