Saturday, November 11, 2017


Day 17

Practicing Using a Winch

We intend to practice using the winch that we Blogged about to you yesterday.

We want to know how the winch works in several situations [ie: How steep a road, penetrating an earth anchor [Link], hooking up cable to Tránsito].


Rover display blank!
I went to get something from Tránsito, and noticed that the display in our Renogy Rover Solar Charge Controller was blank!

The Rover was working yesterday. What could have happened since then?

Electricians may tell you, that when something is not working correctly in a circuit, it is usually the very last thing checked which is wrong!

Gotta love it!

➜ First thing checked was the voltage coming from the Yingli solar panel to the Rover controller. 34.1 volts. That's OK.
➜ The splices in the cables from the Rover to Scampy's house battery terminals looked sloppy. So, I re-spliced them.
➜ Then, I re-spliced every single one of the remaining splices, because all of them were kinda sloppy too!

Of course, while I was doing this stuff, the poltergeist that messes with me was causing small fasteners and other things to fall down in the sand and get lost forever! Gotta love that too!

The last thing checked, was the positive terminal on the rover that connects to the Yingli solar panel. The cable was in the terminal. But NOT electrically connected.

In my opinion, the Rover's terminals are definitely a weak point. Much too light duty for the job required. Also the lock-down screws are Phillips head, and strip out easily. Should be socket head!!

Display goes blank again!
After finishing all my checking, while putting away the tools that I used, I noticed that the Rover display went blank again!

After shouting a few choice words, the display came on again! I have no explanation?! On Monday, I intend to talk to Renogy tech support for answers.

Gotta love this too!

Just finished
A few minutes ago, I completed working on finding out what was wrong with the Renogy Rover solar controller.

Almost four hours! Wow! You have to learn to love this stuff. Otherwise it may ruin your life!

Thank God, that I love this kind of stuff!

My sleeping bag
The bag, along its outer seam, had become ripped. The rip was about 4 feet long. The insulating material began coming out. I could easily buy a new bag. But I was challenged, to repair it instead.

For several evenings, I employed myself, needle and thread in hand, closing the rip. I am happy with this chore, because it is coming out so well! I have been very careful that the new seam had the top and bottom cloth folded inward towards each other. Because of this, the edge of the seam appears nice and finished!

I have just completed the repair. I could find no more rips in the bag.

BTW, I am not using the sleeping bag as a bag. Instead, it is used it as a large blanket, with the zipper never closed. It's a very warm blanket too. Because it is labeled a 5℉ sleeping bag! 😎



  1. I still don't understand about the winch. I believe you said Transito weighs 3000+ pounds. And Scampy 1700 pounds. Assuming you detach Scampy, that still leaves 3000 pounds to pull and the winch says it will pull 1000. And the winch pulls more power than the generator. Oh well.....



  2. Well everybody else's Chimed in,, maybe I should to
    You need to throw that winch Idea that you're looking at out.
    If you look at the picture on the advertisement is the funniest thing I've seen,,
    it's a 5800 pound truck and they're pulling it with a 1000 pound rated winch
    And the best part it only gives you 15 feet of cable, what good is that
    It be better off with a block and tackle
    And I like the part where somebody said you'll need to sand screw
    Do the math you have a 4200 pound truck pulling a 2000 pound trailer
    You would need a minimum 8000 pound winch pulling a 55 pound sand plow anchor you notice I said plow anchor,, not a Helix screw
    Now if you want to go off-road In that you think you want to have fun getting stuck there's dozens of companies out there that sell what they call a Sand pad
    Sub roll up some fold up spend your money on that first you may have to cut and paste but here's what I'm talking about

  3. Onto a different subject
    Why do I not buy the appropriate length of solar panel 10 ga, wire to the controller with the appropriate negative and positive solar panel connectors
    If you add in from the controller to the trailers battery
    Its a one shot deal
    Get rid of all that damn splicing
    The only soldering you need to do (even so it's not necessary here ) is tin the 4 ends going in to the controller
    (But it would be best here )And the negative positive eyelets to the battery

    1. You can buy any length you want off eBay

  4. After shouting a few choice words, the display came on again! I have no explanation
    I would seriously think back of exactly what you said the tone of voice that you used,,, write it down in your little book
    You certainly put the fear of submission back in it

    1. I just said the same thing that Mr.Ed said...

  5. Whoa whoa whoa!!! People are making a very very fundamental error regarding winching.The weight of the vehicle/vehicles has nothing to do with the pounds of resistance that the winch is going to be pulling against, unless you are pulling it up into a tree as deadweight! Remember pictures of strongman pulling a train with his teeth? trust me, this guy could not lift the weight of a commuter train…

    Regarding getting stuck with front wheel drive: front wheel drive with the weight of the engine and transmission over the driving wheels gives much more traction than, say, a two wheel drive pickup with an empty bed that has practically no weight on the driving wheels. I have had several front wheel drive vehicles that were able to handle very slippery situations with ease.

    1. (Well… It's wrong to say that the weight of what is being pulled has NOTHING to do with the pounds of resistance that the winch is pulling, but it has more to do with how badly stuck you are. Lots of things go into the amount of resistance a winch must pull against. The idea is to not get stuck! (And if you DO get stuck…just get stuck a little bit!)

    2. OK let's look at apples and oranges here
      If I remember correctly If you're stuck you're stuck
      But let's just say he gets half stuck
      The cable is rated for 1000 pounds
      Let's say you're lucky enough to find a tree 12 feet away because you remember the cable is only 15 feet long
      The object of the tree is a dead man the object of the winch is to pull the truck out
      how much do you think the truck is gone weigh
      500👍800👍I000👍 1500 2000
      Once you get beyond that thousand pound pull do you want to stand there and hold the button DOWN
      Remember you can't back up,,, you have to go forward
      All you've done is put 1000 pounds pressure on the truck
      The key to the whole equation is,,
      the thousand pound break point of the cable
      If you had a four or five or 6000 pound winch I'd say go for it
      But if you've only got a toy winch that only has 1000 pound break,, throw it in the garbage can

  6. I'm just here to say you, Sir, lift me up. Every word you write, everything you do, the way you LIVE your life, is an inspiration. You make me smile, and love you.

    How wonderful is that? Such a gift.

    1. Hi Barbara,

      What a fantastic comment for me to read! 😎

      Thank you sooooo very much,


  7. Hey George, so many of us living vicariously through you.... Thank You

    1. Hi Jack,

      I love to share my RV life. Thank you sooooo much for letting me in on how you feel about my Blog adventures!



  8. I do off road. My truck 4x4 has a winch. It saved me a number of times. The winch has to be able to pull double your weight in order to really save you from being stucked. If your truck is a 5,000 pound vehicle, you need a 10,000 winch.

    There's also a lot of guidance regarding how to pull a vehicle. You just don't tie it and pull. You can severely damage Tránsito if done wrong.

    IMHO a hand winch is good for pulling boats or bikes into trailers. Never to save a stuck car. When pulling, if the cable get loose, it kills. Really nasty. You don't want a slingshot into your face with that kind of tension. That is why, when off roading, you use fabric slings tied to the winch cable.

    Go to an off road shop. They will be very happy to advise you.

    1. I think Mr. Abad's comment is the best advice you've received. Forget the winch idea George.

    2. Hi José!

      Wow! You continue to follow my Blog! Long time, no see!

      Thank you sooooo much for sharing your winch experience with me. I am giving up that winch idea!

      Thanks again,