Friday, January 26, 2018


Around the Bend

My RVing years were made up of one main theme. And that theme is:
"Searching For Adventure"

For many years, that search was easily found. An adventure was just around the next bend in the road. And, oh my, how exciting it was to go around that bend to find out what was there!

Nowadays, adventure still awaits. Small adventures they are. But adventures none the less! 

That's the whole idea, isn't it? Expecting an adventure just around the bend!



  1. Seeking adventure around the bend, all while maintaining t-shirt and shorts weather, eh?

    Sounds great to me!

  2. Yes!! I love a point. I hate car, medical, home maintenance problems...means more money from my pocket and none left to spend on REAL adventures. I consider REAL adventure=travel :-) I'm going to do some adventurous things today in my back yard...clean it up and maybe lay some pavers. I've been procrastinating lately. Have fun and adventures George!

  3. Why don't you tell us about your current adventures George, even if they are small? Lately your blog has been too quiet!

  4. There's our is what you make of it.

  5. Hi George... yes the adventure of rving is truly the best part. May I suggest a book written by a buddy of mine born in 1931....a little before you and me. He too got restless at age 68. His answer: he walked across America. His book is on Amazon. Walking Across America by John P. Beam. Both you guys have a talent for conveying your experience that make your writings excellent. Thank you for your great blog. Looking for a report on your next experience.

  6. YES! I heartily agree. Adventures do tend to be "bigger" when younger but I too have adventures every single day. Sometimes it is found in a book; sometimes it can be a youtube video about a new place or a new idea.
    And I would say that my adventures now carry a much deeper meaning for me. They entail appreciation and a sense of peace with the world whereas adventures when I was younger were more simply entertaining.
    You got it right, George.

  7. There are plenty of new adventures in your future. Ten miles away or 1000 miles away, it doesn't make any difference. Everything changes on just a short move just like the longer moves. Change is the answer not distance. Enjoy your next adventure. It's still just around the next bend.

  8. George, I just want to say how much your blog and especially posts like this are inspiring to me. Thank you so much!