Wednesday, December 06, 2017


Day 6

Best Friends

I am very fortunate to have two best friends. Pete Olson and John Porter.

I first met both of these guys in 2003. Both began reading my Blog. Thru that Blog connection, friendship blossomed!

I last met with Pete and his wife Frederika a few days ago during my trip south. I am heading over to see John and his wife Mimi this morning.
Pretty neat, huh?

Note: I've titled this Blog post, "Home." In my mind, San Diego is my home.


There is not room enough to carry a full set of golf clubs with the Scampy Team. So, I bought a Divnick, Whole-In-One Club [Link].

John has not seen my new Divnick club. Also, I have never played golf with my Divnick. Good times are coming!

Eye Glass Repair
My eyeglasses broke last nite. My eyeglasses always break at the hinge. And, every pair of eye glasses that I've ever owned breaks.

There's a place in San Diego that specializes in the repair of eye glasses.
It only took 20 minutes to do the repair. $31.00 the charge.

John and Mimi's home
I love to visit here.  I brought Boid in with me. Two budgies live here. They are Buddy and Ollie. And Boid plays with them. All three are loose in a playground fixed up in the kitchen window box.

I visited for awhile, and then went off to Postal Annex to rent a mailbox. Very convenient to have my own mailbox when remaining in one place for several months. I rented a Postal Annex box while staying in Beaverton, Oregon.

John, Mimi, George



  1. Well that does it, πŸ‘Žthat takes the cake,🍰you have to sell the Ford transit get a bigger one🚐, any man that can't carrier 🏌️his golf clubs doesn't deserve a πŸš— small vehicle🏌️🏌️🏌️🏌️🏌️

    1. Ed,

      But...... I do carry my clubs. Just that my set of clubs consists of one club!



  2. Hi George, I am reading the book Nomadland by Jessica Bruder and on page 85 she mentions you and your website. This was when you had Ms. Tioga and she mentions Mr. Chips and Mr. Sony Mavica, etc. She mentioned how you "influenced a generation of boondocking bloggers." Did you know that you are mentioned in her book?

    1. Hi Jules,

      No, I did not know that. I've never heard of, "Nomadland" until I read your comment.



    2. Jules
      Not to discredit a book but I have a question back in 1910 there was a group of people known as tin can tourist
      Having a motorized vehicle an sleeping where ever they wished
      My question is, how could mr. G Influence a generation of Boondocker's when the concept goes back to the early 1900s
      But keep in mind I am only referring to motorized RVs not even thinking about covered wagons
      And the other reference The word Boondocking didn't exist until 1910 by an Army private in the Philippines

    3. Ed,

      I believe that the answer to your question may be found in the definition of:


      1. the entire body of individuals born and living at about the same time:
      ie: the postwar generation.

      2. the term of years, roughly 30 among human beings, accepted as the average period between the birth of parents and the birth of their offspring.


  3. Let me just say this I'm not out to degrade what you do but I'm just simply looking at the question
    let's look at this generation thing if we can, when you were younger you went camping if I remember your post correctly you camped with a tent not
    an RV and you considered that out in the boondocks I agree
    No let's fast forward to 2003 when you buy your RV barring the financial situation you choose to camp where ever you felt was safe
    But reading your posts over the years the majority of your camping was on a side street in a residential area how DO you consider the boonies
    If I also remember correctly you were never further than a quarter-mile from any road
    When you were in Mexico if I remember correctly you camped in town or not far out of town again close to a side road
    Now let's fast-forward to your new scamp trailer again offstreet parking
    99% of the time
    So here's my question for your generation,, why do you think she made the statement that you influence a generation of Boondocking bloggers

    Also let me say when I see something or somebody post something like that it makes me stop and think where did that idea come from
    It's like the mid summer when a blogger said I have learned so much from you I wish she would have come back and posted but she didn't sorry to say

  4. You may define your terms as you please, and question whatever you wish, but my experience is this: whenever my wife Frederika and I find ourselves among a group of full-time RVers that we have never before met - such as at Quartzsite - people recognize us because we have been mentioned in George's blog, and a large proportion of them state that his big was very influential in their decision to live and travel in their RVs. After the accident that destroyed Ms Tioga and landed George in the hospital, he didn't blog much, and every new group of strangers that recognized us from our association with him wanted to know if we had news of him. I have known many famous people in my life, but apparently the one that made ME famous was George...!

    1. Hi Pete,

      Thank you, Pete! You are my such a good friend to me. I have written about you many times in my Blog. And of course, the link to your website that has your photo is permanently placed at the top of my Blog.

      Ed does not understand what happened between me and my fellow RVers. So let me explain.

      Back in February, 2003 when I first began RVing, there were hardly any RVing Bloggers. The reason for this lack of Bloggers in the RVing world was because Google had only bought Blogger that very same month!

      My self dedicated mission when I began my Blog in May, 2003, was to be of service to my fellow RVers. I accomplished this mission by answering how-to-do questions on the RV.NET Forum.

      It was only in December, 2002, when the DataStorm automatic antenna system using the HughesNet Satellite became available. I bought a DataStorm in April, 2003. And in the next month [May, 2003], I began publishing:
      The Adventures of Tioga and George

      I was out there RVing all over the Western United States and publishing what I was doing in my Blog. People wanted to be doing what I was doing. And I wrote about my experiences in my Blog.

      That is why many RVers now claim that I was largely responsible for many of them becoming RVers. They learned about RVing from reading my Blog.

      That's the story, Mister Ed. Like it or lump it! But there it is.



  5. That should be his 'blog' was very influential..., rather than his 'big' was very influential...