Friday, December 01, 2017

Heading out!

Day 1

On The Road Again

The Scampy Team just left Lone Wolf Colony RV Park. Rick from R&R Towing arrived right at 8am. He hooked up to Twayler, and towed her to Site #24 in the Lone Wolf storage lot. Everything went sooooo smoothe!

After we turned in our shower room key and gate remote to the office, we headed west to go to Denny's for breakfast [Where we are right now!].

MsTwayler backing in to Storage Site #24


Pete & Frederika
I have a supper date with my very good friend Pete Olson and his Wife Frederika in the City of Temecula. The date is for 5:30pm. So, there is plenty of time to drive the approximate 1.5 hours to Temecula.

On the way, the plan is to go to 24 Hour Fitness. I want to soak in their hot spa. 

Also, I need to get my hair cut.

PS: Awhile back, I contracted a skin infection at a 24 Hour club. Now, I check the water clarity in a hot spa. Only if the water is crystal clear, will I use the spa. 

Shampoo and haircut
Well, I got my shampoo and haircut. Came out nice!

Never got to 24 Hour Fitness. Maybe later this evening?

Dump Station
We forgot to visit the dump station while were still at Lone Wolf.  We found one here at Temecula Valley RV Service. 

Good thing too. Scampy needed that visit badly! 

Burger Lounge
The Scampy Team is now parked in the lot near the Burger Lounge in the City of Temecula. A good burger joint! 

We arrived here an hour early. Later on, parking in this lot may get difficult for The Team! Being that its Friday.

Pete, Frederika and I will meet for supper at the Burger Lounge at 6pm.

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 1,126 feet

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