Sunday, November 05, 2017


Day 11

Two Tanks for Scampy

Tomorrow morning, the Scampy team is getting our 2-propane tank setup installed at High Desert Welding.

Our single propane tank is presently mounted at the front of Scampy's tongue. The propane location will be moved to the rear of the tongue. The battery will be at the front of the tongue.

Several times while backing up, the propane tank has touched the right rear tail light, cracking it. With the propane tanks at the rear of the tongue, that should not happen anymore.


Moon Shot
This morning, as I began attending to Boid, out Scampy's rear window we saw the full Moon above the trees.

We took a pic of that sight! But it disappeared. We are downloading PhoneRescue to recover that pic in order to show you.

Could not find that pic! Weird! We looked in the recently deleted folder. Not there!! I don't get it!

During our pic search, we did find a pic with sunflowers! So, we are putting up that one!

Mama Carpino's
I've been working at sorting stuff all morning long! I wasn't hungry at breakfast time. So, didn't eat!

Now, it's lunch time. I guess working gave me an appetite. I'm over at Mama Carpino's again. Oh, Lord! Their Fettuccine Alfredo that I ate there last week was sooooo good!

I arrived here at what thought was 12:30pm. However, daylight savings time just ended. Mama Carpino's will open in 30 minutes.

I've been looking at their menu online. I believe that I'll order Baked Lasagne with meat.

PS: I felt that the Fettuccine Alfredo was much better than the lasagne. 

Snow Mountain

With a little imagination...... this could be a Snow Mountain!

View looking southeast from Apple Valley

Dining table for Twayler
I was resting in the La-Z-Boy recliner. And it occurred to me that a dining table for two persons [Maybe three?] would fit very nicely in the space near the TV. We even have two hardwood chairs for that table!

This table will be very inexpensive to install. All I need is a pedestal base, a plywood top that I fabricate myself and a table cover from Jo-Ann Fabrics!

Craigslist Ads
My ads placed in Craiglist are pretty lame. I intend to kill those ads. The new ads will have pics of the bedroom [there are no bedroom pics now]. And of course, the new dining table!

Also, I have been going over the text of those ads in my mind. Terrible! I am able to do much better than that.

I just got a nibble on my Craigslist San Diego ad. This is the third response I've received from my Craigslist ads.

#1. This one seemed interested, but never returned with an offer.
#2. This one was fishing for a desperate buyer. Offered $15,000. About $7,000 under market.
#3. Email arrived about an hour ago. This one asked for more info, but did specify what info. I replied about 10-minutes ago, asking what he wanted to know. Now, waiting for a response.

PS: I find it kinda odd what #3 emailed to me. Here it is:
Hi, I would like some info on your trailer

Why would Eric like some info and not email what he wanted to know?

PPS: I just finished a phone call with Eric. He is just a looky-loo.



  1. To be correct we just went off daylight saving time. We've been on daylight saving all summer. According to WIKI it was first proposed by a bug collector so he would have more time to collect bugs after his regular job.

    1. Hi Tom,

      I edited my Blog after I read your comment about Daylight Savings time. Thank you!



  2. What happened to your photo quality George?

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Is my photo quality not good?

      Are you commenting on one photo? Or all of my recent photos?

      Please let me know?


      PS: The cloud pic above is a very long distance shot. In photo editing, I cropped a huge amount of the image to make the cloud appear to be close.

      That would reduce sharpness.


    2. Both photos from this post are pretty low resolution.

  3. George, I hope you are familiar with certain scams that can be played on Craigslist sellers, especially the one where they send you a fake cashier's check for more than the amount, and ask you to wire back the difference (or less than the difference) ...

    1. Hi Test,

      Yes. I know that scam. Had it tried on me once.



  4. Number 2 is a little suspicious, as who makes an offer without making an appointment and looking at the RV first? If he or she had proceeded in the customary fashion (actually looking at Twayler), you could have made a counter offer nearer to your asking price. Generally, most people when negotiating low-ball's the starting offer, but never without seeing the product first.

    1. P.S. To keep the riff-raff away, at the end of your advertisement put "Serious buyers only please."

  5. George here is my two cents on Craigslist inquiries and your selling price. At one point you made an appointment with a "wholesaler" that you hoped would make an offer. He would certainly offer $7k under used retail. You also saw a dealer advertising a price for a new unit that was less than you were asking at that time and the dealer would have sold at less than advertised price. Being realistic about selling price is important. Second, even if you get what you consider a low ball offer, sight unseen, I suggest that you respond with something like, "I'd prefer you take a look at my TT and then make an offer if it's something you'd like to own. I have some flexibility in my price but I'd like to negotiate with a serious buyer after you're sure this is the right RV for you. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon."