Thursday, November 23, 2017


Day 29

Soldering Wires vs Crimping

After messing around with joining the wires in our solar electric system, I've decided to use soldering joints instead of crimping joints.

I've been viewing YouTube videos for soldering heavy gauge wire. These YouTube videos instructed me how to avoid problems with soldering.

One great tip that I learned was how to hold the 10 gauge wire that I am joining together during soldering. Use a single long strand of the wire and wrap the strand around the two ends just before soldering.

This method really works good and keeps the two ends together while I'm doing the soldering.

24 Hour Fitness
I'd like to share with you, my exercise method with 24 Hour's machines:
➜ Using the maximum weight that I am able to lift on a machine, I do all the reps that I am able to do until I fail.
➜ Reduce one number [Weight] on that machine, and again do all the reps that I am able to do until I fail.
➜ Reduce the number by one again, and do a last set on that machine again until I fail once more.

Then, go on to the next machine.

24 Hour's machines exercise all of my muscles [ie: shoulders, arms, abdomen, etc].

I even do an exercise with my forearms. This forearm exercise, in my opinion, eliminates the occurrence of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome!! 

Blogging from Denny's
I went to eat at Dickey's Barbecue Pit. However, Dickey's is closed. So are ALL the other restaurants near me. However, Denny's is open.

I am Blogging to you from Denny's. I ordered pot roast. Pretty good, too! I was not able to finish my pot roast, so I'm taking it with me. Got some extra gravy to take with me too!

Struggling in the dark
For some reason, I did something late this afternoon. And, when I think about what I did, for the life of me, I cannot figure out why I did it?!

Our solar electrical system was working. Far from perfect, but functional. Then I decided to change out a 20 amp plug/receptacle which connects the Renogy Rover solar battery controller to Scampy's electric panel. Also, the big Interstate battery located inside TrĂ¡nsito runs thru this 20 amp plug/receptacle.

I looked at where the Sun was in the sky. The Sun was low. Very low. "I can make it", I told myself. But if I did not make it, we would have NO ELECTRIC POWER INSIDE SCAMPY!!

After awhile, it was getting pretty dark. I set out some of the bright LED lights that I had magnets Gorilla Glued to the back. Wow! That was better.

I had to strip the insulation off a wire. And, in doing that I poked the razor from a box cutter into the tip of my left thumb. It was bleeding a little. I went inside Scampy and put a bandage over my thumb.

But, I already had a bandage on the tip of my right thumb. I had to use some electric tape. But with both thumbs kinda useless because of the bandages, I was having a hard time getting the electric tape unrolled.

At that point, I was sorta losing it! I shouted a few bad words. I threw the tools that I was using around, instead of putting those tools where they belonged.

Yadda, yadda, yadda!

Anyway, about 3-hours after sunset, I returned to MsScampy and Blogged this tale of woe to you! Have mercy on me?



  1. As someone who works around sheet metal daily and who does not like wearing gloves to work, I usually have wounds healing on my hands. I know how difficult it is to grip when there's a finger or thumb tip cut. Also I having been in my trade for over 30 yrs. still am terrible at estimating how long a given job will take. I repair equipment. Often there are layers of repairs that are needed and repairing one revels another.
    There are strippers made for removing the outer sheath of a power cord.If that what you were dealing with. Also if what you are doing is stripping 10awg wire standard electricians strippers will do that. Most cities in the west have Platt electric stores. They would help you choose the correct tools.
    The electric code says that if you solder a connection it cannot be the only means of connection. there also needs to be a mechanical connector too. The reason is that if too much current flows through the wire the solder can actually melt and create a safety issue. If you solder you should also have a wire nut,a crimped, or a lug type of connector fastening the joint too. Be safe

  2. Good knowledgeable advice!

  3. I worked as a telecommunications technician and learned that when I made an electrical connection with larger gauge wire The best way was to both crimp and solder. Smaller gauge wire, and I would include your 10 gauge, could be just crimped but with a proper professional grade crimping tool. The cheap combination "dollar store" stripping/crimping tools are simply not good enough. As a final test With any connection you should not be able to pull the connector or splice off. The wire should break first.