Friday, November 24, 2017

Short circuits

Day 30

Inline Fuses

Each of our electric circuits needs an inline fuse for protection in the case of a short:
➜ 40 amp fuse for the line from the Yingli solar panel to the Renogy Rover Solar Charge Controller
➜ 20 amp fuse in the line from the Rover to the Interstate Deep Cycle Battery
➜ 10 amp fuse from the Rover to Scampy's electric panel

We were pondering about publishing our headline Blog post about Inline Fuses. This may not be an interesting subject for Readers. However, it's a subject that the Scampy Team must attend to. So, there it is!


Three times to get it right
It has been my experience, that when I am embarking on a project that is difficult, I have to do it three times in order to get it right the first time.

It's been that way for me over my entire lifetime. There have been some exceptions. But not many. I guess that I am kind of a trial and error kind of guy!

It's the Just-Do-It concept, that I follow. Works for me. That's my story!

We have just posted this For Sale sign
on the Lone Wolf bulletin board

Trailer for Sale
2017 Coachmen Apex

Lone Wolf RV Site C10

George: (619) 770-xxx-xxxx

Range RV Center
Our phone just rang. It's Chip from Range RV Center, in nearby Hesperia. He's interested in buying Twayler!

We setup a get-together for this coming Monday at his place, where we will go over the details!

Pretty good, huh? 😎

Yayyy! Double Yayyyyy!
..........,,.........With Sugar On It!
Just a few moments ago, I completed all of the quick disconnects that I have struggled with sooooo much! And, with the inline fuses too!!

I may struggle. However, I shall never, never give up! 

This project was hard for me, because I was learning as I did this project. Learning on the job!

Several Readers really came to aid me with their comments!

However one Reader stood out! Helped me out!

Mister Ed! Thank you sooooo very much!

Scampy is being field tested
Tonite, we shall NOT use shore power. We are doing a field test of our Solar Electric Power System in order to determine how well the solar electric system takes us thru the nite.

We are not being easy on our solar electric power system. We want to find out if our Interstate Deep Cycle Marine Battery has enough storage capacity to do a good job with all of our lights on until we go to bed.

And, of course, how well our 250 watt Yingli solar panel does tomorrow to bring the Interstate back to a full charge.

I generally turn off two of our brightest LED lights when Boid goes to sleep [Around 8pm].

I go to sleep at 11pm.

In the mean time, Mac the Apple Computer is getting a 100% charge. iPhone is getting a 100% charge too.



  1. They actually do make one to cut 10 gauge and then some

    But I tell you a little secret if you haven't figured it out yet you can cut 10 gauge wire shielding with a very simple tool
    including the one in the picture

    What you figure out where you want to make your cut, take your wire cutters put it on The cable,
    put a little bit of pressure on The wire cutters
    hold the Cable with your hand and spin the cutter around 360°
    You may have to do it a second time but it comes out nice and clean and fast
    No fingers of bandages are involved
    From your solar panel to your MPPT controller, from your controller, to your battery, only needs to be. 10 AWG and that's only about 6.5 mm
    Where are you using half-inch cable which is 0 or 00 size ??

    1. Hi Ed,

      That an interesting item!

      A 10 gauge wire cable with shielding stripper.

      Thank you!


  2. Are you sure 10 amp to panel is big enough? Especially if you were to turn on all the DC items?. Normally the size is based on total current draw.

    1. Hi Dale,

      A 10 amp fuse is what Scampy had from the factory.

      Here is what the loads are:
      ➜ (6) LED lights
      ➜ Samlex 300 watt inverter



    2. George, You have a water pump too, right? That's in the 5 amp vicinity. Keep in mind a 10 amp fuse in a 12 volt system allows for 120 watts of power consumption ... your Samlex inverter is clearly not operating anywhere near capacity! I am not suggesting using a larger fuse than Scampy came with, just pointing out areas where you could experience some surprises.

  3. George. I would blur out your phone number in the photo on your blog

  4. I find inline fuses interested. Since you started posting about it, my curiosity has piqued. I´m starting to think about using them myself!

    1. Hi LBM,

      Yes! Inline fuses! Very important, and necessary too!

      If your electric power circuits do NOT have inline fuses in the 12 volt DC circuits, it is possible to have a fire!!

      Generally, manufactured RVs have fused or breaker circuits. However, with the installation of a solar electric system, the RV owner is introducing a new source of electric power.

      Gotta have protection for solar power circuits too!



  5. George, when Range RV Center makes an offer, I suspect it will be 10% - 20% below wholesale. Hang on to your shorts. Bob

    1. Hi Robert,

      I was asked what I wanted for Twayler, and I told Chip from Range RV what I wanted.

      Then, later on he called me on the phone and informed that he believes that we may make a deal at my price.

      I have made changes to Twayler:
      ➜ Removed the dinette to make room for my La-Z-Boy recliner.
      ➜ Installed a table-for-two with wood chairs.
      ➜ Installed (2) full extension drawer slide out drawers in the pass thru storage area. This is MUCH better now. Before, in order to get something our of the pass thru, a whole bunch of stuff had to be unloaded first!



    2. I hope you're right George. Dealerships don't stay in business by making bad deals. The only way a dealership would pay your asking price is if you have a stash of hundred dollar bills in the fridge. If anything the changes you made would lower it's value. Again, I hope you're right. Bob

    3. Hi again, Bob,

      It may be that when I go to Range RV they may not care for the changes that I made to Twayler [ie: Removed the dinette and replaced the dinette with a La-Z-Boy electric recliner and a Table-For-Two dining table].

      Also, on the plus side, I've installed (2) full extension slide out drawers in the full pass-thru storage area. I label this a plus because without these two drawers, in order to get something out of the pass thru, a bunch of stuff may have to be unloaded first.

      What will be-will be.



    4. I agree. I don't think the drawers will hurt the deal. Just realize a dealership can't keep the lights on if they don't have a good spread between their cost and the sale price.

      On a travel trailer like yours, I'm sure they need to make $5k on the deal to pay the sales person's commission and holding/selling costs. In California, a high tax state, I can't even guess what the cost to do business is.

      And don't forget I sent you a link to another dealer that was selling the exact same model, new, and asking less than your price with the full warranty to the purchaser.

      I won't keep bugging you about your pricing because the best way to learn is to figure it out yourself. I'm also a big believer in "What will be-will be."