Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Day 14

The Joy of Street Camping

We suppose that you might label Tioga George the top-dog of folks living on the street. Because we live at a much higher standard compared to other street folk.

With MsTioga, we have been on-the-street since February 25, 2003. That was the day that we drove home from Manteca Trailer and Camper where MsTioga had been living until George spotted her there.

When we got back to Concord, California [Where George had an apartment] we found that we needed to go to a hardware store to buy some screws. After the screws were purchased, we started to head back to camp on the street near the apartment. That was the place that was home for us.


Where is home?
But then we said to ourselves, "Wait a minute! As of now, everywhere we are is home! Why can't we just camp right here. In the parking lot in front of Ace Hardware?"

That ".....everywhere we are is home!....." concept went off like a bombshell in George's brain. And that is what we have been doing ever since that very first day.

We have gone RVing mostly in the Western United States. But also in Western Canada. And in Mexico. From the US/Mexico border all the way to the Guatemala Border.

George and MsTioga in Glacier National Park
July 3, 2009

Wave-3 Cover
Well guess what I just found inside Señor Tránsito's storage area?

What is this thing covering Mr. Wave-3?
Heavy Traffic
We decided to head over for supper at Sizzler, about 8-miles away. Only thing is, that this puts us into commuter traffic a a very bad time!

After crawling along on East I-8 for about 45 minutes, we pulled off the freeway looking for a place to park until the traffic let up.

Only thing is, there were no parking places to be found! We traveled almost an hour. No parking!!!

Yellow zone
We finally came to a place to park. But it is in a commercial parking spot [Yellow curb]. We decided to park there anyway figuring that traffic cops likely were not patrolling this area at this hour.

When we went inside Scampy, it was clear that this spot is heavily tilted toward the curb. Impossible to prepare supper here because pans would slide off the stove!

That when we remembered Mister Ed's comment/suggestion of a Camco TriLeveler that we Amazoned and arrived just yesterday. We drove Scampy on to the TriLeveler, and it worked great!

Fettuchini Alfredo and PBS
While preparing supper, we put on tonite's PBSNewHour.  Man-O-Man! We are sooooo fortunate! Out of all this traffic mess, we come out smelling like a rose!

Wonderful fettuchini alfredo! 

Pics from Afternoon Camp
Little iPhone captured some pics that we would like to share with you. These pics were captured at Ventura Cove,




  1. George, I am curious how you feel about the Tioga class C RV to your Scampy trailer. Have always had hassles towing trailers although the unhitching aspect was nice to use the tow vehicle to get around easily. What's your take?

    1. I would be interested also George, I have a 31' 5th wheel going on four years now. Thinking about shopping for a super B or C class. My biggest concern is having a toad to get around. Just more hassle.

    2. Hi Rick,

      Very good questions!

      Firstly, I have never been an excellent driver. When I drove MsTioga, I was forever hitting or backing into things. So that covers what quality driver I was for MsTioga.

      Size issues: When I lived fulltime in MsTioga, I thought about how small an RV I actually needed? Thought about that question a lot!

      ➜ MsTioga had 20 feet of living space behind the driver/passenger seats.

      ➜ Scampy has 11 feet from the back wall to the opposite wall in the shower/toilet room.

      I am more comfortable in Scampy's 11 feet than I was in MsTioga's 20 feet. Of course, remember that The Scampy Team includes Señor Tránsito!

      Towing Scampy is really easy for me. Scampy tracks Tránsito very well. Backing up Scampy likely will always be a challenge for me, but it's not that hard for me either.

      Bottom Line:
      I would now take The Scampy Team hands down over MsTioga!



  2. Rick and Gary,

    I'd like to point out to you both, that Señor Tránsito is my work shop and storage area for tools and supplies for building my projects. And as you may know, my projects [Tweaking] is VERY important to me.

    What I am saying here is, that Señor Tránsito is much more than just a toad. I could NOT get along without him.

    If you two guys also like to do projects on-the-road, you might want to consider this also.



  3. George I admire your tenacity. You certainly were one of the main catalysts for inspiring me to become a fulltime RVer as well as figure out how to generate an online income, both of which my wife and I have done.

    I want to mention though, that laws are only getting tighter and the hassle of finding parking and boondocking is not worth the effort anymore. We've bought into the 1000 Trails network, and our monthly "rent" is only $170 and that is with full hookups in most parks. We can stay up to 3 weeks in each and then go to the next. The parks themselves are by and large spacious and out in nature, we're very impressed. Just a thought if you want to relax once in a while...

    1. Hi Avid,

      You may know, that when I began to RV in 2003, I created a mission for myself, which is:
      To be of service to my fellow RVers

      Your comment lets me know that for you, I have achieved my mission! Thank you sooooo much! 😎

      Nite Camping
      Did you know that I continue to Nite Camp on the street? And, I Nite Camp in a relaxed environment. Never get hassled by my neighbors, or the police.

      I will not reveal to others how I do this. But, for you I will make an exception.

      I use a stealth/cloaking device. Makes the Scampy Team sorta hard to see. It's an invisibility kind of thing!  😜



    2. Good for you George and thank you for giving to the community! I will continue to read your blog almost daily, as I have since the beginning...

  4. George, I am concerned that you are not eating enough produce. Are you taking any vitamins to help you along? My husband had heart surgery and they advised him to eat more fruits and vegetables...just worrying about you.

    1. Hi Clay,

      Why are you concerned about my diet? Is it because I don't Blog hardly anything about what I eat?

      Here's the low down on my diet and vitys:
      ➜ Every morning I take my vitys
      (3) Cal-Mag Citrate w/1000 IU D-3, 25000 IU Vity A/week,
      2000 mcg B12/day, 50 mg Zinc/day, 4000 IU D3/day, 1 g C/day, 1000 E/day, 500 mg Niacin/day
      ➜ At supper I prefer Cole Slaw Salad topped with ceut-up cheese chunks. Cherry tomatoes, cut-up carrots , Fresh Gourmet Pecan Pieces I am wild about Fresh Gourmet!
      ➜ When I eat cereal for breakfast, I always top the cereal with cut-up banana (The cereal that I have been eating lately is Trader Joe's Maple Pecan Clusters (Yummmm!)

      Tioga George