Thursday, January 04, 2018


Day 36

Belgian Waffle

This morning we were getting ready to head out. As we were putting Boid in his place in the passenger seat, we spotted our Belgian waffle maker. We had not made a waffle in awhile and decided to make one!

First we will work out at 24 Hour Fitness. Then make the waffle.

BTW, have you ever watched our waffle video?



T-shirt and short pants weather
A wannabee RVer dropped by a little while ago. He wanted to look at Scampy. After looking at Scampy, inside and out, he was wondering why Scampy doesn't have an air-conditioner?

I told him that when it gets warm someplace, I just go where the weather is good. No need for an air-conditioner because I stay in T-shirt and short pants weather.

This wannabee couldn't get the "T-shirt and short weather" concept down!

Keeping clean
Scampy and TrĂ¡nsito are both white in color. And when the two of them are clean, it is a sight to behold!

However, white is a color that shows dirt sooooo easily. And a dirty white is a terrible sight to behold.

So, we have taken to spend about 1/2 an hour or so cleaning these two. We have learned that every day cleaning is easy to do and fast also. But only if we do that cleaning regularly [Every day!].

Clean as the driven snow!

Apologies for the weather!
This evening on the PBS Newshour we heard about the terribly cold temperatures in much of the country.

We want to apologize to Readers who read our 1:06pm Blog post titled:

T-shirt and short pants weather

We did not mean rub it in about you having such terrible weather while we on the Scampy RV Team are having absolutely wonderful, marvelous, perfect
weather. đŸ˜‡

A Baby Boid and George Tale
This evening Baby Boid and George have a story to share with you. OK then. This what happened!

We had made a Supper Camp in the huge shopping center near Fry's Electronics. This is the shopping center that has a Walmart, a Vons Grocery and a bunch of other stores too.

Earlier, a guard had driven by us with blinking lights on the roof. As if to be sending us a warning. "I got my eye on you!"

We had to remain there. Near the Vons. The traffic was just too crazy to  be using the freeways until commuter traffic calmed down!

A little before 8pm, I told Boid that we had to head out for our Nite Camp. But Boid protested!

"Don't leave me back here to ride inside Scampy, George! It is sooooo bumpy to ride here. You know George, Scampy has no springs!"

"Well then Boid, you can ride up front with me inside TrĂ¡nsito."

"In the dark?" screeched Boid.

"You don't like riding in TrĂ¡nsito when it's dark?" asked George.

"No I don't" replied Boid.

So George put up one of his LED lites with magnets on the back so that Boid's cage would be in the light while riding in TrĂ¡nsito.

Boid was happy with that!

The End


  1. Te deseo un muy buen viaje en mexico con amigos

  2. George,,I just did forward an email to you concerning Power Plus levelers,,you are the only other person I have been able to find that has them, although mine are a different type, not the scissors..Thank you for taking the time to read it and I hope all went well at the Doctors..,,ted

    1. Hi Ted,

      All went well at my dermatologist. Thank you for asking!

      I just replied to your email about Power Plus Levelers and am going to try to help you.



  3. Onward to Mexico. Congratulations. Dirk

  4. Looking forward to your visit.

  5. I was happy to see your video about making waffles, George. By the way... Happy New Year! Blessings, Lynn