Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Lost Headlands

Day 153

Dear Readers:
On the morning of Monday, October 9th, many fires in California caused Highway 101 to close at Willits, CA. Because of the fire, all the major carriers ceased to function. That meant no internet.

I continued to Blog using Apple's Notes app. My Blog post below, is my Blog for October 10th.

Around 11:30pm on October 10th, my T-Mobile internet connection turned on!

Right now, it is the morning of October 11th.


Lost Coast Headlands
Fleener Creek Overlook

It’s about 10 minutes before Sunrise. I went outside to take a peek at what would
be coming with this new day.

Almost directly overhead, is a half Moon.  Clear as can be in the morning sky. No fire smoke up there!

To the east, there is red smoke. Not too high. Kinda low. Lots of room easterly above the layer of smoke for the Sun to shine thru. Good!

The Sun thru fire's smoke at 8am

No T-Mobile
We checked Little iPhone to find out which carriers are available. We see, AT&T, US Cellular, Verizon and Sprint. But no T-Mobile!! Kinda disappointing.

Blogging with Notes
We are continuing to Blog. We are doing that using the Apple Notes app. Works pretty good too.

We use the same layout that we use when preparing our Blog using Blogger. When we are again connected to the internet, all that will be necessary to publish a day’s Blog, is to copy/paste the Notes Blog into the Blogger Blog!

When we have a pic to include in our Blog. we type the pic’s number. For example: Pic 105.

Projects to do
Besides following the trail from the Fleener Creek Over look down to the beach, we have several projects to work on:
Install fan into Dometic fridge’s upper section. This model Dometic draws air from the lower section to exhaust thru the vent in the upper section. When the temperature is high, air flow benefits by having a fan to assist in air flow.
Install battery cable ring connectors to replace the spring-loaded clips that we have been using to connect the house battery to our Renogy Rover solar charge controller.
Our Yingli 250 watt solar panel is mounted on TrĂ¡nsito’s roof by fastening it to a 1/2” plywood board. We have aluminum angle cross braces to replace the plywood board.

This morning we have done several miscellaneous things:
We have the SuperStart battery booster on charge.
Cleaned Scampy’s lower floor. The floor that we worked on yesterday.
Attempted repair of our air compressor hose [Didn’t work].
Cleaned up the kitchen from the breakfast mess.

Mapping plan
While eating breakfast [Scrambled eggs and matzoh, fried sliced potatoes, hot chocolate], I was looking at where we are now on the paper map. I have a light enabled magnifying to aid me in reading the map whose letter size is sooooo small.

Our Camp is inside the Town of Ferndale. Highway #211 goes southerly from
Ferndale and is shaped like a giant “C”. If we followed Hwy 211, we would travel thru the towns of Capetown, Petrolia and Honeydew.  And, what’s more, we would pass thru the spectacular Humboldt Redwoods State Park!

We are considering spending a 2nd nite here at the Fleener Creek Overlook. Then follow Highway #211 and search for adventure. 

Man-O-Man! What an adventure we are having! Incredible! Unbelievable! Double wow with sugar on it!

Down the trail
Little iPhone and I are just about to begin our exploration of the trail going down from the Fleener Creek Overlook.

BTW: Last nite, the last dose of the antibiotic Clindamycin was taken. The burn still has a couple places where the skin tissue still is a bit red [still healing]. I am keeping these places as clean as I am able to do. The back of my left hand is the hardest place to keep clean!

It’s a switchback trail. Relatively easy for me to do. I arrived at the beach at 11:30am. Took about an hour because I dawdled around taking pics and looking around [At the 35-cows in the field. The ranch house and barn. The beach. The waves.]

On the beach there is a ton of storm tossed trees. I searched for a walking stick which I figured I would very much need going back up the hill. 

I sat on one of the storm logs and enjoyed munching Planters Dry Roasted Peanuts! 
Love ‘em! Washed the peanuts down with water.

There was sign of a large hoofed animal on the beach. Also a dog. And a female human [Small barefoot tracks in the sand]. A couple seagulls joined me. The birds near the surf. Me at the top of the beach sitting on the storm log. I looked at the seagulls with my Bushnell binoculars [Only cost $42 bucks, but do a good job!]

Pic 102B

Heading back to Camp
I was sooooo happy to have the walking stick. Helped me out very much. Walking back up the trail is not a race for me. A half dozen steps. Catch my breath. Ad infinitum.

I reached Scampy at 1:25pm. It is a 323 foot rise from the beach to our Camp. I am not at all tired. Worked up a sweat though! And an appetite too! For lunch.

Pic 105

Just finished supper
Watching the movie, “Rain Man” with Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. Preparation of supper was delayed because I got side tracked doing body repair on TrĂ¡nsito.

It seems that the propane gas bottle does not like me. Because that bottle keeps hitting the passenger side corner of the rear bumper and tail light. Hate that

I have a plan to move that propane bottle to where the house battery is now. The house battery will then be in front. This move should resolve the propane bottle bashing into the bumper and tail light!

A few minutes before sunset:
Little iPhone and I wished to capture a pic of Fleener Creek [Our Campsite is named the Fleener Creek Overlook].

Pic 106

Pic 107

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