Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Nite Camps

A Place to Sleep

Last nite on YouTube I watched a CBS 60-Minute video program titled:
Hard Times Generation: Families living in cars [Link]

I was impacted so much by this video. Because I have lived on the streets during those years of this 60-Minute program. I experienced the coming of the laws that made it illegal to sleep in a vehicle.

Also, the coming of the signs stating: No Parking 10pm to 5am.

Families living Under-The-Radar so as not to be in contact with police or criminals. That life is a terrible thing to endure.

Can you imagine not having a safe place to sleep?

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Same Actions - Same Results

I believe that if I experience something and get the same result many times, that the next time I experience that same thing I'll have the same result. It does not always happen that way.

Take propane usage, for example. A propane tank lasts about 10-days. However, last nite a propane went empty in only 6-days. What does this mean? Is there a propane leak? Should I be concerned?

I was concerned but could find nothing to do with this matter. So, I decided to do nothing.

Monday, January 29, 2018


Tránsito's Engine Oil

We set our alarm to wake up so as not be late for Tránsito's appointment to check the reason for an engine oil leak.

However, an alarm was not necessary on this morning. Yesterday we made a Nite Camp close to the San Diego Airport underneath the flight path of aircraft taking off. There is a quiet time for departing aircraft. A curfew restricts takeoffs before 6:30am. When the first plane went by, I woke up.

That engine oil leak is mysterious. There was no leak before Tránsito's recent engine oil change?!

Saturday, January 27, 2018


24 Hour and my Health

This morning we are in the upper parking lot of 24 Hour Fitness in the City of La Mesa. Boid and I like to come here because of the view out Scampy's back window. We like the view of Cowles Mountain!

Of course, the main reason for coming here is for me to exercise at 24 Hour. My body needs to do the treadmill and weights. It seems that the more I do the treadmill, the better I walk.

In recent years, my walk has developed an aging look. I am thinking that perhaps if I began trotting instead of only walking the treadmill, perhaps my walk will assume a more youthful look.

Cowles Mountain


Friday, January 26, 2018


Around the Bend

My RVing years were made up of one main theme. And that theme is:
"Searching For Adventure"

For many years, that search was easily found. An adventure was just around the next bend in the road. And, oh my, how exciting it was to go around that bend to find out what was there!

Nowadays, adventure still awaits. Small adventures they are. But adventures none the less! 

That's the whole idea, isn't it? Expecting an adventure just around the bend!


Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Anne Frank

This morning while doing my morning stuff, I listened to an Audible book. Originally, I bought Audible books to listen to while driving. That proved unworkable. I am unable to keep attention to driving and listening to an Audible book at the same time.

This morning I listened to "The Diary of a Young Girl," by Anne Frank.

Each diary entry begins with the date. When I hear the date, I think about what I may have been doing on that date. This morning Anne began with,
"Saturday, November 27th, 1943." My sixth birthday.

I thought about what I may have done that day. For sure my Mom made a birthday party for me. I feel melancholy when I consider myself and Anne on that date.


Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Making Things To Last

One thing that I've learned since beginning to RV is that stuff doesn't last. However, I always believed that if something could be made to last, that I would find a way to do it.

Scampy's kitchen is small. The kitchen's cabinet top consists of only the 2-burner stove top and the sink. An RVer will quickly arrive at the conclusion that the sink has to also serve as a counter.

We believe that most RVers who also have a small kitchen, likely cover their sink with a cutting board which serves as counter space. Then comes the challenge to make the cutting to board stay in place instead of sliding around.

Scampy's cutting board has a round dowel in two corners to do this task. The far end of the cutting board is against the faucet. Works great, except the dowels come loose! I've screwed the dowels to the underside of the cutting board. When that did not hold, Gorilla Glue was used together with the screws.

This solution did not last! What to do? A stainless flat head screw will go thru the top of the cutting board, thru the dowel and be secured with a lock nut.

The pics above show how the cutting board is secured now

Monday, January 22, 2018


South Shore Park

The Scampy Team is now at the South Shore Park which is next to Sea World. We just finished using the dump station here and filled our fresh water tank.

You may have noticed that we have not been Blogging much lately. The reason for this is that our abortive trip to Mazatlán has given us a case of the blues.

We may be in the process of recovering from those blues now.


Saturday, January 20, 2018


Cousin Jacky's Latke Party

This morning I'm are heading up to Cousin Jacky's home in Laguna Woods. Jacky is having a Latke Party.

A lot of the family will be there!


Thursday, January 18, 2018


Mission Trails Park

The Scampy Team this morning has made a Day Camp in Mission Trails Park. The prominent feature of the park is Lake Murray.

We are here occupying ourselves studying random history that strikes our fancy. David Lloyd George and the Treaty of Versailles are the things for today.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Happy To Be Back

Baby Boid and I want you to know that we are so happy to be back home again with Scampy and Tránsito. Outside, a lovely day has dawned. We are listening to Frank Sinatra.

All is well in our World!

Ventura Cove - Mission Bay
When we arrived at Ventura Cove, we first cleaned Scampy's floor. We had to clean the floor twice to get it done right.

Then we greased Tránsito's hitch ball because it began squeaking again!

Google Map of Ventura Cove
George spent a couple hours figuring out how to embed a Google Map of where we are right now on our Blog.

It was a trial and error kind of thing!


Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Free WiFi at Arby's

We were not able to get on the internet this morning. But we got online at lunch when we went to an Arby's restaurant which offered free WiFi!

We are heading back to San Diego.

Back in San Diego
We are now back with Baby Boid! And back in San Diego as well. Also, we are playing 50's rock-n-roll.

Baby Boid is tweeting up a storm because he loves that music!


Monday, January 15, 2018

Red tape

Too Much Hassle

Yesterday evening, I received an email from a Reader who informed me that I needed a Mexican vehicle importation permit for Scampy and Tránsito.

In researching this permit on online, it became clear to me that I did not like the hassle and red tape needed to obtain this permit.

Internet hassle
It is a pain when my internet connection gets difficult. That's been happening a lot lately. Yesterday evening, I spent more than 3-hours trying to make a little Blog post and reply to Reader's  comments.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Net

Internet Connection in Yuma

When the Scampy Team arrived in Yuma, Arizona late yesterday afternoon, we found that our internet connection was terribly slow. We were unable to publish our Nite Camp Location Link until around 10pm!

Then, for some unexplained reason, the internet got going fast!?

Right now here in Yuma, the net is performing very well! 😎

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Heading out

Mexico Trip

This afternoon, the Scampy Team will head out from San Diego bound for Mexico. We will cross the International Border at the Lukeville, Arizona crossing.

It may take a few days to travel the 357 miles to reach Lukeville. We plan to place a link at the bottom of our Blog each day to show our Nite Camp Location on a Google map.

Friday, January 12, 2018


Day 44

Overcoming Fear

The year 2007 saw the Tioga and George RV Team heading into Mainland Mexico for the first time. We received warnings from our Readers about the dangers from crime in Mexico.

Those warnings got to us! We became double-minded. We began to doubt our decision about traveling in Mexico. We felt fear!

We had already turned around and had begun heading north back to the USA. Then, pulling over to the side of the road, we asked of our self, "What are we doing? Why are we turning tail?"

Fear is a strange thing. If we decide not to be afraid, will we then have courage? The answer to this question is, "Yes!" That is all there is to courage! Simply not being afraid.

Thursday, January 11, 2018


Day 43

Laundry for Mexico Trip

We have just finished doing our laundry. The laundry might have waited for several days. There was enough underwear to go another week. However, our Mexico trip begins in a couple of days. And, we wanted to look good for that trip! We would not have liked to be wearing dingy clothes in Mexico where cleanliness is a very high value!

Actually, if we had waited until being in Mexico to do our laundry, we could have had it done for us. Full-service laundries in Mexico are everywhere. As I recall, a full-service wash, dry and fold in Mexico costs about $5.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Day 42

Taking a Chance on the Hot Tub

Several months ago, I got a skin infection which I feel I got from soaking in a 24 Hour Fitness hot tub. Ever since I've have not used their hot tubs. And I've missed them.

Today I said to myself, "What the hell!" And soaked in the hot tub at 24 Hour Fitness. Felt really good!

After exercise, I enjoy a hot tub soak.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018


Day 41

Scampy's First Big Rain

Yesterday evening it began to rain. Pretty much all nite long and into the morning, rain continued to fall.

This is Scampy's first big rain. When we checked for leaks, no leaks were found. This is as expected. After all, Scampy has an all fiberglass body!

We have considered undercoating Scampy. Her bottom is made from pressed wood. Not too good with water.

Monday, January 08, 2018


Day 40

Reader Help

Yesterday a comment arrived where a Reader advised that I should unhitch Scampy before using the tongue jack to level out. That was a valuable comment/suggestion!

I would have liked to thank this Reader. Unfortunately, the comment did not get published and disappeared!

I am thanking that Reader with this post.

Thank you!

Sunday, January 07, 2018


Day 39

Preparing for Mexico

This morning I entered into my calendar for January 15th, "Mexico - Head Out."

It's not a difficult thing to go to Mexico:
➜ Buy Mexican vehicle insurance for Tránsito and Scampy
➜ Ready my USA passport
➜ Debit card for buying pesos
➜ Bring Boid over to John and Mimi's

The Scampy Team plans to enter Mexico at the Lukeville, Arizona border crossing. We will obtain a 6-month tourist card at the Mexican immigration office located there. We plan to use a bank's ATM to get pesos in the Town of Sonoyta at the border.

From the border to Mazatlán is only about 800 miles!

Saturday, January 06, 2018


Day 38

Travel or Stay

Which is best? To travel or remain in one place? We on the Scampy RV Team think about that question from time to time.

We also think of where we have been. The people that we met along the way. Those who we shall never meet again.

We would like to have spent just a bit longer with some of these folks. We remember to take a pic of them after we have already pulled out. To not be in such a hurry.

But when it comes down to answering the question, we have to say that now we like staying best. It was not always this way. In the days of MsTioga, we wanted to see what was just around the next bend in the road.

Now, familiarity and comfort are our watchwords.

Friday, January 05, 2018


Day 37

Belgian Waffle

This morning we were getting ready to head out. As we were putting Boid in his place in the passenger seat, we spotted our Belgian waffle maker. We had not made a waffle in awhile and decided to make one!

First we will work out at 24 Hour Fitness. Then make the waffle.

BTW, have you ever watched our waffle video?


Thursday, January 04, 2018


Day 36

Belgian Waffle

This morning we were getting ready to head out. As we were putting Boid in his place in the passenger seat, we spotted our Belgian waffle maker. We had not made a waffle in awhile and decided to make one!

First we will work out at 24 Hour Fitness. Then make the waffle.

BTW, have you ever watched our waffle video?


Wednesday, January 03, 2018


Day 35

Tránsito in the Shop

Whatever is causing Señor Tránsito to squeak has got him in the shop at Kearny Pearson Ford in San Diego. That squeak was first heard a couple weeks ago. And lately, the squeak has been getting louder.
Scampy is Camped in a nice place, and we will stay with Scampy while Tránsito is in the shop. As soon as we find out what the problem is, we will Blog to you so that you will know too!

Tuesday, January 02, 2018


Day 34

Kaiser Audiology

We have just arrived at Kaiser Audiology for a hearing test appointment.

For a long time, friends have been asking:
"When are you going to have your hearing checked, George?"

I guess today's the day. It's kinda weird. Sometimes my hearing is fine. Other times, it sounds like an echo?

Monday, January 01, 2018


Welcome to 2018      Day 33

Educating Myself

Do you recall my Blogging to you about how my sleep disorder spoiled my goal for a college education? And, when I stumbled upon Audible Books, I viewed this resource as a way for me to get that education now?

The first book that I decided to read was:
"Capital in the Twenty-First Century" 
by Thomas Piketty

After getting quite a bit into this "Capital" book, I came to understand that I may need a bit more stimulation than this book alone.

But what subject? I have decided on the subject of "Geography" [Link].