Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Making Things To Last

One thing that I've learned since beginning to RV is that stuff doesn't last. However, I always believed that if something could be made to last, that I would find a way to do it.

Scampy's kitchen is small. The kitchen's cabinet top consists of only the 2-burner stove top and the sink. An RVer will quickly arrive at the conclusion that the sink has to also serve as a counter.

We believe that most RVers who also have a small kitchen, likely cover their sink with a cutting board which serves as counter space. Then comes the challenge to make the cutting to board stay in place instead of sliding around.

Scampy's cutting board has a round dowel in two corners to do this task. The far end of the cutting board is against the faucet. Works great, except the dowels come loose! I've screwed the dowels to the underside of the cutting board. When that did not hold, Gorilla Glue was used together with the screws.

This solution did not last! What to do? A stainless flat head screw will go thru the top of the cutting board, thru the dowel and be secured with a lock nut.

The pics above show how the cutting board is secured now


Cutting board done!
At an Ace Hardware Store, we bought the stainless flathead screws needed for the cutting board.



  1. As you found out gorilla glue does not stick to plastic
    If you take the measurements for that cutting board and go to a place like Pottery Barn TJ max Bed bath and beyond A place that sells bamboo cutting boards
    Make a template of the top of your sink out of cardboard go to the hardware store and buy 4 wooden pull knobs like you would have on a door or drawer handle
    Attach the door knobs to the cardboard turn it upside down and set it inside the sink you may have to move the nobs to fit to your preference
    transfer the holes from the template to the bamboo cutting board drill four holes countersink it and you're back in business
    If you want to glue it I would not suggest gorilla glue ( it will work but) I would suggest Titebound carpenters wood glue waterproof

  2. By having a larger cutting board it'll be more firmer in the sink and not likely to move

  3. I love the way you think things thru and come up with good solutions.