Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Day 154

Humboldt State Redwood Forest

The Scampy RV Team headed out from our Fleener Creek Overlook Camp. We have made our Nite Camp here for two nites. It’s a peaceful and lovely site!

Internet challenged
For the time being, we have an internet connection. We want to head toward the Town of Petrolia. With an internet connection, Little iPhone knows the way to Petrolia.

 However, that internet connection is extremely spotty. Most of the time, there is NO internet for us!

We were able to copy/paste our Blog from Notes to Blogger for 10/09. But NOT 10/10. We phoned T-Mobile support for help, and their help was good for us for about 20 minutes. Then, nothing! After that, we have not had any connection for the rest of the day. 

So, we are continuing making Blog posts using our Notes app.


Lunch in Petrolia
We wanted to stock up chocolate candy and some cookies. We've been making our Camps out in the wilds. No grocery stores in the wild places!

So when we arrived at the Town of Petrolia, we went inside the grocery market there to buy that candy stuff.

At checkout, the lady asked if we would like a grilled ham and cheese. Sounded good, and we bought it on grilled rye bread.

The sandwich was really large. I only ate half. Still have the other half inside Mister Dometic for safe keeping!

Gorgeous view on the way to Petrolia

We were getting uncomfortable with our gas gauge showing less than half a tank. There are very few gas stations out in this neck of the woods. But the little grocery in Honeydew had a big, old gas pump. $3.98/gallon!

It’s a funny thing. $3.98/gallon for gasoline seems very high to us. But when we need gasoline, we are very happy to pay that price. Better to buy high price gasoline than NOT buy and run out of gas! Do you agree?

Nite Camped near entrance to the Redwoods
It’s getting toward nite time. When we arrived at the entrance to Humboldt State Redwood Forest, we had concern for continuing so close to dark. We did not want to be traveling more, so late in the day.

Fortunately, right there at the entrance to the Redwoods, a dirt road appeared heading south. We drove up that road looking for a flat place to make our Nite Camp. A view site here is low priority. At nite, what’s a view good for anyway?

We found a nice flat site in a turn-out. We are making our Nite Camp here. Should be really quiet at this Camp because this is a dead-end road.

Entrance sign Humboldt Redwoods State Park

Nite Camp on dirt road near Redwood Park

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 2,760 feet



  1. "We wanted to stock up chocolate candy and some cookies"... my kind of camping necessities. We've been traveling in our Casita 2 months and I don't ever want to run out in some isolated place! Please let us know details when you install the fan in your Dometic fridge. We have the same problems; guess it's quite common. Stay safe!

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