Friday, December 29, 2017


Day 30

Mazatlán Trip Plan

The Scampy team is planning to visit our friends Carol and Bill who are staying in an RV park in the City of Mazatlán, Mexico. We are thinking of heading into Mexico around the middle of January.

For how long? ¿Quién sabe?

This trip presents some interesting challenges. Nothing that we have not met before, however.

We mentioned before about providing for Baby Boid while we are in Mexico. Cousin Jacky has offered to take Boid. Also, Boid has an offer to stay at John and Mimi's home as well. Boid prefers to stay with John and Mimi because his parakeet friends, Buddy and Ollie live there.


Internet connection
When the Scampy team crosses the International Border, an internet connection is necessary in order to make our Blog posts and use our GPS. You may be interested to know that Mexico has, in our opinion, a better internet than the United States. At least it did when we were in Mexico last.

We will rely on Carol and Bill to clue us in on an internet connection.

Mexico insurance
A Mexican insurance policy for liability has always been easy to obtain online. 

It's very necessary to have this insurance. In Mexico, the law operates on the Napoleonic code. In an accident, all parties are guilty. Without this liability insurance, a person is subject to arrest and may land in jail. Not a happy thing to happen!

MsTioga Magazine has an article on insurance in Mexico. Click [Here] to read that story.

Also, MsTioga Magazine has several stories about Mexico. Click [Here] to go to MsTioga Magazine. Scroll around on the Index page and see the other Mexico stories that may be found there.

24 Hour
We have arrived at the 24 Hour Fitness in the City of La Mesa. Gotta keep this old body in shape!

The weather around San Diego is just amazing. Is it possible that this area has the best climate in the entire nation?

24 Hour Fitness
Is your weather at home as good as this?
Baby Boid
......and the Black Blanky!
Has Baby Boid Blogged to you about the Black Blanky? He hasn't?
Well then! We have to Blog to you about Black Blanky ourselves!

Here is the story:
Every nite, Baby Boid refuses to go up on his swing perch until he is protected by Black Blanky!

Boid lets George know when he is ready for Black Blanky. Boid's eyes get kinda droopy. That means that he is ready to be covered by Black Blanky!

Now, here's the thing about that! Baby Boid does not go up on his perch until he is fully protected by Black Blanky. One time, George tried to peek at Boid before Black Blanky completely covered and protected him.

Wow! Boid does not want George snooping in like that. And he hops off of his perch and only returns when Black Blanky is back on and he feels safe!

Question: Do you remember when you were a kid and your Mom would cover you with your Blanky? Do you remember how safe you felt when your Blanky covered you completely? With only your eyes looking out?

The Nutcracker ballet!
Little iPhone captured the pic below from San Francisco Ballet's performance in La Jolla.

We thought that you would like to view this pic!

The Nutcracker from my recent attendance
at the San Diego Ballet performance in the City of La Jolla




  1. George! This is a TEST comment!

    1. Joan,

      I found your comment in my Spam file, for goodness sakes!!

      Please send me another Test Comment! Let's see what happens now!



  2. Glad to see you returning to Mexico. I couldn´t imagine my life without rving in Mexico much less living here. Looking forward to your trip.

    1. Hi LBM!

      I was a bit gun-shy about returning to Mexico. I shouldn't be!

      I spent several years searching for adventure in Mexico. Traveling up and down the Baja several times. Once living in the City of Santa Rosalia in the Northern Baja for three years!

      Then I moved to Main Mexico. Traveled all the way south to the Guatemala border. Remained in Mainland Mexico from 2007 to 2013. Living on the west coast of Mexico in the winter. Close to Mexico City in the Summer.



    2. I remember. I followed all of your Mexican adventure.