Thursday, November 30, 2017

Bye-bye Twayler


Last Day at Lone Wolf

The Scampy RV Team heads out from Lone Wolf Colony RV Park tomorrow morning at 8am. We are ready! No more urgent things to attend to.

So, what shall we be doing today? Tweaking! We want to tweak the entire
Yingli Solar Panel/Renogy Rover Solar Charge Controller circuit. We want to make that circuit look clean and professional from the Yingli all the way to where that circuit enters Scampy.

Also, we want to give MsTwayler, MsScampy and Señor Tránsito a good wash.  We have a washing brush for Twayler that has a long pole which allows washing all the way her roof.

For Scampy and Tránsito, we have a washing brush and squeegee with an 8' long extension pole.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Old people

One Day and a Wakeup!

What's It Like Having 80 Years?

I'll give you some examples of things that actually happened.
➜ Yesterday I went shopping at Stater Bros, the grocery. I buy Pepsi in those tiny cans that have only 7.5 oz [It's bad for you, right? So 7.5 oz is better than 12 oz].

I reach for a six-pack. The cans go scattering! From all around me, people are rushing to pickup the cans. A man hands me a fresh six-pack. "Go on, go on," he tells me. "We'll take care of it." 

➜ When I am approaching the entrance to a store, people ahead of me stand aside. Hold the door open for me to go in/out ahead of them.

➜ I was looking for mashed potato mix [Again at Stater Bros]. I'm wondering out loud, "Where are the potato mixes. They told me they are on aisle 4?"

A few minutes later, a woman is waving at me from about 20 feet away. "I found it," she tells me. "I heard you saying that you were looking for them."

➜ At the Golden Corral in Hesperia [A buffet joint], I asked a sever where the tar-tar sauce is? She didn't know. A few minutes later, a lady walked up to me and handed over a cup of tar-tar. "I heard you ask for tar-tar. It's in the salad bar."  

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Two Days and a Wakeup!

Twayler to Storage

I've just made arrangements with a local towing service to move MsTwayler from her campsite at Lone Wolf to storage, also at Lone Wolf.

Only two days and a wake up to Friday, December 1st!

We on The Scampy RV Team are sooooo excited about that! George's new set of golf clubs have been ready to head out in Tránsito's front seat for weeks!

Monday, November 27, 2017


Three Days and a Wakeup!

Third Nite No Electric Hookup

This morning, when the Scampy Team gets up from bed, we will be in our third nite with No Electric Hookup!

This is a fantastic event for us!
The last three nites tells us, that we are now able to be camping every day of year, everywhere we go, with no electric hookup!

The last three nites also tells us, that whenever we wish to go Boondocking, we shall be able do that also!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Twayler's Table

Day 32

Table for Two

We are constructing a small table for Twayler. This will serve as a dining table for two persons

Yesterday, the table leg for Twayler's Table for Two arrived from Web Restaurant Supply. There are a couple of holes in the cardboard box. The threaded rod that secures the top of the leg to the bottom is missing. Must have escaped thru these holes!

I am going to Home Depot to buy a new rod. Also buying, a cut-to-size plywood board that will serve as the table's top.

Also, from Jo-Ann Fabrics, a table cloth.

This project is sooooo much fun! 😎

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Power Test

Day 31

Interstate Passed Test

We are up a bit early this morning. All of the Scampy Team are sooooo anxious to learn how Interstate Battery scored in his storage test!

Little iPhone took a pano-pic in order to show you. A pic is worth a 1000 words!

Stitch pic shows how bright it is inside MsScampy at 6am

Friday, November 24, 2017

Short circuits

Day 30

Inline Fuses

Each of our electric circuits needs an inline fuse for protection in the case of a short:
➜ 40 amp fuse for the line from the Yingli solar panel to the Renogy Rover Solar Charge Controller
➜ 20 amp fuse in the line from the Rover to the Interstate Deep Cycle Battery
➜ 10 amp fuse from the Rover to Scampy's electric panel

We were pondering about publishing our headline Blog post about Inline Fuses. This may not be an interesting subject for Readers. However, it's a subject that the Scampy Team must attend to. So, there it is!

Thursday, November 23, 2017


Day 29

Soldering Wires vs Crimping

After messing around with joining the wires in our solar electric system, I've decided to use soldering joints instead of crimping joints.

I've been viewing YouTube videos for soldering heavy gauge wire. These YouTube videos instructed me how to avoid problems with soldering.

One great tip that I learned was how to hold the 10 gauge wire that I am joining together during soldering. Use a single long strand of the wire and wrap the strand around the two ends just before soldering.

This method really works good and keeps the two ends together while I'm doing the soldering.

24 Hour Fitness
I'd like to share with you, my exercise method with 24 Hour's machines:
➜ Using the maximum weight that I am able to lift on a machine, I do all the reps that I am able to do until I fail.
➜ Reduce one number [Weight] on that machine, and again do all the reps that I am able to do until I fail.
➜ Reduce the number by one again, and do a last set on that machine again until I fail once more.

Then, go on to the next machine.

24 Hour's machines exercise all of my muscles [ie: shoulders, arms, abdomen, etc].

I even do an exercise with my forearms. This forearm exercise, in my opinion, eliminates the occurrence of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome!! 

Blogging from Denny's
I went to eat at Dickey's Barbecue Pit. However, Dickey's is closed. So are ALL the other restaurants near me. However, Denny's is open.

I am Blogging to you from Denny's. I ordered pot roast. Pretty good, too! I was not able to finish my pot roast, so I'm taking it with me. Got some extra gravy to take with me too!

Struggling in the dark
For some reason, I did something late this afternoon. And, when I think about what I did, for the life of me, I cannot figure out why I did it?!

Our solar electrical system was working. Far from perfect, but functional. Then I decided to change out a 20 amp plug/receptacle which connects the Renogy Rover solar battery controller to Scampy's electric panel. Also, the big Interstate battery located inside Tránsito runs thru this 20 amp plug/receptacle.

I looked at where the Sun was in the sky. The Sun was low. Very low. "I can make it", I told myself. But if I did not make it, we would have NO ELECTRIC POWER INSIDE SCAMPY!!

After awhile, it was getting pretty dark. I set out some of the bright LED lights that I had magnets Gorilla Glued to the back. Wow! That was better.

I had to strip the insulation off a wire. And, in doing that I poked the razor from a box cutter into the tip of my left thumb. It was bleeding a little. I went inside Scampy and put a bandage over my thumb.

But, I already had a bandage on the tip of my right thumb. I had to use some electric tape. But with both thumbs kinda useless because of the bandages, I was having a hard time getting the electric tape unrolled.

At that point, I was sorta losing it! I shouted a few bad words. I threw the tools that I was using around, instead of putting those tools where they belonged.

Yadda, yadda, yadda!

Anyway, about 3-hours after sunset, I returned to MsScampy and Blogged this tale of woe to you! Have mercy on me?


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Kelly's RV

Day 28

Kelly to Look at Twayler

This afternoon, Kelly, the owner of Kelly's RV is coming to take a look at Twayler. It could be that I will make a deal with Kelly to sell Twayler by consignment.

To make Twayler presentable, all my stuff that still is inside Twayler will be moved out this morning. Also, I will clean and wax Twayler's floor.

PS: Kelly's RV is only a mile away from Lone Wolf RV Park.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Scampy's electric power

Day 27

Electric Configuration

Today we are planning to clean up the Scampy Team's electric power system.
Up until now, we have left cable lengths deliberately long in order to make sure that a cable does not wind up being short by a change of equipment location.

Now, the locations are determined. Today we will:
➜ Adjust cable lengths to suit.
➜ Install inline fuses into all cables in order to protect equipment.
➜ Install plugs into each cable end so that equipment may be easily disconnected and reconnected.

Monday, November 20, 2017


Day 26

Reworking Scampy's 
Tongue Weldments

We are here early at High Desert Metal Works, which opens at 7am. We are hoping that owner, Vince, gets on our job first thing.

You may recall that I erred in the placement of the weldments that secure our propane tanks and house battery. When our propane tank cover arrived, it would not fit properly because there was not enough room between Scampy's front end and the propane tanks.

High Desert is going to move the weldments to make that room.

Owner Vince watching our installation

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Low bid

Day 25

Received a Nibble for Twayler

We received a low ball nibble bid for MsTwayler. $18K to $19K range. We have not accepted. And we did not counter bid because the bid is too low.

Waiting for a new offer from this nibbler!

Saturday, November 18, 2017


Day 24

Negotiating Tactic

Yesterday afternoon, I was on the phone with The Truck Stop, the RV dealer recommended for selling Twayler [Possibly a consignment sale].

The guy wanted to know how much I wanted for Twayler. Then began negotiating with me by knocking stuff about Twayler.

That's OK with me. Let him knock away! I just let him talk. Anything he says does not change anything. The guy is going to phone later today in order to negotiate some more.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Battery stuff

Day 23

35 Amp-Hours
Does Not Cut it!

Scampy had an Interstate Deep Cycle Battery on her tongue. This battery weighs 50 lbs. This battery has a 96 amp-hour rating

We have replaced the Interstate, with a Mighty Max Deep Cycle Battery that weighs 23 lbs. This battery has a 35 amp-hour rating.

We did this change in order to give mounting space on Scampy's tongue for our new dual propane setup. Also, to remove 27 lbs from Scampy's tongue. We did not know how the Mighty Max would do on-the-job. So, a couple of days ago, we took Scampy off of Lone Wolf's shore power.

Last nite, the 2nd day off shore power, the Mighty Max voltage fell below
10 volts! In other words, Mighty Max became So Sorry Max!

We awoke to the sound of our Propane Detector going off. But, the Propane Detector went off because of the low voltage, not for propane. So, we went outside and plugged back into Lone Wolf's shore power again.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Day 22

Belgian Waffles

One of the things that was shipped to us the other day, is a Belgian Waffle iron made by Nordic Ware. This is a very good looking waffle maker! This morning, we're putting this Nordic Ware iron to the test.

We have always been wild about Belgian Waffles. Back in 2011, we made a video about Belgian Waffles!


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Huge tweak

Day 21

Scampy's New Door Lock

Yesterday afternoon, we received several things that we ordered online. One of these thing is a new lock for Scampy's door.

The lock provided by Scamp Trailer, in my opinion, is a pitiful device. The worst thing about this door lock, is that the latching mechanism sometimes allows the door to swing open while Scampy is moving down the road! That happened just yesterday. Another driver waved at us and pointed to Scampy. When we looked, the door was open!

I found this lock online after doing a Google search for "Scamp trailer door lock." This search directed me to Scamp Owners International forum.

I found quite a bit of discussion in the forum about replacing the lock.

TriMark #060-0251 Door Lock

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

24 Hour Fitness

Day 20

Going to the Gym

I've been having such a good time with my Scampy projects, that I've been neglecting going to 24 Hour Fitness. I gotta live my life in balance!

So, this morning I'm heading over to 24 Hour. The club is only 11 minutes away, for goodness sakes!

Monday, November 13, 2017


Day 19

My iPhone Talks

It's true! My iPhone talks to me. However, it does not talk to me in a language that I am able to comprehend. Instead, my iPhone talks to me in Ding!

Apple has supplied an operating system for my iPhone that does this "Ding Talk." So, isn't it logical to assume that Apple knows what my iPhone is saying to me when my iPhone says, "Ding?"

So, I am asking you, my Dear Reader, please explain to me why Apple does not see fit to have my iPhone talk to me in English?

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Heading Out

Day 18

Anxious To Be Moving On

Living at Lone Wolf RV Park is really nice. And the Town of Apple Valley is a great place to be.

With that said,  however, the Scampy Team is getting anxious to be on-the-road-again!

We are able to head-out with Twayler too. The same fellow that towed Twayler to Lone Wolf would be hired to tow Twayler to an RV storage place in San Diego County.

Saturday, November 11, 2017


Day 17

Practicing Using a Winch

We intend to practice using the winch that we Blogged about to you yesterday.

We want to know how the winch works in several situations [ie: How steep a road, penetrating an earth anchor [Link], hooking up cable to Tránsito].

Friday, November 10, 2017

Full bore

Day 16

Better To Burn Out.....
.....Than To Fade Away

February 25, 2003:
I began my RVing life on this date in 2003. My oncologist had made an appointment for me in his office on this date.

When we were together, he told me:
"Your cancer is in remission. No sign of the cancer has been found. I have laid out a program for you."
In three months, you return for testing.
Six months later, you return for testing again, and continue at six month intervals for three more times.
Two and a half years later, you return for the last time for testing.

When my doctor finished speaking, I told him:
"Right after I leave your office, I'm going to pick up my RV. I have already put a deposit on that RV. After I do all the preparation, I am heading north."

"When the time comes for my first appointment, I probably will be in Montana, or some place else in the northern states. Much too far away to make a commute down here for an appointment for testing me for cancer."

My doctor smiled. And he told me:
"Good for you, George! Have a great trip."

Thursday, November 09, 2017


Day 15

The Cane

I was cleaning out MsTwayler's slide out drawers. And there it was! My walking cane. I reached for the cane to toss it into a trash bag.

Then I said to myself: "No!"

Flashback to January, 2016. I was in the Town of Panajachel in Guatemala. My right hand and foot began to twitch. When I walked, my balance was terrible. On returning the the USA, I went to Kaiser to find out why?

Three doctors tried to find out what was wrong. Nothing came up! I began using this cane for balance. Everything physical was going downhill. I felt weak. Tired much of the time.

Then, by way of a miracle, I found out that it was prescription medication that caused all of this! I stopped taking all medication in June, 2016. Three months later I was RVing again!

Will I throw away my cane. No! I will keep it as a memento of how close to dying I came. And how my life turned around.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

We love Boid

Day 14

Boid and George

Gradually, the communication between Boid and myself has grown.

When Boid wishes to come out of his cage and fly around Scampy or fly around the inside of Tránsito [When we're driving], Boid flaps his wings really fast.

I ask Boid to come out of his cage by tapping on his open cage door and saying, "Jump, jump, Baby Boid."

Often when I am typing on my Mac, I will leave Boid's cage door open. Most often when Boid is out of his cage, he flies over to the small Hehr window label and look at the back of the label. The back of the label is a mirror. Boid goes crazy for the image of himself in mirror!

Many times Boid will hop out of cage and walk around on Scampy's table. Boid seems to enjoy walking around Mac's keyboard. Touching his beak to the keys.

Could Boid be reading my Blog story about himself?

PS: A few minutes after writing my Blog story about Boid, he hopped out of his cage and walked around Mac's keyboard.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Cable ports

Day 13

Promised Pics of Cable Ports

Below are the pics of the cable ports that I promised you in yesterday's Blog

Roof cable port

Floor cable port

PS: My Blog is extremely short today. Things came up that I had to attend to and those things are not Blogable.


Monday, November 06, 2017

Major tweak

Day 12

High Desert Metal Works

We are up early this morning. Because we have an appointment at High Desert Metal Works to:
➜ Install our new Propane Two Tank holder.
➜ Move Scampy's house battery to the front of her tongue.
➜ Install pipe which will go thru Tránsito's roof and floor to allow for our solar cables.

Home Depot
We had not yet bought the pipe for the solar cables. So, we drove to Home Depot to buy (2) 3/4 x 6" pipe nipples and other plumbing items for today's job.

Sunday, November 05, 2017


Day 11

Two Tanks for Scampy

Tomorrow morning, the Scampy team is getting our 2-propane tank setup installed at High Desert Welding.

Our single propane tank is presently mounted at the front of Scampy's tongue. The propane location will be moved to the rear of the tongue. The battery will be at the front of the tongue.

Several times while backing up, the propane tank has touched the right rear tail light, cracking it. With the propane tanks at the rear of the tongue, that should not happen anymore.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Cleaning up

Day 10

Doing Twayler's Bedroom

Our main thing today, is going thru all of the stuff from Twayler's living room/kitchen. All of that stuff was dumped into large trash bags. Those bags are now on the bed.

Last Monday, we were expecting a buyer from a local RV sales company [He was a no-show!]. And we wanted Twayler to look decent. So we cleaned up!

Now, all of that stuff must be sorted out. Many of these things will be sold to a local pawn shop. What the pawn shop will not buy, we donate to Goodwill.

It's amazing how many things that we have are duplicates! For example, we have 3-battery powered, hand held drill motors! We must be careful not to keep too much stuff. Because too much is not a pleasing thing. We want every single thing to have its own place.

Friday, November 03, 2017


Day 9

Where Are We Now?

You may have wondered, what is the status of selling MsTwayler? What would we do if no buyer bought her?

➜ Regardless of whether we sell MsTwayler or not, all of us, the Scampy Team and MsTwayler are moving to the San Diego area before the end of November.
➜ There are no loan payments for MsTwayler. The only cost for owning MsTwayler is depreciation.

➜ Winter is almost here at Apple Valley. Brrrrrr!

Thursday, November 02, 2017


Day 8

Propane Gas Detector

Do you remember when I got badly burned in a propane fire? Ignorantly, I did not have a propane detector/alarm. Now, I have one. It's a:
20 Series
Mini Propane Alarm

I wanted to test how well this device works when propane is actually present. I searched, and searched on the net. Nothing there!

I phoned MTI Industries, manufacturer of this alarm, to find out about this test. Here is what I was told:
"Take a BBQ lighter. Light it up. Blow out the flame. Direct the gas into a hole in the alarm case!"

This testing method is NOT acceptable to me!

I asked for somebody in their engineering department to phone me.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Gotta love it!

Day 7

Figuring Things Out

What I have been doing lately, is just fantastic! Selling Twayler, and finding out what to do with all her stuff, is my kind of thing! I love the challenges that doing this presents to me.

I have a flute to sell: A pawn shop could not find info about that flute to make an offer. So, I phoned the local high school to find out if they have a band. They do! The music guy from the school will call me!
Photos and papers: I gotta store this stuff. But rental storage locker size minimum is 5' x 5'. Too big and too costly. As I was putting away my bedding into Scampy's biggest cabinet, I realized that perhaps four storage boxes would fit in there!