Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Day 168

Back in Bakersfield

MsTioga runs off the Interstate
On Saturday, March 15th, close to noon, MsTioga and I were driving on Interstate #5, a bit south of Bakersfield, California. Suddenly we were in a field to the right of the Interstate. I had no clue how I had arrived stopped in that field!

I saw a man running up the shoulder of the Interstate. He climbed over the field's fence and came to my aid where I was sitting in MsTioga's driver's seat. To his questions, I told him that I was OK, just a bit dizzy. "What happened to me?", I asked.

The above blue text is from our Blog on the day that MsTioga died.
Please click [Here] to read about it.


Changed my life forever
What happened to me on March 15th, 2014 changed everything for me. 

I now know that only one second from right now, destiny is waiting for me. Better watch closely, George, or you may miss your own destiny!


Rocky's Welding Shop
This welding shop is in a building in the backyard of the welder, whose name is Carl. I met both Carl and his wife Vicky. Really friendly folks!

The job that Carl did for me was to remove Scampy's tongue jack. Cut off 1-1/2" off the end. And re-install the jack.

Carl the welder 

Where are we now?

Hint: It's a burger joint!

Ice Cream Shop
Next door to the burger joint, is an ice cream shop. This place is not like any ice cream shop that I've ever seen. This place has NO ice cream there. No freezers either.

When a customer orders some ice cream, they start off with cream. Whip it up a bit. Do some magic with liquid nitrogen. Add the flavor [I chose caramel].

And voila!


Returning to Rocky's Welding
We have bought a 2nd propane tank. Also, a double bottle propane rack. And we are having Carl the welder install it.

The propane tanks will be installed at the rear of Scampy's tongue. The single tank was located at the front of the tongue. The battery will be moved from the rear of the tongue to the front.

Having the propane tanks at the rear of the tongue has them out of the way if I ever jack-knife Scampy again.

Carl will be doing this work for us in a week or so.

24 Hour Fitness
I am at 24 Hour to take a shower. It's so hot out! The heat has sapped my energy.

For about an hour or so, I just crashed on Scampy's bench seat. Then, the temperature dropped a bit, and I came to life!

I believe that I have enough energy now, to work out. But I'm taking a shower before exercise. I need one! 😎



  1. George, you're the Tweakmeister!

    1. Suz,

      I love to do lots of different things. But figuring out stuff, in my head, is one of my favorites!

      My Dad [who was a tool engineer] always advised me: "When you go to do something, do it the simplest way possible."

      Recently I've been working on a cabinet door catch. I go over the design in my head when I lie down to sleep for the nite.

      I just love to do that! And, I am following my Dad's admonition to do that catch with a very simple design. 😎



  2. Even so you probably parked under a tree and had the windows open please be careful of heat stroke and or heat exhaustion
    None of them are fun

    1. Hi Ed,

      Are you commenting on when I crashed on Scampy's bench seat because of the heat?

      Thank you so much for the heads-up about heat exhaustion.