Monday, January 01, 2018


Welcome to 2018      Day 33

Educating Myself

Do you recall my Blogging to you about how my sleep disorder spoiled my goal for a college education? And, when I stumbled upon Audible Books, I viewed this resource as a way for me to get that education now?

The first book that I decided to read was:
"Capital in the Twenty-First Century" 
by Thomas Piketty

After getting quite a bit into this "Capital" book, I came to understand that I may need a bit more stimulation than this book alone.

But what subject? I have decided on the subject of "Geography" [Link].


Camping San Diego
As you may know, I have camped for many years in San Diego. MsTioga and I used to travel thru San Diego during the winter time. Camping here for several weeks before searching for adventure in Mexico.

For us on the Scampy RV Team, we are highly partial to San Diego. A question that occurs to us time and time again is:
"Why would any RVer go to anyplace else during the winter?"

Shopping Crates
We are straightening out our shopping storage crates. The way it works is, when we return from grocery shopping, the three crates are used to hold the stuff that doesn't go into Scampy.

It is very necessary to go thru these crates every so often to see what is in them. Also, to organize the stuff.

BBQ steak from last nite

Star Wars - The Last Jedi
I just left the movie theater after viewing the latest Star Wars movie. I know that my hearing is bad. Tomorrow I have an appointment at Kaiser to have my hearing checked!

However, it seems to me that the sound for this Star Wars movie may be made deliberately low and garbled by the movie's producer. My hearing cannot be that bad!

Luke Skywalker comes back to Star Wars in episode VIII. Lots of excitement. Lots of killing. But we all know that there really isn't any dying!

Fortune cookie
This evening I ate at Panda Express. They always hand out a fortune cookie with a meal.

My fortune today is:
"New challenges and adventures await" 😎



  1. In other news, Wally Cox is rebooting AGNES the computer on the TWILIGHT ZONE. AGNES is the size of a barn. Now Wally is hitting on the secretary, oh my! Happy New Year George!

    1. I want you to understand something, Phun. I do not care for this kind of comment. I had to think hard on it before allowing it to be published. And only approved it because of your happy new year.



  2. Happy New Year George, San Diego looks good but I'm off to Hawaii!

    1. Hi Suz,

      Thank you! And Happy 2018 to you!

      San Diego is more than good. San Diego is the best! Hawaii is also good. Enjoy!




  3. "Why would any RVer go to anyplace else during the winter?"

    Cost of living in SD or I would be there.

    1. Hi Bob,

      Well, I can only answer for myself. But I love RVing. So, I am RVing.

      And, I love San Diego in the winter because the weather here is remarkable.

      BTW, the cost for me to RV here in San Diego is pretty inexpensive.


      PS: Happy 2018! 😎


  4. If the definition of geography. is the study of earth or atmosphere or human activity
    I would suspect that anyone of those three books would be a tad bit bigger, Then the book, capital in the 21st-century
    But the best part you'll come away with a lot of new found knowledge
    That part is priceless
    Enjoy your New Year'

  5. Love the subject of Geography and love a grilled steak!
    Rocking the good life in beautiful SD!

  6. I should have been a botanist instead I became a bean counter. Nothing wrong with being a bean counter. I made a good living being that but I hated the drudgery of office setting. I love outdoors and about the first thing I do when I travel is to look at plants and trees. Even in reading blogs and looking at travel pictures, I see pictures of strange looking plants and trees. Geography would be a good study also.

  7. Happy New Year George.
    I dare say the fortune cookie is right.

  8. Are you aware of The Great Courses? We have been learning from them for over twenty years - started when they were on cassette tapes! Now you can see them on your television or iOS device (and probably PC products, too). I view on television at home and through the App when away from home.

    There is a wide variety of subjects. Right now we are watching one about Landscape Photography.

    Virtual hugs,