Friday, December 15, 2017


Day 16

Big Day Today

We are Blogging to you from Denny's. We tried going online at our Nite Camp, but our net connection was sooooo slow!

We have a lot on our agenda for this Friday. The top thing is Scampy's door lock project. We want to record the lock installation in video. This video is a project in itself!

We are using iMovie to create this video which will be made up from not only action packed scenes starring "Yours truly!", but also still pics to show how Scampy's door will be altered to accept the new lock.

The old lock is fitted into the door thru a much smaller hole. We will be sawing that hole to enlarge it to accept the new lock.


At the same time that the cut-out hole is being enlarged, the hole must be positioned so the lock's latch and deadbolt align properly with the strike plate.

Work Shop
We will setup an outdoor Shop on a couple of sawhorses with a piece of plywood attached serving as a work table.

Work shop

Old handle

Rough cut

New strike plate

Red - First layout
Black - Second layout
Blue - Final layout

 New lock

This project tested me! I began at 1pm. By 1:30pm, I was already to the pic above titled, "Rough cut."

It took me until just about sundown, to get to, "New lock!"

I spent over 3-hours getting the new lock set into the door. It turned out, that the door cut-out had to be relieved at an angle in order to get the lock in the hole.

PS: Don't you just hate that when it happens to you?



  1. We know it's down right serious when George brings out his SawHorse and plywood
    George,,, 👀,,,behind you,,, make sure nobody 🏃runs off with your drill

    1. Hi Ed,

      You remember when that guy ran off with my drill?

      When he returned, that guy that swiped my drill came up to me and asked, "I heard that your drill got stolen!"

      I knew that he was the one who stole that drill. Because I had not told anybody about that drill gone missing.

      Then he and his buddies went for a walk around the park.

      There was a rumor around that park, that somebody busted this crook's head lights and tail lights. I don't know anything about that rumor. 😾

      Tioga George


  2. George, I feel badly that I wasn't able to read your blogging for a while, but did so, today. I felt badly when I missed being able to wish you Happy Birthday! Even so, I praise God that you have been able to do all you've been doing, and that you had a good birthday! So... Happy Belated Birthday! Blessings, Lynn