Sunday, February 11, 2018


Doing The Dishes

It takes a long time to clean up Scampy's kitchen after cooking. If I do not do a really good job cleaning up, then the kitchen dirt accumulates. I detest when Scampy is dirty. Since Scampy is mostly white in color, dirt really shows.

Do you recall me Blogging about washing my hands several times a day in order to keep from transferring dirt from my hands to Scampy's white walls? Since I began this hand washing routine, Scampy is looking much better.

Even so, every day I have to spend perhaps an hour on keeping Scampy clean. Not that I have other more urgent things to do!


New eyeglasses
I'm trying to keep my new eyeglasses in good condition. To do this, I'm keeping the glasses in a protective case. This works. However, it means never putting down the glasses anywhere but in the case.

These new glasses are doing a good job for me. It's amazing that I kept using my old glasses so long without realizing how badly scratched they were and how much my eyes had changed since I got these old glasses.

Ventura Cove
We are Afternoon Camped at Ventura Cove. This place is usually packed on Sundays. But not this Sunday. We are wondering where all the people are?

Ventura Cove is about a mile away from Sea World and only a couple hundred yards from Belmont Park with its famous roller coaster, Giant Dipper.

There are many RVs around here. Many of them quite old. These RVs appear to be owned by persons living on the street.

Great movie site
Yesterday I found a really great movie site. I just finished watching "The Sand Pebbles" starring Steve McQueen.

Some other movies on this site that I want to watch are:
➜ The Lion in Winter
➜ Somewhere In Time
➜ A Man for all Seasons

Note: The site is:

Movie recommendation
The movie site that I Blogged to you about above has a list of movies that are very highly rated.

The topmost movie is "The Shawshank Redemption." The number two movie on the list is titled: "A Piano for Mrs. Cimino." 

This is a terrific movie starring Bette Davis. I am recommending this movie to you. Here is a [Link] to that movie.



  1. using my old glasses so long without realizing how badly scratched they were
    If you spray your glasses on each side with Amour-all ( original ) and wipe off. it will hide the scratches
    try it you'll be surprised

    1. Ed,

      Wow! I would be surprised!

      Thank you,


  2. You and baby Boid look so comfy and cozy in Scampy George!

    1. Hi Jules,

      You could tell from that pic! We are comfy and cozy.

      I wonder if you know how good it is to have a happy guy like Baby Boid around. He is always singing. Playing and jumping around. Boid loves music and tweets when music is played.



  3. That's a real nice picture of you and Boid. I bet he loves sitting by the window as much as you do!

    1. Hi Kent,

      You are sooooo right about Boid and I looking out the window. We both do enjoy that.

      Yesterday when we were camping at Ventura Cove, Boid went a bit crazy when a big bunch of seagulls landed outside. Boid would love to go out there and play with those seagulls! Boid does not comprehend the danger of him being outside.



  4. pasadenaray12/12/18, 6:54 AM

    Hello George. how about a few picts of the old RVs with people living on the street. I always like to see some of these type "rigs" and those that own them 😊

  5. You look very handsome in your new glasses