Thursday, December 28, 2017


Day 29

I Eat Really Good
I love to cook [ie: Prepare my meals]. In fact, preparing my meals is more enjoyable for me than eating that meal.

In the pic below, is my breakfast this morning consisting of:
 French toast from Jewish rye
 Scrambled eggs
 Pork chop
 Hot chocolate [Swiss Miss]

Chunks of a pork chop were an impulse addition. There were chops inside Mister Dometic purchased for a supper meal.

The syrup in the tiny bowl is pure maple. Only the best, right?



Cleaning up after meals
I may have mentioned about cleaning up before. If I did, please excuse this repeat.

During the 1990s, I worked for several years establishing my Values and my Goals for achieving those values. Every Sunday, I read what I had written. Over time, this repetition caused my values to actually become me. My values ever since became built in to my character.

One of my values is "Order" [Link]. This value is the reason for me cleaning up after eating. And, if I may say, doing a spectacular job cleaning up too! 😇

Scampy vs Street People
Our Nite Camp yesterday was in the neighborhood of the Sports Arena in San Diego [Location Map Link]. We  stumbled upon a street near the Sports Arena that was segregated from the high traffic roads. A safe place for our Nite Camp.

Street people had also figured out that this street is a kinda safe place for them as well. A bunch of them stayed there. We heard them during the nite. We saw them as we were heading out.

All of us on the Scampy team agree, that we are sooooo much more well off than these street people. Of course, we are street people too. Except, the Scampdy team folks are high living, well-to-do street people!

Scampy loves Shelter Island
MsTioga loved Shelter Island too. The number of times that MsTioga made camps here is huge!  It's the view that is the grabber!

The best time to make a Day Camp at Shelter Island is in the middle of the week because the work-a-day folk are working!

George on Shelter Island!

The view of San Diego skyline from Shelter Island

Evening Camp
The Scampy Team is not happy traveling in traffic after dark. So, we headed out from Shelter Island when there was plenty daylight left. We are looking for a nice Evening Camp.

We found one next to an athletic field located in a residential neighborhood. The plan is to remain here until around 10pm. Then head over to a Nite Camp that we know. 



  1. This breakfast is driving me crazy, looks so good!

  2. Hi Tioga, I enjoyed reading your blog and I must say that the way you have presented the idea of food and traveling has made me read more and more of this

    1. Hi AM,

      That's great for me to read!

      Thank you sooooo much!