Saturday, October 28, 2017

Scampy in the park

Day 3

Nite Camping at Lone Wolf

Considerable time was spent preparing our Selling Stuff Blog page. For no results [So far].

I did put a SOLD note on the La Z Boy Recliner.  But it really is not sold. 
The La Z Boy will be going with Twayler, when Twayler is sold.

Somebody is arriving this coming Monday afternoon to look at Twayler.


Twayler vs Scampy
It is really interesting for me, now that I have concluded that as far as RVs are concerned, Big is Bad. Small is Superb. [Little play on words there 😜].

Take the kitchen for example. Scampy's kitchen cabinets are right there. A step away. Clean up after cooking a greasy thing, is sooooo easy! All the walls and ceiling around Scampy's stove are white. It is very clear when something still needs cleaning. And Formula 409 works so very well on our white fiberglass.

Doing mechanical stuff on Scampy [ie: replacing the busted grey water tank like we did] was easily done at an auto repair shop. Auto shops can do Scampy things, just because Scampy is small, where the same auto shop would likely shy away from a 30 foot long trailer! 

Scampy Nite Camping at Lone Wolf
I learned this morning, that Lone Wolf has parking sites in their dirt lot. Inexpensive too! About $25/month!

That where I am right now, writing this Blog post to you. BTW, it's nice and bright inside Scampy at nite time, because Scampy has four super nice lights and oodles of electric power!

Gotta love it! 😍

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 3,021 feet



  1. Why don't you take the stuff that you don't sell or need to a pawn-shop
    Over and done with
    As for the big trailer find somebody reputable close by and have it cosigned out. If somebody needs financing they handle an they handle all the paperwork and you get the check

    1. Hi Ed,

      You ask:
      "Why don't you take the stuff that you don't sell or need to a pawn-shop? Over and done with."

      Well, Ed, I didn't think of it. But now that you have suggested this pawn-shop idea, I am going to do it!

      Thank you,