Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Gotta love it!

Day 7

Figuring Things Out

What I have been doing lately, is just fantastic! Selling Twayler, and finding out what to do with all her stuff, is my kind of thing! I love the challenges that doing this presents to me.

I have a flute to sell: A pawn shop could not find info about that flute to make an offer. So, I phoned the local high school to find out if they have a band. They do! The music guy from the school will call me!
Photos and papers: I gotta store this stuff. But rental storage locker size minimum is 5' x 5'. Too big and too costly. As I was putting away my bedding into Scampy's biggest cabinet, I realized that perhaps four storage boxes would fit in there!


Selling items: Do you remember that "Selling Stuff" Blog page that I published? It did not work well. Only two bids. And selling stuff that way presented too many problems. Mister Ed suggested pawning this stuff. Yesterday I sold a shotgun that way! I am going to sell everything that way!
➜ Selling Twayler: Readers comments have helped me sooooo much! Readers suggested Craiglist. Also Offerup. And I am using both of these ways to sell Twayler. If Twayler is not sold by the end of November, the Bobby Combs RV dealership where I bought Twayler has told me that they would buy Twayler.
➜ Tweaking: Of course, there's always tweaking. My favorite thing! My little notebook has all of my tweaks. Also, things-to-do is in there. When I go shopping, I look in my little notebook for the stuff I need to buy.

Bedroom and shower room pics
I've not been able to take pics of these two room for Craigslist ads. Because when I went about cleaning up Twayler, I stored a bunch of stuff in big plastic bags in there. It is too messy for photos!

This morning I plan to take make both of these rooms presentable, by moving everything inside them to Twayler's living room.

Scampy's new flooring
I had just finished breakfast, and noticed a dirty section of flooring. I got a small scrub brush and went down on my hands and knees to clean it.

Then it dawned on me. This is ridiculous! As soon as I clean this vinyl floor, it's dirty again! I clean this floor with a mop, several times a day!!

I got online and searched for a flooring company and found one on the
Angie's List website. About 30 seconds [I kid you not] after entering my info, my phone rang. It was the flooring company that I had chosen!

I have an appointment for tomorrow between 1pm and 3pm at Lone Wolf Trailer Park for an estimate to install flooring into Scampy.

BTW: I told the guy on the phone that this job is for a tiny travel trailer. He seemed OK with that.

Cable thru the roof
We returned to High Desert Welding to talk to owner Vince about providing access ports thru Tránsito's roof and floor.

The roof port will allow the output from our Yingli solar panel cable to go down thru the roof and into Tránsito's interior. Then connect up to our Renogy Rover Solar Charge Controller.

The floor port will allow the output from our Renogy Rover Solar Charge Controller to go down thru the floor. Then connect to Scampy's House Battery.

The cable that goes thru the roof port will have a plug and connector to provide a way of electrically disconnecting the Yingli solar panel from the Renogy Rover.

The cable that goes thru the floor will connect to a bracket mounted plug. Similar to the plugs used in RVs to connect the RV's lights, trailer house battery, trailer brake's, etc. A connector will go into this plug to connect and charge the House Battery.

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 3,021 feet



  1. You might get a good deal since its a small job. They may be able to use 'remnants' left over from a larger job

    1. Hi Andrew,

      I'll find out all about it when the guy comes over tomorrow afternoon. And, I'll Blog about it right away!



  2. If you're going to put flooring in your small trailer do not put dark material it will show the dirt like crazy try to go for a sand color if you could find one that you like
    If you use square stick on tiles you'll hate them they will lift. within a
    year then you're back to square one
    If you're going to put down imitation wood strip be careful there as well
    If you use real wood flooring the problem that you have there is moisture can get into it and lift it ,
    if you use Compressed material flooring that's a lot better They have a specific flooring that you could use in the bathroom and it's great for moisture if you get it on the floor you don't have to worry about it
    Which ever of the flooring you choose . have the guy give you a sample of the flooring take those samples and put them in a pan of water for
    25 minutes and then take them out and put them in the sun and let them dry you will notice the wood will buckle
    Where the compressed material will hold up a lot better
    When they get through with the job it'll look beautiful but keep in mind
    The only drawback onmost type of invitation flooring is it slippery as all get out
    And even worse if you get wet feet
    And I only use rubber based rugs they won't slip

    1. Hi Ed,

      Wow! Thanks for sharing all of this info with me!

      The one that I liked best was:
      "Which ever of the flooring you choose . have the guy give you a sample of the flooring....."



  3. I alway sell on Craigslist. If I am selling, I have the buyer come to me. I don't travel for them. Look up Craigslist and if you have your location services on, it will come up in your local area. I recommend the app on iPhone. It makes it easy to post the picture and the ad all at once from your phone. It is the number one classified in the US and it is free.

    1. Hi Steve,

      Thank you for sharing your Criagslist experience with me! 😎



  4. Well I have finally caught up with your travels. Keep on living the life!

    1. Hi glocha,

      I am sooooo glad to have you back with me! 😀



  5. And one of your other blogs you mentioned about putting a cable through the roof of your truck in the Marines industry it's done all the time they can be adapted to automotive use
    You can spend as little as six or seven dollars to $80 but cheaper will do the same thing
    Once you see what it looks like You'll see how simple it is
    There called cable pass-throughs
    You may have to cut-and-paste open

    1. Hi Ed,

      I ordered one of these.

      Click [Here] to view what I ordered.

      Thank you!