Friday, October 20, 2017

Our RV Team

Day 163

The story of Twayler

Yesterday, in our 6pm Blog post, we Blogged to you about MsTwayler's destiny.

Here is a re-Blog of that post :
Do you recall my decision to sell MsTwayler? We bought Twayler in order to live at Jojoba Hills. Then, Jojoba Hills removed me from their wait-list.

After that, we found that we were sooooo comfortable living fulltime in Scampy. MsTwayler ceased to have a function in our RVing life anymore.

Sometimes things workout in extremely unexpected ways. I am happy as could be at how things turned out for me. It's seems to be that way for me. Something happens that at first seems bad. And then, I come out smelling like a rose!


About MsScampy
Our Scampy's inside dimensions are 97" wide x 124" long. That comes out to 83.5 square feet.

However, that 83.5 square feet is illusive. Because MsScampy is actually 
4-rooms in one!
➜ Kitchen
➜ Bedroom
➜ Dining room 
➜ Living room

Let's compare MsTioga to Scampy. MsTioga was 160 square feet in area. From the back of her passenger/driver seats to the inside of her rear wall. However, all the areas of MsTioga were single purpose.

Scampy's 4-rooms combined come out to be a total of 261.2 square feet!! That is the reason that I am sooooo comfortable being a fulltimer with Scampy.

And please, do not forget Tránsito. Our noble tow vehicle. Tránsito's storage area is 55" wide x 68" long. That's 26 square feet!!

So, the Scampy RV Team has 287 feet in usable space. That's 127 square feet more than MsTioga [If my math is right!].

9am to Noon:
Tweaking Yingli
For three hours, we have been working on the method used to secure Yingli to Tránsito's solar roof rack.

Our initial plan was to drill thru the rack's aluminum angles. Then, secure the Yingli solar panel with screws that tied the rack and Yingli's frame together.

However, while drilling into Yingli's frame, it became clear that the aluminum that makes up that frame was more like pot metal than high quality aluminum extrusion. That pot metal aluminum frame just would not do! Screws just stripped out from Yingli's threaded holes!

So, we came up with the idea of clamping Yingli's frame to the solar rack using lag bolts and washers. That Yingli is on solid now!

This is the very first time that I've prepared pancakes in Scampy's wonderful kitchen. I thought that we had no mixing bowl. Which meant that we could not mix up pancake batter.

However, the other day we realized that we actually did have a nice stainless steel mixing bowl. Only, we were using that bowl for a catch-all bin. And did not think of it as a mixing bowl!

As soon as I realized that we had a mixing bowl all along, I wrote in the tiny notebook:
Buy Aunt Jemima Original Pancake Mix

Breakfast was:
1-egg over easy, 1-Farmer John sausage link, 1-slice bacon, real 100% maple syrup, ice cold milk. and of course two fluffy pancakes.


Apple Valley bound!
We will not reach Apple Valley today. Not tomorrow either. But, since the Scampy RV Team is now Apple Valley bound, eventually we gotta wind up there.

We have pulled off the road so that Old George could nap. That's a promise that Old George made to himself. When a hint of sleepiness shows up, take a nap.

And, you know the Biblical saying:
"Do not make a vow that you cannot keep."

I know that the vow in the Bible refers to a vow to God. However, we feel that the concept should apply to all vows. Whatta ya think about that? Hmmm?

Fire fighters from Los Angeles!
This afternoon, we were traveling south on Hwy #101. The traffic began backing up Big Time. Up ahead, we saw a Home Depot sign. That sign decided us to get out of the traffic while the getting was good! We headed toward Home Depot.

As we pulled into the exit lane, six Los Angeles fire engines drove up beside us. Drivers on the freeway began honking their horns and waving at the fire fighters!

These fire fighters must have been up north combating the terrible California forest fires. It was exciting to see and hear the admirers of those fire fighters showing how they felt about these guys!

Cleaning with a vengeance!
Since arriving at Home Depot, we have been very hard at work doing a ton of small projects with Tránsito [Adjusting the hitch guide, installing larger storage containers, adding two storage baskets on to the pegboard for grocery items].

We achieved enormous strides in straightening and sorting stuff in Tránsito's storage area. Then we dove into cleaning up Tránsito's seating area.

We vacuumed the seats and the carpeted floor. This area had not been cleaned for quite awhile and was extremely dirty! After vacuuming, we began to hand-brush the carpet to get up ground-in stuff like leaves and twigs.

We are very proud of how Tránsito looks now! 😎

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 393 feet



  1. I've used zip lock bags already to mix batter. Pours out too.

    1. Wow Flowergirl!

      Zip lock bags to mix batter would never have crossed my mind! Good to know!

      Thank you,


  2. George, I suggest you try Kodiak Cakes. As good or better than Jemima, but only need water. Sooo much easier. Look for in the grocery. I’ve found it at Safeway and Raley’s.

    1. Hi Bill,

      Kodiak Cakes! Never heard of those.

      Gotta give Kodiak Cakes a try!



  3. Naps are man's best friend!!!! Marilyn

    1. Mj C,

      I agree sooooo much!

      Scampy's bed is very easy to setup. Only takes a couple minutes. When I nap, I pick a very quiet neighborhood. Cuddle up in the sleeping bag.

      Gotta love it! 😎



  4. Hey George—sounds like your life is good and you are continuing to enjoy life on the road. good for you and my God continue to bless you. I remember Twayler and your Jojoba Hills adventure but can’t recall the circumstances surrounding your name being removed from the wait list. Can you remind me of what happened.

    1. Hi Char,

      Sure! I'd love to comment to you about what happened.

      A couple of months ago, I received a letter from the president of the board of directors of Jojoba Hills.

      The letter stated that the board had voted to remove me from their wait list. No reason for my removal was given.

      A copy of my wait list agreement was included. On that copy, highlighted in yellow, was a sentence that stated:
      Either party may cancel this agreement without cause.

      That's all that I know for sure about this.