Sunday, November 19, 2017

Low bid

Day 25

Received a Nibble for Twayler

We received a low ball nibble bid for MsTwayler. $18K to $19K range. We have not accepted. And we did not counter bid because the bid is too low.

Waiting for a new offer from this nibbler!


Table for two
We are in the process of installing a small dining table into MsTwayler. The location is just to the left of our La-Z-Boy electric recliner. Inside the slide-out space.

As you may recall, we removed the dinette in order to make room for the
La-Z-Boy recliner.

If a buyer comes along, and they want Twayler in her original configuration, I will arrange for the re-installation of the dinette. However, I will refigure Twayler's sale price according to the dinette's installation cost.

Sunday breakfast
For a moment, I considered going out for breakfast. However, this is Sunday. Work-a-day folks go out for breakfast on Sunday. Better for us to go out for breakfast during the week!

Today is laundry day. The plan is for the Scampy Team to drive over to Lone Wolf's laundry, and do our wash. While the laundry is doing its thing, we will make a waffle for our breakfast. With out fabulous Nordic Ware waffle iron.

Gotta love it!

Wrapping it up!
We have just arrived at the downslope.  Wrapping it up means going thru everything that The Scampy Team carries onboard. And.....what does not fit, gets the old heave-ho!

Now we will begin getting MsTwayler into shape. First things to do are emptying Twayler. Everything inside Twayler. And all the stuff inside Twayler's two full extension slide out drawers.

Needless to mention, all of us are sooooo excited about this!

Low Ball Nibbler
That Nibbler did not come up to a respectable bid.

Good bye, Nibbler!

Outside/Inside Temperature
Have you wondered how well our Scampy is insulated?

Although we have a portable electric heater for use when we have shore power, we are not using that heater this evening. Because we want to find out how well our Olympian Catalytic Heater [Link] will perform when it is cold outside.

This is the first time we are in a kinda cold temperature area. Right now, the temperature outside is 43℉. Inside temperature is 65℉.

Whatta ya think? Pretty good, huh!



  1. George, 1) has the nibbler seen Twayler? And 2) if so, he or she Is a serious potential buyer and WILL make another offer if you at least budge about $500. That tells him or her that the next bid should be significantly higher. If the nibbler is a used RV dealer, forget everything I've said above; those people ALWAYS want something for nothing.

    1. P.S. My husband, Beach, keeps track of the mileage on our towable RV. Potential buyers are concerned as to how much road time a towable RV has experienced. Your BIG selling point is that Twayler has only experienced road time between the dealership and Lone Wolfe!

    2. Hi Dee,

      This is not the right time of year for selling an RV.

      Good time for buying an RV!

      At this time, Dee, I am not in the market to sell Twayler. Waiting until the RV market warms up.


      PS: I've added the towing time to my CraigsList ad.

      Click [Here] to view that ad,




    3. George, here is a brand new Apex at a dealer for a $1000 less than your used asking price. You'll own it forever if you don't put a realistic price on it.

  2. Robert, you may not have noticed but "Twayler" is an "Elite" model of the 250RLS. There are many extras on the Elite that are not on the base model you showed.


    Hard valances with side curtains
    Night shades
    Flush-mount dual sink covers
    AM/FM/CD/DVD/Bluetooth stereo
    32” LED TV
    USB charging station
    Access doors under dinette
    Swing-away assist handle at main entry
    Ground effects (Metal skirting & ABS
    fender skirts)
    LED step light
    Slam latch doors at pass thru
    Black tank flush
    Magnetic door catches
    Stone guard
    Hot/cold outside shower
    Bottle covers
    Apex fleece blanket Sofa models

    1. That's true George because the ULTRA LITE APEX ELITE PACKAGE is mandatory on this model. Check out the Coachman website: