Monday, November 06, 2017

Major tweak

Day 12

High Desert Metal Works

We are up early this morning. Because we have an appointment at High Desert Metal Works to:
➜ Install our new Propane Two Tank holder.
➜ Move Scampy's house battery to the front of her tongue.
➜ Install pipe which will go thru Tránsito's roof and floor to allow for our solar cables.

Home Depot
We had not yet bought the pipe for the solar cables. So, we drove to Home Depot to buy (2) 3/4 x 6" pipe nipples and other plumbing items for today's job.


High Metal
We just arrived at High Desert Metal Works and are writing today's Blog so that you will know the exciting things that we are doing! 😎

Job Finished!
I believe that the pics tell the story.

This is the port for the cable from our 
Renogy Rover solar charge controller to the battery

There is also a port on the roof for the cable from our Yingli
solar panel to the Renogy Rover solar charge controller

Installation complete!
The dual propane setup is done!

The new battery is being shipped. Should be here soon.

In the meanwhile, the old battery has been moved inside Tránsito and is receiving power from the Yingli solar panel [As well as from Tránsito's alternator].

Ports thru Tránsito's roof and floor
In tomorrow's Blog, I intend to show you pics of the new ports thru Tránsito's roof and floor.

As you may know, up until now, the cables from the Yingli solar panel to the Renogy Rover charge controller and from the Renogy Rover charge controller to Scampy's house battery entered and exited Tránsito by way of his door seal. In other words, those cables were squished thru the rubber door seal!

Extremely un-elegant! Not up to Scampy/Tránsito standards by a long-shot!



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, OAT!

      I am not taking these tweaks for granted!

      This work that I've done today has made today be one of my best!

      I am sooooo grateful for my having the ability to conceive of this stuff. And to install it!

      It is, a miracle!

      I must be standing good with God! 😎



    2. Hey George which one are you referring to
      El Olam or El Shaddai

    3. Shalom Ed,

      For many of my younger years, I was an atheist.

      Then incomprehensible things happened. I became an agnostic.

      Then, my life became like a magic trip. As if I was guided. I felt that I was being led toward some great event. And if I made the grade, some momentous thing would happen to me.

      I described what happened today with the propane tanks and the solar cables as a miracle. A miracle because I was able to perceive what was necessary. And conceive how to do it.

      El Olam or El Shaddai? Is there a difference? Now, I am a believer!



    4. Not by much only the terminology

      El Olam -God Of Eternity El Shaddai - God Almighty
      EL as you know it stands for "god" or "lord"
      After EL there are many names for Gods status.
      my understanding the word God is not spoken in the Jewish religion.
      God is usually referred to as a four letter word YHWH or JHWH
      And That's quite a jump for an atheist.
      But then again most diehard atheist are usually well-versed in most all popular religions but it's interesting you pick a Jewish religion instead of Islam
      Which pre-dates Judaism
      But then again l can't visualize you with a taqiyah on

    5. Ed,

      Pick Jewish religion?

      All of my family have been Jewish, as far back as we have a record.

      Islam, as you may already know, was established in the 7th century CE.

      Judaism was founded over 3,500 years ago.

      There is no such thing as a "taqiyah" in the Jewish religion.


      PS: You appear to me to be upset about my comment reply to: "our awesome travels."

      Is that correct? Are you upset? Is my believing in God a problem for you? I hope not.


    6. No a taqiyah is in the Muslim islami religion (headgear)
      Am I upset with you absolutely not you've found something that very few people today believe in.
      Whether it be Jewish Catholic or Baptist most young kids that pull out of the religion very seldom ever go back to it.
      Being an atheist, that surprised me.
      one would never have guessed.
      Because of your age I would've thought you would have put something after the word "God"
      But being upset ,,,,absolutely,,,,not

  2. Looks great! I have the same double tank tray on our hitch. After a couple of years, it needed some additional screws as the tray works the screws loose over time from trailer movement. You'll be happy with the two tanks. I like to keep warm in the winter be it propane, electric blanket, etc. Enjoy!

    1. Hi LBM,

      Thank you!

      A double tank cover is on the way! White!!



  3. Hi George, I see you are going to use galvanized pipe nipples for your ports through the roof and floor. You might want to put some conduit bushings on the threads to protect the wire.

    Take a look at this link to see what I am talking about.


    1. Hi Keith,

      I am not pulling much wire thru these fittings. About one foot is all.

      I've already pulled that cable thru the the fittings.