Sunday, February 04, 2018

Empty tank

Out of Water

Last nite I heard a whirring sound. After turning off the music playing, I could hear the sound of the water pump cavitating. That meant that the fresh water tank was empty!

I don't hardly ever let the water tank go empty. This time, it got by me!  So, first thing this morning, we traveled to South Shore Park where there is an RV dump station with fresh water.


I subscribe to Amazon's Audible program. Once each month I receive a $14.95 charge from Audible which allows me to download an Audible audiobook.

I have been listening to these Audible books for a few months. One thing that I noticed is, that these books even when read at talking speed, are difficult for me to absorb.

How does a person listen, record and then compare those past words with what is being spoken now?


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  2. If it's instructional audio book, I have to stop it to absorb the content and think about it before continuing. Otherwise, I loose what is being said while I'm thinking about what was said.

  3. As Rita said regarding instructional audio books, closely focusing your attention to the content of instructional books' material is only good for about 20 minutes of attention span at a time. Not much different than a professor lecturing you in college. If you took key notes presented in the audio for that 20 minutes, you would absorb the material.

    Of course, a novel with a story line is different. Once you learn the names of the characters and how they fit into the story, you become like a fly on the wall taking in the characters' parts of the story each day and how the characters' participation affects the outcome of the story.

  4. Audiobooks are great. but a very big piece of advice. DON!T listen to it while you driveing ,,,, I did 40 miles around the 495 Washington beltway
    Rats I miss my turn off đź’©but the book was good