Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Same Actions - Same Results

I believe that if I experience something and get the same result many times, that the next time I experience that same thing I'll have the same result. It does not always happen that way.

Take propane usage, for example. A propane tank lasts about 10-days. However, last nite a propane went empty in only 6-days. What does this mean? Is there a propane leak? Should I be concerned?

I was concerned but could find nothing to do with this matter. So, I decided to do nothing.


There is a restaurant in La Mesa Village called Swami's Cafe. This joint serves wonderful bacon. Perfect thickness. Carefully cooked to a wonderful crispness.

I've been dreaming about Swami's for several days. But have not gone there. My diminished appetite does not permit me to hardly eat anything.

Eating less has good points. My weight is now just about perfect for a guy my height [5'-10"]. And bad points. No Swami's bacon.



  1. Why not just go to the local highend meat market
    Tell him you would like four ? slices of thick cut bacon
    Buy some propane and cook it up to your perfection
    Or are you under the assumption that it always taste better when somebody else cooks it up
    In some cases I definitely agree on that statement

    1. I think it has something to do with smelling it and or tasting it as one cooks that takes the edge off it. It tastes better if someone else cooks, as long as it is one's recipe seasoned and cooked in the same way. Don't you think?

    2. I always thought food tastes better when someone else cooks it because when I cook it there's rarely a surprise. I like to be surprised by tastes.

  2. So go, enjoy and eat what you can and take home the rest.
    At our age, why deny yourself things you enjoy?

  3. How very true Suz’s statement is. Enjoy things the way you like George!