Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Day 42

Taking a Chance on the Hot Tub

Several months ago, I got a skin infection which I feel I got from soaking in a 24 Hour Fitness hot tub. Ever since I've have not used their hot tubs. And I've missed them.

Today I said to myself, "What the hell!" And soaked in the hot tub at 24 Hour Fitness. Felt really good!

After exercise, I enjoy a hot tub soak.


Mazatlán plan
Our plan for heading out toward Mazatlán has changed. Instead of beginning the journey on Monday, January 15th, we are leaving on Saturday, January 13th.

Not a biggie. But we will be able to spend more time with Carol and Bill with this change.

South Shore Boat Ramp
We need to fill our fresh water tank. That means we need to visit a dump station.

After going to the dump station at the South Shore Boat Ramp, we made an Afternoon Camp at Ventura Cove [Close to the Ocean].

Ventura Cove is a very nice place. We come here a lot!

Pic of Scampy Team at Ventura Cove
Little iPhone is at the water's edge



  1. The 18th is a Thursday. No biggie, though. :-)

  2. George - If you take a shower (washing everywhere throughly using soap) immediately AFTER your hot tub soak, you should be able to avoid most potential skin infections. Lynn in Kingston NY

    1. Hi Lynn,

      Good to know! 😎

      Thank you,


    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Shrimp burgers in the mercado downtown. Yum!

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