Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Free WiFi at Arby's

We were not able to get on the internet this morning. But we got online at lunch when we went to an Arby's restaurant which offered free WiFi!

We are heading back to San Diego.

Back in San Diego
We are now back with Baby Boid! And back in San Diego as well. Also, we are playing 50's rock-n-roll.

Baby Boid is tweeting up a storm because he loves that music!



  1. All's well and you're happy, that's all that counts.

  2. George,

    I dont know if you remember me, but I drove you to the airport in december 2010 when you left Ms Tioga at Las Penitas RV Park. I was a young surfer in a van with a dog and I took you to the airport in Puerto Vallarta. I drove the day before to the park knowing you needed a ride and I wanted to meet you. We shared a Carl's Jr at the airport before bidding farewell.

    I just wanted to say that Im very happy you are still traveling and adventuring. My life is now the busy work of an engineer for IBM but I love every minute. I decided to drop by here today to see how you were as it has been years since Ive checked up on you.

    This is just my opinion, but dont let a little thing like this permit non-sense slow you down or deter you. That is not the George I remember! That is the way it has been for as long as Ive been driving down (2006) and I doubt it will soon change.

    Anyways, Im glad to see you are still at it. Thanks for listening and advising a young kid on the road dealing with a major anxiety issue unbeknownst to him at the time. Peace and Love


  3. I always tweet up a storm when I hear 50s rock and roll!!!