Saturday, October 21, 2017

Life's goal

Day 164

What is this Blog about?

Since returning from Oregon, my Blog may have taken a subtle change in direction. Have you noticed that too?

First of all, the Scampy RV Team is made up of very calm, considerate and thoughtful members. The Tioga Team never even came close to the Scampy Team in this regard!

We see it in the way we now reply to Reader's comments. When Readers come over to meet us, we see it there as well.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
I've been studying CBT. And doing its therapy on myself.  A long ago psychiatric therapist told me that I am one of the few persons that she had met who conducted successful self-therapy 😎

CBT is based on the idea that the way you think about experiences influences the way you feel and behave.

Click [Here] read more about CBT.

Today's happenings
After leaving our Nite Camp, we will head to 24 Hour Fitness to work out and take a shower

Afterwards, we shall continue our journey to Lone Wolf RV Park in Apple Valley.

New backpack
This morning when returning from 24 Hour Fitness, as I was unloading my backpack, the zipper gave way and separated in the middle.

I use the Trans backpack by JanSport. Very high quality. I believe that JanSport designs their backpacks for school age kids. They gotta be strong to take what kids do with them.

All backpacks on display at the Target Store where I was shopping were priced in the $35 to $40 range. But, a couple aisles over, I found a section of reduced price JanSport backpacks. All the same model and color. And I got one of those for $17.98!

Don'tcha just love it when that happens?

Dear Reader,
Our Blog posts below were prepared while we had no internet connection. We used Apple Notes to record what happened.

State of California Campground
It’s getting late in the day. From the look of the country that we are traveling thru, no cities or towns are anywhere close to here.

We came to a huge body of water. The sign informed that this the San Luis Reservoir. There is a campground on the reservoir’s property. So, Tránsito pulled off the highway so that we could take a look-see!

We found the entrance to the camping area a few miles from the highway. 

We paid $28 for one nite’s stay. However, there a dump station her for the use of campers. We usually pay $10 for dumping. So, our actual net cost for camping 
is $18! 😎 

Our camp site is among California oak trees. The hills around us covered with a dry brown grass. We like the look of that grass.

There several other campers here. Tent type. No Rvers except for us. Some of the campers have fire wood for tonite.

Our first view of San Luis Reservoir

The Scampy RV Team at our camp site

Note: I wanted to wash MsTránsito before it got dark. So, I washed her left side. I do not want to miss a day without washing some of her body. We are sooooo close to being really sparkly clean!

Supper without PBS
Usually, I watch the PBS News Hour while I eat my supper. This evening, without the net, I watched the movie, “Sully” starring Tom Hanks.

This movie is the true story of airplane Captain Sully Sullenberger. In 2009, Sully successfully landed his commercial flight on the Hudson River after the plane was struck by birds causing both engines to shut down.

Not one of the 155 people on that plane died!

Terrific movie starring Tom Hanks.

BTW, my supper consisted of a bowl of clam chowder. A broccoli slaw salad topped with honey coated pecan pieces [Yummm] and Newman’s Own ranch dressing. The main coarse: fettuccine with tomato sauce.


Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 667 feet



  1. I am curious about your water utilization. Is your fresh water 8-12 gallons? How are you able to wash dishes, shower, etc. with such a limited (IMHO) supply of water. Are you replenishing every other day or so?

    1. Hi Gypsy,

      Here are the water specs:
      ➜ Fresh- 12 gallons
      ➜ Grey- 21 gallons
      ➜ Black- 9 gallons

      I find that Scampy's fresh water tank needs to be refilled every 5 days.

      It could be that I am extremely conservative with water.

      Whatta ya think? 😇



    2. VERY conservative! We all should be that way.

  2. AM solar is a company that specializes in solar for the RV community. They have brackets made for solar install and are very helpful over the phone or by email. The brackets allow for tilting also. Just some info. They are located in Oregon.

    1. Hi Steve,

      Thank you sooooo much for that solar info!

      Did you know that I myself installed the solar system that the TiogaRV Team used successfully in 2003?

      Click [Here] to read about it.



  3. George, excessive heat warning here for Santa Barbara & Ventura Monday through Tuesday. 100 degree forecast for SB, if you can believe it. Might be good to be south of us by then, if possible.

    1. Hi Ray,

      Thank you sooooo much for your warning!



  4. You don't suppose that you read a comment on somebody else's blog site that may have subconsciously triggered a different point of view in regards to replying back at your bloggers comments
    Although it is refreshing,,, thank you,,,

    1. Hi Ed,

      Whose Blog site would that be?

      Thanks for your "...refreshing...." comment!



  5. George
    Jan Sport backpacks have a life time warranty. They will repair or replace it.

    1. Hi Garth,

      Thank you!! Good to know! 😎