Sunday, October 29, 2017

Selling 2

Day 4

The Auction

Since this is the very first time that I've ever auctioned anything, my auction page [Link] needed some editing.

I've added:
➜ Auction ends at 12 noon - Wednesday, November 14th.
➜ All items are sold as is, where is.

Also, I've added to each item listed: 
 A buy it now $price
 Current bid

For example:


Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

Buy it now: $80.00
Current bid: $25.00 [10/28 8:08pm]

If you would like to view my auction page, please click [Here]



RV dealer coming!
Tomorrow afternoon, an RV dealer has an appointment with me to take a look at MsTwayler and make an offer to buy her.

I am in NO hurry to sell MsTwayler. I have tons of things to do while at Lone Wolf, and am having a great time being here.

Everything shall happen at the right time 😎.

Bad House Battery?
Just after towing Scampy from her parking spot at Lone Wolf over to where MsTwayler's site is located, our Samlex inverter's [Link] low voltage alarm began sounding!

Going outside to check the battery connections from the Renogy Rover solar charger [Link] to Scampy's House Battery, everything looked OK.

Checking the battery
However, when we checked the battery voltage readout of the Rover, it showed that the battery had only an 11.7 voltage reading! A very low voltage reading!

A voltage reading is not an accurate indicator of a battery's state of charge. So, we did a specific gravity test which showed that our House Battery had a 1.17 specific gravity reading. Bad, bad, bad!

Solar panel in the shade
That was when it was noticed that Transito's roof mounted solar panel was in the shade of the Sun! For goodness sakes! Of all the things?

But even so, we only parked in the shade a few minutes ago. For the battery to get so bad, so fast, means that the battery very likely needs replacement.

What's the best for a House Battery?
For many years, the Trojan T-105 6-volt deep cycle battery has been at the top of the heap!

However, the Scampy Team does not need a lot of electric power. What the Scampy Team needs is a small amount of dependable electric power.

Emphasis on the word: "Dependable"

Mighty Max Battery
We are very seriously considering:

Mighty Max ML35-12 - 12V 35AH U1 Deep Cycle AGM Solar Battery.

This Mighty Max Deep Cycle battery gets very high marks! [Link]

KoolerAire .... is a
........ Battery powered portable air conditioning ice chest - that only
costs $39.95!

Would you please take a look at it? Click [Here] to view.

I sure would love to receive some feed-back about the KoolerAir.

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 3,021 feet



  1. We wish you luck in selling the items. Enjoy your time with Ms. Twayler. May you always have t-shirt and shorts weather! :-)

    1. Thank you sooooo much, Kent! 😎



  2. Read a review that was mostly negative. Said It barely cooled the cab of a small pickup. Fan just doesn’t move much air. I’d pass


    1. Hi Bill,

      I agree.

      At the time that I Blogged about KoolerAire, I did not understand that the ice chest in which KoolerAire is installed, must be filled with a couple of bags of ice cubes.

      That ice is where the coolness comes from. I found a YouTube video which demonstrates the KoolerAire device.

      The guy in that video said that he bought two bags of ice.
      14 lbs which cost $5.38!

      Click [Here] to view that video.



    2. That guys review was quite funny. Especially when his van increased by 7 degrees and he measured the cooler air going about 8 inches away from the thing.

  3. Air conditioner's are often rated in tons of cooling. One ton of ice produces the equivalent of 12,000 BTUs over a 24 hour period, or 24,000 BTUs for 12 hours, etc.

    A typical RV air conditioner produces about 12,000 BTUs.

    How much cooling do you think you'd get from a 5 pound bag of ice? Not much.

    1. Right on, Lou!

      Your comment states exactly how I feel.



  4. Good luck with selling your stuff, that is a good price for your Weber Q 1000, we love ours best BBQ ever.

  5. An AGM battery may be best for you because of the maintenance issues of flooded batteries but 35AH doesn't sound like nearly enough AH even for just LED lighting.

  6. Consider getting more battery than you need. A larger battery won't cycle as deeply in normal use, and the shallower you cycle a battery, the longer it will last.

    Plus you'll have reserve power to carry you through an unexpected cold/dark period, etc.

    A pair of 6 volt golf cart batteries are hard to beat on a dollar per watt basis and they're very durable as long as you keep an eye on their water so it doesn't fall below the level of the plates.