Wednesday, November 08, 2017

We love Boid

Day 14

Boid and George

Gradually, the communication between Boid and myself has grown.

When Boid wishes to come out of his cage and fly around Scampy or fly around the inside of Tránsito [When we're driving], Boid flaps his wings really fast.

I ask Boid to come out of his cage by tapping on his open cage door and saying, "Jump, jump, Baby Boid."

Often when I am typing on my Mac, I will leave Boid's cage door open. Most often when Boid is out of his cage, he flies over to the small Hehr window label and look at the back of the label. The back of the label is a mirror. Boid goes crazy for the image of himself in mirror!

Many times Boid will hop out of cage and walk around on Scampy's table. Boid seems to enjoy walking around Mac's keyboard. Touching his beak to the keys.

Could Boid be reading my Blog story about himself?

PS: A few minutes after writing my Blog story about Boid, he hopped out of his cage and walked around Mac's keyboard.


Finishing solar cable wiring
Yesterday we went to Home Depot and purchased cable. We need to lengthen the cables in our solar wiring. Just a bit too short!

Right after breakfast, we are going to work on the final hook up of our solar wiring.

Home Depot
We have just returned to Scampy after shopping at Home Depot.
We bought:
➜ Solder Kit containing, solder & tube of flux
➜ Butt Splice Connectors, 12 - 10 wire size
➜ Insulating Foam Sealant with PestBlock [Thanks Andy!]

We are going to do the solar cable wiring, right here at Home Depot. We've decided to solder the cable joints and cover the joints with heat-shrink tubing.

PS: This work is the best of times for me! Doing this cabling. Working in the Home Depot lot. Having snacks when I am hungry.

Tell me? Does it get any better than this?

Is this guy happy? Or what?

Soldering Gun
It turned out that the soldering iron that I'd bought a few months ago, is NOT for joining 10 gauge stranded wire. So, we walked back into Home Depot, and bought a soldering gun.

This gun should do it!

But NO! This soldering gun draws too many amps. Our Samlex inverter balked and beeped.

We have to return to Twayler and use shore power for the soldering gun to work.

We are back with Twayler. You may recall that what we are doing now, is adding about 3-feet of #10 cable to the lines coming from our Yingli solar panel.  The original cables that came with the Yingli, are too short.

Remember, in the Home Depot parking lot, that our new soldering gun pulled too many amps and our Samlex inverter shut down because of the load.

We were VERY surprised when we plugged the soldering gun into an extension cord coming from Twayler, there was no power! What's going on?!

We found that a circuit inside Twayler had no power! Checking Twayler's electric panel, we found that all the circuits were working properly. Just that the circuit that we wanted to use, was dead!!! Man-O-Man!

We plugged the extension cord into another circuit. Now the soldering gun had power. And we began to do the soldering job. BUT, the flux that we bought at Home Depot was no good!! Talk about challenges.

We could not get the solder to flow with this crappy flux! Finally, after an hour of trying to make only two solder connections, we had the soldered connections joined together. Ugly, but they will do the job.

Mounting the Rover
Now came the job of mounting the Renogy Rover solar charge controller. We cut a piece of 5/8 plywood into the size necessary for mounting the Rover to one of Tránsito's shelf units.

When the Rover was put into place, and clamped into position, the clamp gave way and the Rover fell onto an open sort box filled with screws, nuts, washers, etc. All of those fasteners went flying all over inside Tránsito.

Sometimes when doing a job, somehow the job takes a whole lot of patience because of stuff like this!!

It was after sunset when we finally finished.

But while we were working, things happened. When we crimped butt splice connectors, sometimes one end of a connector did not take! And then we would have to cut off the connector and install a new one. This happened several times!

When we went to move the battery, we unintentionally pulled one of those butt connectors loose! [God, give me strength!]

Finally, the Rover was mounted. And the mount looks good.

Rover mounted

14.4 volts on the battery!
Doesn't get better than that!



  1. I think boild want to learn to type...teach him to type 'seeds' LOL

  2. Try playing one of the many you tube videos of "Female budgies talking" and watch Boid go crazy. Should be fun for him.

  3. You look extremely happy! That makes me happy to see.... Looking Great, George!

    1. Hi Kent,

      Yes! This solar job is a great time for me!

      But, you should have heard what I shouted when the Rover controller fell and crashed into my fastener box!



  4. Replies
    1. Hi Bill,

      Thanks sooooo much!

      This solar job is testing me, big time. But it seems to be coming together.

      I believe I'll finish this job tomorrow!



  5. Baby Boid is such a sweet traveling companion isn't he? You couldn't ask for a better one! When we traveled years ago it seems we stayed at Auto Zone stores, Walmart stores and many other 'fix it' places doing our repairing and improvement projects! Those times and the memories of the 'fix-its' are ones I'll treasure for as long as I live. Unlike some folk I think you are living the best life for you and Boid, mistakes and all. But wait...there are no mistakes, just learning curves! Happy, happy trails to you and your crew! Pam in Louisiana

    1. Hi Pam,

      You wrote:
      "Those times and the memories of the 'fix-its' are ones I'll treasure for as long as I live."

      Me too!



  6. George, a large number of Home Depots have a socket for electricity on a light pole toward the rear of the store near the loading dock. If I remember correctly, Chris and Juan used this area as an overnight camping spot and hooked up for lights on the way back through US from Canada. When you are doing work in a Home Depot lot (after buying tons of stuff from them), you might ask them if you may temporarily use a socket on their light pole to complete your task.

    1. Hi Dee,

      I'm gonna check those electric outlets out when I am next at Home Depot.

      Thank you sooooo much for the heads-up!



  7. George, your the man. One of my heroes. Keep on Rockin' the Free World Brother!


    1. Hi Glenn!

      Your comment is a huge compliment!

      Thank you sooooo much! 😎



  8. I think Boid is making plans to take over George's blog!