Tuesday, December 05, 2017


Day 5

Visiting Laguna Woods

I arrived here in Laguna Woods yesterday to take Evie [My friend and former wife] out for lunch. We had a really good time together. Always do!

Also yesterday, I phoned Cousin Jacky [Who also lives in Laguna Woods] to ask her out for breakfast this morning. She wasn't home. So I planned to call her again this morning. But she was still not home. That's when I recalled that a couple of months ago, Jacky told me that she was planning a cruise to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!


Mission Viejo
The Scampy Team made yesterday's Nite Camp in the City of Mission Viejo [Close to Laguna Woods]. This morning, we had some things to do here:
➜ Fill Tránsito's gas tank.
➜ Fill Scampy's fresh water tank.
➜ Fill our drinking water bottle at a Glacier water dispenser [Looked and looked. Could not find a Glacier dispenser!].

San Diego
I just finished breakfast which was a bowl of Trader Joe's Banana Nut Clusters. Isn't Trader Joe's a great place to grocery shop? So many unusual but wonderful foods for sale there!

Right after making this Blog post, I'm off for San Diego. I believe that I left San Diego last May when I headed north to visit my friend Rowena [aka Weng]. Wow! Long time!

George and Rowena
Aticama, Mexico - 2010

Pacific view
We travelled to a place where the Pacific Ocean came into our view! Little iPhone got really excited to go out there and capture a pic. But there was no place to stop!

Finally, we came to a view point! Out dashed iPhone. He was hardly able to contain himself!

Is this why it's named Pacific Ocean?

South Shore Boat Ramp
.            [Next to Sea World - San Diego]
This boat ramp is one of the very good things that local government does for the Scampy RV Team [And other RVers too].

There is a no-charge dump station here. Also, a garbage can for our rubbish. And even water for our fresh water tank. This fresh water is from a sink. So if we want to fill Scampy's fresh water tank, we bring it over to Scampy in a bucket.

Evening Camp
We have just returned from a scouting expedition to locate our Nite Camp which will be located up in the hills to the east of the Town of Pacific Beach.

Right now, The Team is Evening Camped in the "downtown" area of Pacific Beach. Nice here. Quiet, because of lite traffic.

This afternoon, on the way here, we stopped at an O'Reilly Auto Parts store. We needed to buy a lite duty electric switch for Scampy's new porch lite. We found a perfect switch!

We also bought a pair of LED Flood Beams, 1200 Lumens [See 6:18pm story that follows].

Señor Tránsito's headlamps 
.......  do not cut it!
It seems that Tránsito may have under-engineered headlamps.

For one thing, the headlamps have a limited height illumination area. I just do not properly see the area down the road.

Also, when turning right into a very dark street, I am blind as to what is out there in the darkness!! No illumination whatsoever to the right! [Before my right turn is complete.]

This afternoon at O'Reilly Auto Parts, I bought a pair of LED lights that I believe may resolve this right-turn/no-see problem.

I have the switch and the two LED lights inside with me inside Scampy in order to plan installation.



  1. We have a Traders one mile from our house here in Minnesota. A bit of California way up here. Love their Mango Peach juice and great help.

    1. Hi Phun,

      I'm putting Mango Peach Juice on my shopping list right now!



  2. George, enjoy your blog. You can find where a Glacier Water dispenser is on your computer or smart phone. Go to Glacierwater.com, locate dispenser, enter your address and whola! Dispensers are located on the map for you to go. Neat huh?

    1. Thank you, Melvin!

      I am going to try that this evening. AND..... it is really neat!



  3. I do a lot of video and just use the iVideo program on my MacBook. You should have that program on yours. It is an easy, no frills program. Final Cut Pro is quite advanced and the learning curve is steep. Just a suggestion on keeping it simple.

    1. Steve,

      Thank you sooooo much for your suggestion to use iMovie! Honestly, I never knew before you told me, what that program could do.

      Where would I be without Readers such as you?!



  4. I have a Trader Joe’s 3blocks from me. It just opened last year and I love it. I want to try the shrimp and salmon dish you had. It sounds so good. Their prices are very reasonable.

  5. George, I just noticed the national news. Huge fires in Southern California have erupted, particularly in Ventura County, with 60-70 miles per hour Santa Ana winds for the next two days. The news says fire fighters are just physically exhausted from all the California fires. Why are all these fires following you around?

  6. Because George is a hot guy!