Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Two Days and a Wakeup!

Twayler to Storage

I've just made arrangements with a local towing service to move MsTwayler from her campsite at Lone Wolf to storage, also at Lone Wolf.

Only two days and a wake up to Friday, December 1st!

We on The Scampy RV Team are sooooo excited about that! George's new set of golf clubs have been ready to head out in Tránsito's front seat for weeks!


Storage costs
Before we made the decision to keep Twayler, and not sell her, we had looked around the San Diego area [On the net] for the smallest storage locker available, which is 5'x 5'.

There were very few 5' x 5' lockers available. And the cost of this small locker is much more than the storage cost for Twayler, right here in Lone Wolf RV Park.

Also, as you may imagine, it is much more convenient to store stuff inside Twayler than in some storage locker!

Next thing up!
Well, the thing to do this morning, is to sort out every single thing inside
Señor Tránsito.

Some stuff should be returned to MsTwayler. But most stuff, just needs to find a place for it to be stored. So that I will then know, where everything is.

You know something? It is very comforting to know where everything is located. And the size of my Scampy/Tránsito home is sooooo small. Cannot get too much stuff in here! Which is a very good thing, it seems to me!

Pot Roast!
For most of the afternoon, we have been at Home Depot buying things like:
➜ 14 feet, 12 gauge 3-wire rubber covered cable
➜ (4) Inline 12-gauge fuse holders
➜ Enzyme eating stuff for Scampy's kitchen drain
➜ 1/4-20 Machine screws with hex nuts to secure the poorly joined wood storage crates
➜ Other stuff too.....

During our drive back to Lone Wolf, we decided to make pot roast for supper. The thinking is, we have Twayler's lovely kitchen for the next two days.

Which includes a very nice oven!

Click [Here] to view the recipe for the pot roast roast we chose.

Hoping ours comes out like this one!

Pot roast is now being roasted 
........  on Twayler's stovetop

In this pic, the flame is much too high. That flame was turned down 
10 minutes later. The roast will likely not be finished until 10 to 11pm.

Excursion to Twayler
My decision to use MsTwayler's kitchen in order to prepare the pot roast, has informed me about something! It would have been such a terrible error on my part, if I had sold Twayler! Wow!

I am having such a good time here in Twayler's kitchen. Baby Boid came over here too. His cage sat on the new table with the red plaid table cover. His cage door open.

Boid hopped out on to the table several times.  Walking around the table top. Pecking at things. As Boid likes to do. Boid is sooooo brave!

I am already looking forward to returning to Twayler at Lone Wolf RV Park. Maybe next Fall? That would be sooooo neat!

Pot Roast finished

Nice lookin' pot roast!



  1. George let's have some fun here,
    the other day you mentioned Boondocking and dry camping

    Dry camping means different things to many people. The common definition I hear from people is camping in a location where electric/water/sewer connections are not available at each site.


    No fresh water, electricity or sewer utilities while camping in an RV. Living without conveniences such as municipal electricity or water, indoor plumbing, or grocery stores, especially when camping with a recreational vehicle;roughing it. To save money on our vacation we went boondocking

    Now each definition refers to, no public service.
    But if you go to a campground that has no public service, or the Wally world parking lot, or BLM land, or the national Forest service land, are you camping or Boondocking or dry camping

    And you definitely cannot call it boondocks
    Because that's another definition
    The word ,,,boondocks,,, comes from
    1910s, from Tagalog bundok "mountain." Adopted byoccupying American soldiers in the Philippines for"remote and wild place." Reinforced or re-adoptedduring World War II. Hence, also boondockers "shoessuited for rough terrain," originally (1944) U.S.services slang word for field boots.

    So if technically each above referenced refers to camping without public service. ( And as long as you have the appropriate boots )
    why can we not refer to it as independent Parking,
    There is no definition of independent parking. the only definitions are if you separate the two words
    So technically wherever you park your vehicle you independently chose that spot for parking your vehicle.
    so technically we ( you if you choose to )have created a new RV category
    called Independent Parking Or Independence RV parking or IRVP for short

    1. Hi Ed,

      My own take on the word: "Boondocks", comes from my being raised as a child in the 1940s.

      My Father and his two brothers would get together. I would listen to them planning going out into the boondocks [Also sometimes called "Going out to the sticks"].

      To hunt. To camp. To go out there with the familiy

      The boondocks that we went to, were often in the mountains or desert. It took hours to get out to the boondocks.

      Lake Elsinore. Big Bear Lake. Lake Arrowhead. Mount Wilson. Tujunga Canyon. Mojave Desert. These places were all out in the boondocks.

      Now, to your comment:
      Dry Camping may be done anywhere in an RV. All that is required to Dry Camp, is to depend only on the resources that you take with you or produce out there [ie: Water, electricity, heat].

      Boondock Camping is Dry Camping in the boondocks [ie: not in a city or town. Not near a town, village, hamlet or even another home].

      Ed, I prefer not to create another term for Dry Camping or for Boondocking..

      These terms that I learned as a child are good as far as I am concerned. Worked for my Dad. Worked for my Mom. And all my Uncles and the rest of my family.



  2. How about a crockpot? Great for pot roast, chili, stew, ribs. Uses very little power too.

    1. Hi Suz,

      Crock pot is good.

      You didn't care for my casserole dish?



    2. Speaking as a chef, I would love that pot roast!

    3. Hi Schag,

      Thank you sooooo much!