Saturday, December 23, 2017

A mystery

Day 24


Yesterday evening, Little iPhone captured something that he is very excited to share with you. It may be a UFO [Unidentified Flying Object]!

We were driving close to John & Mimi's home. A bit west of the City of La Mesa [Our former home base].

Up in the dark nite sky, there was a large flash of light. Out from that flash, what appeared to be an out of control craft tumbled very slowly toward the south.

We could see the shape of this "craft", because it was illuminated. It seemed to have the shape of a huge funnel, tipped up on its edge.

Very quickly, iPhone ran outside, taking pics on-the-run. But, although this craft appeared to be moving across the sky at a slow speed [Less than 50 mph], by the time iPhone reached a place with a clear view, the craft was too far away for that pic.


The cloud
Little iPhone now became aware an illuminated and strangely shaped cloud where the UFO first appeared. This cloud seemed to be expanding very slowly in the direction of the disappeared UFO.

The mysterious cloud

Yingli Solar Electric
This morning, we completed the final circuit of our Yingli Solar Electric system.

There are two 12 volt DC power circuits. All three beginning at the Renogy Solar Battery Charge Controller:
1. To the 12 volt 95 amp-hour Interstate Deep Cycle Battery then to Scampy.
2. To the 12 volt 35 amp-hour Mighty-Max Deep Cycle Battery then to Scampy.

The purpose of the Mighty Max battery, is to supply Scampy power when Señor Tránsito is unhitched and off on errands.

For example: When Scampy is being towed, her electric power comes from the Interstate Battery.

Leveling Scampy
Tonite we are Nite Camping on a road with an incline. It's not comfortable to sleep on a slanted road as this one. Even standing up is a pain with this angle.

We have developed a way to level Scampy very quickly and easily.

To level Scampy side to side, we use a Tri-Leveler [Link]. To level Scampy front to back, we use Scampy's tongue jack. Works great!



  1. Lucky you George. Wasn't that the Space X rocket? Welcome to Elon Musk's world. Next you
    will see a car go by silently, one of Tesla's electric.

    1. If Elon musk gets permission to send his personal tesla convertible to Mars there's an underlining reason 1 all of satellites that have gone in orbit around a planet have been military in nature. this will be the first non-military(private civilian )2 bragging rights.
      3 last but not least it could give him A certain type of ownership rights on Mars orbit type platform
      And those are the rights ( He )and space X are looking for by doing this stunt
      4 his goal is to beat blue Orion to Mars
      Blue Orion has limited occupancy capacity at their brand new facility which opened up last week at the Cape, and won't be coming online until the latter part of 2018

  2. The UFO has been identified as a SPACEX rocket. Pretty neat looking


  4. Does the charge controller prioritize the power source that gets to Scampy? Does it sense that you're hooked up to Transito and that's the power source until you disconnect then sources power from the 35 amp hour battery? Does the engine on Transito need to be running to provide power? Why wouldn't you use the 95 amp hour battery to power Scampy when Transito is NOT powering Scamp?

    1. Hi Bob,

      There are two separate circuits. The 35 Amp Hour Battery circuit and the 95 Amp Hour Battery Circuit. Only one of these circuits are hooked up at a time.

      You asked:
      " Why wouldn't you use the 95 amp hour battery to power Scampy when Transito is NOT powering [towing] Scampy?"

      The answer is, that there is insufficient space on Scampy's tongue for the larger battery.



  5. Hi George!

    The UFO was a SpaceX launch out of Vandenberg AFB for the Iririum internet satellites, visible throughout Southern CA.

  6. The out of control craft was the expended first stage burning up in the atmosphere. SpaceX needed all the fuel they could carry to hoist the heavy satellites, so there wasn't any reserve to do a powered landing of the first stage booster.

  7. Sorry, George, your UFO was a Space-X satellite launched by Vandenberg AFB near Lompoc, CA.

  8. I hate to burst your bubble but what you saw was the falcon nine rocket out of Vandenberg Air Force Base with the payload of 10 satellites to go in orbit

  9. It’s the wine, George.
    Too many drinks and I start to see stuff to.

  10. Thank you for the beautiful picture of that George!