Sunday, December 03, 2017

Cooking Food

Day 3


Nearly every day I go to a grocery market in order to get stuff for my supper. On the way to the market, I figure out what I'll eat [Mexican, Italian, steak, chicken, pasta].

Sometimes the thing that I want for supper is already in our food stock. For example, one of my all time favorites, Fettuccine Alfredo. I love those wide noodles and the creamy sauce! "Newman's Own" brand is my favorite pasta sauce!

Scampy's kitchen
Our kitchen is just about perfect! Would you care to view our kitchen? We have adapted a teflon cutting board into a kitchen counter.

We have attached wood rounds to the bottom of the cutting board to hold it in place.

Scampy's kitchen!

Washing in the Park
After heading out from our Nite Camp  site, we went to nearby Harveston Lake Park in order to have a nice place to do a bit more washing on Scampy and TrĂ¡nsito.

After Blogging about doing washing yesterday, a few Readers wondered where our wash water came from since Scampy has a small water supply. The answer is, we use less than a half gallon of water to do a little washing.

The Scampy Team at Harveston Park

Where's the propane?
A couple of days .ago, one of our propane tanks went empty. When we went to fill that tank,  we were unable to find a place to do it.

Today we got serious about propane and looked for near three hours to get it done! We did find two of those Exchange Propane things at gas stations. One station had ALL EMPTY tanks! The 2nd gas station was asking $24.95 for a
20 lb propane tank [I don't think so!].

Finally, we found a U-Haul that offered the filling of propane tanks in the City of Corona. 4-1/2 gallons of propane for $8.06! The U-Haul attendant told me, "You got half a tank free.  Something is wrong with the gauge!" 

Editing video
I've begun editing the video that we Blogged to you about a few days ago. That video was captured by Little iPhone on Twayler's last day before storage.

The video editor that is going to be used is an Apple Computer product called, "Final Cut Pro." Click [Here] to view.

In the meantime, if you would care to view our prior videos, please click [Here] to view Little  Mavicito's Video Index.

Learning New Software
I Blogged above, that: "I've begun editing the video..." This is not quite correct!

First, I have to plod thru the learning process for, "Final Cut Pro. It has always been that way for me when learning new computer software.

I began using a computer in November, 1979. At that time, hardly anybody even knew about computers. Let alone what a computer could do.

My son David introduced me to the Apple II, although I had no idea what it was. He also talked me into fronting him the money to buy a Commodore PET. Click [Here] to view.

Why David wanted a Commodore PET instead of an Apple II, I shall never understand!?

Final Cut did not pass my final cut
It did not have drag-and-file drop. It did not have other things that I normally find on all editing software.

So, I am trying, Moravi Video Editor for Mac.



  1. The measuring of propane by the gallons scares me as every place I ever bought propane in a 20 pound tank is by weight.. Maybe it was not the gauge that was not right, but the person operating the gauge.. they could blow up a tank one day if the don't know how to do it properly... Glad you found the propane you needed though..

    1. Hi Harold,

      I do not get why the weight or pound measurement of propane scares you. After all, both are only numbers.

      At the U-Haul in question, it was a gauge problem. The valve appeared to be operating properly and stopped pumping propane when my tank was full.



  2. I was wondering about your fry pan baking technique. How much heat do you use? it seems like an economical way to bake for one or two people and your result looked yummy. I was concerned about the teflon pan you are using. I have heard that when it gets too hot it can give off hazardous gasses. I don't know if it is true, however.

    1. Hi Clay,

      I only used the amount of heat to bake these Trader Joe items that would NOT burn them. But would make them a bit crisp.

      My non-stick cooking pan that you are inquiring about, in my opinion, never gets hot enough to give off dangerous gases.



  3. I use little propane (single guy in a small trailer) but it still seems to always run out at the most inconvenient times! Thinking about going to all electric.

    1. Schag,

      I went from one to two propane tanks in order to avoid running out of propane.

      If you stay in RV Parks, electricity for doing cooking is fine.