Tuesday, February 13, 2018


February 25, 2003

I drove MsTioga home on the 25th of February, 2003. The anniversary of that date is coming up this month. That date marks the beginning of my fulltiming life. 15 years ago [Link].

After the big accident that destroyed MsTioga in 2014, I had heart surgery and lived at Guava Gardens Apartments for two years. But now, here I am. Back fulltiming again.

I know that the last day is coming for me. The last day for me to be an RVing fulltimer. But until then ..............!



  1. Just keep moving, it will take years for the Grim Reaper to find you. Enjoy life.

  2. Hi George.... no, your dreams imho, are not signs of dementia. I could have written the same words re my owm dreams. Great feeling when I realize the last whatever minutes were simply a dream. Our minds are somehow just clearing our memories, maybe similar to us defragging our computers...who knows. You are still The Man! Happy Valentine Day, a day ahead of time. Btw, mid 80 degrees this week here in Naples FL.
    Enjoy your freedom and good health.

  3. Hey George! Like you, we are full-timers and have been since 1995. With all of your life changes since losing Ms. Tioga, I wonder what your “end plan” is. Like you, I see the handwriting on the wall about the lifestyle coming to and end for us and while I try not to worry, I think a lot about what to do to prepare for when we can live this way any longer. Any thoughts my friend?

  4. George, like I said before. I WANT TO BE like you when I grow up....

  5. George, you have inspired and entertained so many people by sharing your life with us. We are happy you are still living the good life in spite of the setbacks.