Thursday, January 11, 2018


Day 43

Laundry for Mexico Trip

We have just finished doing our laundry. The laundry might have waited for several days. There was enough underwear to go another week. However, our Mexico trip begins in a couple of days. And, we wanted to look good for that trip! We would not have liked to be wearing dingy clothes in Mexico where cleanliness is a very high value!

Actually, if we had waited until being in Mexico to do our laundry, we could have had it done for us. Full-service laundries in Mexico are everywhere. As I recall, a full-service wash, dry and fold in Mexico costs about $5.


Battery weather
For several days in a row, we have had bad battery weather. When it is rainy and overcast, our Yingli solar panel has big trouble keeping the Interstate Deep Cycle Battery charged.

Today dawned as a good battery weather day. Sunny. Blue sky. No clouds.

Going to the movies
Just lately, a few great movies have been released. This is usually not the case. I have gone several months in a row in recent times, where not even one movie interested me.

Last week I went to the new Star Wars movie. Good movie. Although because of my hearing, I had a bit of trouble understanding what was spoken in some scenes. I guess that I'm waiting for my hearing to really get bad?

Just now, I purchased a ticket to see, "The Post." A movie starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks and directed by Steven Spielberg. Wow! They threw all the talent into this movie!!

Next month, the Clint Eastwood directed, "15:17 to Paris" will be released. That also looks to be a smash hit!

Uncle Tom's Cabin
I've been listening to the Audible book, "Uncle Tom's Cabin." For me, it's kind of hard to follow the language.

I believe that I am going to have read [Listen] this book more than once to understand the words and story.

Perfect evening
First, I traveled back in time to the 1970s via "The Post" movie.

Then went to an Italian restaurant near the movie theater where I ordered Fettuccini Alfredo. My favorite pasta!

Does it get better than this?

BTW! "The Post" is a great movie!


  1. Having visited Mexico several times over the years and utilized there optical services etc I never compared their prices on hearing aids....Be interesting project for you while your there..Good Luck

    1. Hi Bill,

      Well, you've planted that idea in my brain!



  2. Mexico will probably beat the price but I got mine, Bernafon's, at Costco for $2,300. I have a bluetooth device that I wear around my neck that allows me to recieve and talk on my phone through my hearing aids. I also have a device that hooks up to our TV that brodcast the sound from the TV to my hearing aids through the neck device.

    1. Nancy,

      I have not figured out about hearing aids yet. On the Amazon site, hearing aids are sold for a few dollars?



  3. Movie recommendation: Jumanji: welcome to the jungle. Fun movie! Since you liked Star Wars TLJ.

  4. Hi Jorge,
    How did "dubai escorts" make your January 10, 2017 comments? Good wishes and safe travels your way. Happy Trails!