Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Day 20

Shame and Learning Late

From time to time, a Reader will take me to task for doing something or other. Of course, that Reader would not know about that thing, if I had not written about it here in my Blog.

A long time ago, I addressed the topic of shame in regards as to how I feel about being ashamed for things that I do. I decided then, that I should not be ashamed of anything that I do. Why should shame have a place in my life? What I do is me. If something that I do needs to be changed, then I will change it. However, I will not shrink from writing about it to you, Dear Reader!


The propane fire
A couple of days ago, I stumbled across the Blog post in which I had a pic of the terrible bacterial infection which developed after the propane fire which burned me badly.

I wrote to Evie about it, and sent her a link to that Blog post. Evie was shocked at the condition of my hand. "How could you let that infection get to be so bad?," she asked of me.

Well, the truth of it is, that I had not yet learned about wounds and the importance of cleanliness especially concerning wounds of the skin.

I know now, however. And when I get a skin wound now, even a minor one, I immediately clean that wound and keep it clean with a bandage and antiseptic until properly healed.

Note: If you would like to look at that Blog post showing my bacterial infection, here it is. [Link].

Porch Light
Besides the LED light fixture, a switch, 1/2" drill bit, a couple of 5/16 wood screws and a tube of Loctite are needed in order to do the installation of Scampy's new porch light.

So, we went to Home Depot and got these items and completed the Porch Light project in the parking lot.

Came out good!

 Scampy's Porch Light



  1. No shame with the propane accident...it was an accident. We live and learn...all of us. I recently traveled to Victoria, BC and scratched an itch on my left leg...it bled but did not have tissue or antiseptic to clean it up. It must have been a scab or scratch that itched and I infected it by scratching. Anyway, I developed cellulitis and had to visit urgent care in Canada. They gave me antibiotics to clear the infection. I learned to carry antiseptic and bandages in my purse...never know when you will need it. My legs were swollen, red, and hot for a few days but it went away. I still hiked to water falls and such. Still had a great time and want to return this come summer. BTW, I saw lots of RVs on the ferries.

    1. Hi Rita,

      Thank you so much for sharing your skin issue with me.

      Yes! We live and learn.



  2. pasadenaray112/19/17, 4:10 PM

    consider keeping an aloe plant on board. the gel or juice inside the plant is a very useful wound healer along with about a million other health care issues.
    fire up your google machine & check it out. 😊
    Annapolis Maryland USA

  3. There's no shame in learning late, it's the way life is!
    Thank you for writing.

    1. Thank you, Joan!


      PS: So sorry that your comments got stuck in the spam file! That should not happen again.


  4. What it came to the burns on your arm and your legs , Some of the information that you got was helpful and some of the information that you got was not helpful
    The problem that some bloggers saw was lack of in some part common sense also the fact that it's not something that you deal with regularly but if you were in a medical profession it's common
    The commonsense part would be what your medical personnel would suggest for treatment
    If you go to any hospital or doctors office today you'll see hand sanitizers all over the place and there's a good possibility that your doctor will not shake your hand when he meet you or if he does he's real close to the hand sanitizer
    Probably about 90 percent of our colds and viruses and flu's come from us not taking proper precautions and cleanliness
    So you see even at the age of 80 The old dog can learn something
    As far as shame an learning
    Most of us are not out to take you to task, your going to do exactly what you want to do but if some of us were sitting down at your kitchen table and you brought up an unusual idea .
    Would it not be OK for us to express a different approach,
    There's only one way to screw in a lightbulb but it might take six people to figure it out. ( but then Not all light bulbs are the same ??)
    I hope you enjoy your day

    1. Hi Ed,

      All that important to me now, is that I understand how to take care of skin wounds.