Saturday, February 03, 2018


French Toast

This morning I wanted to make French Toast.  However, just yesterday I used the last of my Jewish Rye bread.

I went to Vons to grocery shop. Vons is a kinda expensive place for groceries. But Vons carries Oroweat brand bread. Oroweat offers Jewish Rye at Vons.

There is something about rye bread that keeps it fresh for many weeks. And, there is something about Jewish rye that tastes so good! Much better than other rye bread.

The breakfast plan this morning is French Toast made from Jewish rye. A cup of Trader Joe's hot chocolate. Apple juice.


Clairmont Mesa
We spent the nite high up on a hill on Clairmont Mesa in San Diego. Gorgeous view of Mission Bay!

The weather is so lovely. Boid and I spent about 15 minutes looking out Scampy's rear window mesmerized by the marvelous day.

Feeling tired is a progressive disease for seniors. Once we yield to weariness, not being able to do all manner of things follows!

I fight feeling tired with all of my might. When going shopping, I park far away from the store. When watching videos, I keep track of time and go out and walk around once an hour. Sometimes even more often than that!



  1. Walking is critical. I have a post-it note on the refrigerator that simply says ‘walk’. Much healthier than snacking.
    As soon as a person stops moving, the rusting begins.

  2. Gorge, maybe if you snack, you wouldn't be so tired. I snack on nuts, apples, oranges, bananas mid morning and mid afternoon. Snacking gives me energy. Sometimes, I snack on carrots, celery, or other veggies that are crisp.

  3. George try a High raw food diet full of fruits and vegetables at least 50%.

    For less than $200/month I'm gonna tell you again, look at 1000 Trails. Stay up to 3 weeks at each park or move as often as you like.Swim in the pool and/or soak in the hot tub at each one. Use the public restrooms and shower as long as you like.

    Never worry about finding a place to park safely again!

    1. Right now George is not traveling coast to coast so he could get a Thousand Trails Zone Pass for about $500 a year. George check out a TT Western Zone Pass. You wouldn't be obligated for more than the one year term and see if it fits into your life style. It does for some folks and not so much for others.